Thursday, September 10, 2009

Janda & Key Blow the Cover Off Obamacare + David Hedrick Goes to Town

UPDATE - I.O. has received this notice, from Dr. David Janda. He will respond to Obama's speech on the government health control plan, tonight:
...Thursday.....Sept. 10th..... I will be a guest on Liberty Radio Network from 11 p.m. to midnight (Eastern). So, for all you insomniacs......tune in. The topics of the show will be: Prevention, Health Care Cost Containment and Health Care Reform which focuses on bringing freedom to every person, family and business rather than the empowerment of insurance companies, HMO's and Big Government bureaucrats. You can tune in at :

Warm Regards,
Dave Janda
Previously, Dr. Janda issued the best expose' of Obamacare I have seen and gave a tour de force interview to us, on Sentinel Radio. If you have not already listened and forwarded Dr. Janda's letter, then...
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<> I.O.<>>>>>>>>>>>>>

08/25/2009, edited - This is truly, truly critical information, for Americans to see and share. Please see the articles immediately preceding this one.

And tune in, to the archived broadcast:

If you send these interviews, or Pamela Key's Obamacare video, or Dr. David Janda's Obamacare article to fellow Americans, minds will change.

A critically important sample of Pamela's videos:

Obamacare - Caring for Complete Government Control

the deathlord, caught lying about his Marxist healthcare takeover

And let me give you a bonus, a video mentioned by Pam, in her interview:

and never mind that Hanen needs a new phone and I need... more sleep


Anonymous said...

David Hedrick is considering running against Rep. Brian Baird. Baird should be very nervous!

Arlen Williams said...

Exactly the kind of thing we need. I hope a committee forms around him and either goes with him or if he decides otherwise finds someone as good (if that were possible! ;-).

nomembership said...

Thank you all for the support. I am stopping by to let you know, I am running for office against the Congressman I challenged. Please stop by my website to volunteer or contribute and please encourage others to do the same. Together, we can take our country back.
God Bless,
David William Hedrick

eda said...