Thursday, July 30, 2009

Okay, I.O. Will Put Orly Taitz' Blog Back, on the 'Usurper' Blogroll

I hope I.O. doesn't come to feel like kicking itself for it.
(If so, it might get moved down to the "Selection of Sites..." blogroll. "Always be prepared.")


Still a Patriot said...

Hi Arlen-

I visit your site nearly every day. For the past few days the right column with blogs & articles is missing. ???

Thanks & blessings to you for all you do to enlighten us.


Anonymous said...

Might as well keep track of her.After Berg taught the world the BC mantra distraction, the ball was handed to her as the default on her case shows anyone with open eyes.Graf's open letter to Beck on her blog is good.But it is urinating in the wind to educate the shills in the MSM because they are not ignorant of the facts.The Dobbs fiasco was a prime example of the dialectic in action with the CNN pres, saying the eligbility issue is dead giving Dobbs the hero treatment by MSM followers.Which left him free to play sick and set-up Orly to be bashed on tv.Of course,all those supposedly on our side parrot the BC line.And Orly playing a clown by accepting any interview offer,is as bad as her constant "mistakes",and rejecting Pidgeons help two weeks ago.

Gort said...

She is worth covering.Doesn't mean you endors her.We understand that.See the open thread today---post #303 and after. p.s. the Barry connections with assorted Marxists thugs is missing the larger picture[same with Graf mentioning Alinsky today], as nothing will be done with the information by authorites,though it is good for the historical record,as Leo is doing with sheeding light on constiutional law and exposing the msm propaganda.It's late in the game.My focus is on the root,not the branches of this global conspiracy,but I encourage others to send you information on Barry's Marxist connections so you can post them here.Take care my friend Arlen.

Anonymous said...

Wee need to watch all these celebrity lawyers.Orly was just on Bigfoot's network,and it is now known that Berg and Kreep are working at disbarring lawyer.I don't trust Berg or Orly.You've seen through Orly,but not Phil Berg.The only lawyers the elites fear in an actual courtroom are Apuzzo and Donofrio.Pidgeon appearsed to be legitimate.And maybe he is.But he never came through with the dossier,and offered to assist Orly recently.

Anonymous said...

They are working together to silence Orly in a new action,though they haven't announced it yet.Berg is still asking for money on MommaE and Jones' show for his limbo cases.

Anonymous said...

I also read on Andy Martin's blog that he is filing a new lawsuit based on the actions of Dr. Chiyome Fukino at the Hawaii Health Department. Last October she said she could not discuss any aspects of anyone's vital record; on Monday she announced to the world that not only was "Barrack" (sic) born in Hawaii, but also that he is a "natural born citizen." What a turnaround!

So now Andy Martin is saying that based on Fukino's latest words, she has put Obama's vital records into the public domain by supposedly declaring at least some of their contents. So now they should be an open book!

I never gave Andy Martin too much credence, but I think he makes some good points, and he has two cases in Hawaii courts on appeal that haven't been thrown out yet. Let's hope they're not.

Arlen Williams said...

Still A Patriot, I don't know what the problem might be. Maybe try another browser or upgrade?

All, keep talking up the reality. I still say the most important thing to mention is that John Jay and the framers clearly and demonstrably meant "natural born" Citizenship to exclude people given British citizenship by birth.

And secondly, why is Obama hiding all his records?

And not even John Podesta and his bosses can control everything the media does.