Sunday, February 22, 2009

Activism: Prayer

Investigating Obama is not only about exploring the problem of the man who would be called "president" and the near-totalitarian movement behind his face. It is also about solutions. I believe that the most thorough solutions for the United States of America, as well as one's personal life, come from yielding to our Creator.

In a time of confusion, even among those who would purport to know God's voice, this email was offered and became posted on the Web. I now offer it to those readers of I.O. who are receptive to it: "Prayer Focus." Written in some haste, it may not be the easiest of reads.

I believe the prayer coalition of Intercessors for America taps the greatest, most essential, and most critical resource available. Additionally, I have been monitoring two prayer movemtents, which have been providing cautious suggestions for prayer activism: USRPN and Generals International, coordinated by Cindy Jacobs; and USAA, by Dutch Sheets. There are many others go-to guys who are instructive of what we may pray for -- especially the Word of God and His Holy Spirit, providing direction to each who yields himself. Be careful though! Your prayer may effect you, the most....

By the way, as you pray, please ask for the protection of ministries such as these and those who take part.


Anonymous said...

Prayer is very powerful but the prayer to pray is to pray to change ourself. We must change the ideas that fill our self. Only when our minds change will our world change. Pray with feelings as strong as possible to god that we may see things differently. After all it is our thinking that got us into this problem. We must think differently to get out of the problem.

Changing our minds is the miracle. We can perform the miracle by feeling as strongly as possible and having a desire as strong as possible to change ourself.

Sit down in silence and close our eyes and feel love as strongly as possible for as long as possible. The love is god talking to us and giving us guidance. The love is who we are.


Anonymous said...

Do not waste you time praying to god to change Obama or the world or anything different than ourself. We must go inside ourself. For inside ourself is the One True God. That is why there is ONE. There is only one inside ourself.

Anonymous said...

Let me add my two cents to this post. There are Christian's who don't believe in activism; Don't condemn these people as being wrong; ...

Instead understand they are attempting to apply part of the teaching of Christianity. I say part because I would like to ask these people if it is immoral to oppose or impeach a leader then is it moral to vote?

I would also like to point out that John the Baptist was in prison for speaking out publicly our publicly against the immoral behavior of Herod.