Wednesday, March 11, 2009

For Christians and those who Wonder What to Believe

This is not about the Marxist messiah, this time, but the real one. I.O. is not intended to be a dismal site.

Three items, for those whose eyes would see and ears hear in their hearts. I would not want this left merely under my own nose.

John 14, Jesus, circa 30

"False Heroes," Dieter Beständig, 2/9/2009

"I Keep My People" & "To the Principalities over America," John Dostal, 3/4&1/2009, respectively

This happens to be posted at a time when some are collecting around America, usually in rather small groups, for prayer. While I would not impose upon the reader to limit his reading to this particular time, in my own abjection I encourage exactly that practice -- also individual prayer, "constantly."

h/t: Hanen and as always, the Holy Spirit

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