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ALERT - Elena Kagan's Marxism - First in a Series, by Trevor Loudon

Obama File 105 "A Pattern of Socialist Associations" - Obama's Supreme Court Nominee, Elena Kagan (the Early Years)

- by Trevor Loudon, New Zeal

President Barack Obama's nomination to the U.S. Supreme court, Elena Kagan, has been sold to the public as a "moderate" - yes, a little liberal leaning, but moderate none the less.

In this first of a series of posts, I look at Elena Kagan's patterns of association.

If Elena Kagan is a moderate, why then has she long associated with people connected to three interrelated organizations - the Communist Party USA, the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee/ Democratic Socialists of America and the far left Washington D.C. think tank, Institute for Policy Studies?

Raised on New Yorks' Upper West Side, Elena Kagan's parents were both politically active in a place and era where politics was dominated by the Democratic, Socialist and Communist parties.

Elena's mother Gloria Kagan campaigned to elect far left Democratic Congressman, William Fitts Ryan. Her older brother Marc Kagan was active in the socialist influenced New Directions movement in the Transport Workers Union. When one of its leaders, Roger Toussaint, was elected union president in 2000, Mr. Kagan became his chief of staff, until a falling out occurred in 2003.

Marc Kagan's former comrade and boss, Roger Toussaint is prominent in the communist initiated Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, which now led by D.S.A. member William Lucy. He also serves in the leadership of the Center for the Study of Working Class Life at Stony Brook University, alongside Ray Markey from the Communist Party offshoot Committees of Correspondence and D.S.A. leaders Gerry Hudson, Mark Levinson, Stanley Aronowitz and Frances Fox Piven, co-originator of the infamous Cloward - Piven Strategy.

Elena Kagan would later dedicate her Princeton history thesis on socialism in New York City to her activist brother.
I would like to thank my brother Marc whose involvement in radical causes led me to explore the history of American radicalism and in the hope of clarifying my own political ideas.
Kagan first became interested in politics in high school and worked as a legislative intern for Rep. Ted Weiss, a Democrat from New York, during the summer of 1978, and as deputy press secretary for Rep. Liz Holtzman in the summer after her junior year.

The late Ted Weiss was very far to the left. In 1978 Congressmen Ted Weiss, John Burton, Ron Dellums (D.S.A. member), John Conyers (D.S.A. supporter) , Don Edwards, Charles Rangel and others, attended a meeting organized for the Soviet front World Peace Council on Capitol Hill.

W.P.C. delegation members included President Romesh Chandra (Communist Party of India), KGB Colonel Radomir Bogdanov and Oleg Kharkhardin of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union International Department.

In 1981 another World Peace Council delegation led by Romesh Chandra toured the U.S. to publicize the "nuclear freeze" then being promoted by Leonid Brezhnev.

This group met with several far left Congressmen at the Capitol, including Weiss, John Conyers, George Crockett, Ron Dellums, Don Edwards and Mervyn Dymally.

During one of the meetings in these Congressmen's offices an official of the Communist Party USA reportedly was present and made a speech recommending that the "peace movement" unite in supporting the cause of several terrorist groups including the PLO and the communist guerillas in EI Salvador

Weiss was also close to the Institute for Policy Studies. In 1983 I.P.S. celebrated its 20th anniversary with an April 5, reception at the National Building Museum attended by approximately 1,000 I.P.S. staffers and former staff.

The Congressional I.P.S. committee members included Ted Weiss, Philip Burton , George Crockett, Ron Dellums , Tom Harkin and Leon Panetta, later appointed by President Obama to head the Central Intelligence Agency.

Liz Holtzman is also way left of center. In the late 1980s and early 1980's the Marxist based Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee, or D.S.O.C. (later to become Democratic Socialists of America, or D.S.A.) was highly influential inside the New York Democratic Party and city government - even Mayor David Dinkins was a member.

On August 6 1993, a rally to commemorate Hiroshima Day was held in Dag Hammarskjold Park, New York. The rally was designed "to kickoff a national campaign to collect a million signatures supporting a Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, commend president Clinton for extending the nuclear testing moratorium, urge renewal of the Non Proliferation Treaty, urge swift and complete nuclear disarmament."

The event was sponsored by the radical Metro New York Peace Action Council.

Speakers included Liz Holtzman, then NYC Comptroller, leftist Congressmen Charles Rangel and Edolphus Towns, Leslie Cagan of Committees of Correspondence and the Cuba Information Project, Congressmen Major Owens (D.S.A. member) and Jerry Nadler (D.S.O.C. member) NYC City Councilor Ruth Messinger (D.S.O.C./ D.S.A. member) and David McReynolds, a leader of the Socialist Party USA and also a D.S.A. member.

Nearly 5 years later, in March 1998, McReynolds delivered a eulogy at a memorial service for Chicago D.S.A. activist Saul Mendelson. Fellow D.S.A. comrades Carl Marx Shier and Deborah Meier also spoke, as did then Illinois State Senator Barack Obama.

At Princeton Elena Kagan’s political beliefs emerged in an opinion piece she wrote for the Daily Princetonian a few weeks after Ronald Reagan's victorious 1980 election night. Kagan described her disappointment at Liz Holtzman’s Congressional loss (Kagan had worked on her campaign) and her own "liberal views". “I absorbed ... liberal principles early,” she said. “More to the point, I have retained them fairly intact to this day.”

In the column, Kagan also expressed her despair the state of the political left at the time, bemoaning the lack of “real Democrats — not the closet Republicans that one sees so often these days” and the success of “anonymous but Moral Majority-backed ... avengers of ‘innocent life’ and the B-1 Bomber, these beneficiaries of a general turn to the right and a profound disorganization on the left.

At Princeton, Elena Kagan's law school room mate was Sarah Walzer, the daughter of Princeton social sciences professor Michael Walzer.

Coincidentally Michael Walzer was a leader of the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee, both nationally and on campus..

In 1990 Michael Walzer was identified as a member of Democratic Socialists of America.

Professor Walzer was also upset at Ronald Reagan's famous victory

Daily Princetonian, March 4, 1981

In her undergraduate thesis at Princeton entitled "To the Final Conflict: Socialism in New York City, 1900-1933," Kagan lamented the decline of socialism in the country as "sad" for those who still hope to "change America." She asked why the "greatness" of socialism was not reemerging as a major political force:
In our own times, a coherent socialist movement is nowhere to be found in the United States. Americans are more likely to speak of a golden past than of a golden future, of capitalism's glories than of socialism's greatness. Why, in a society by no means perfect, has a radical party never attained the status of a major political force? Why, in particular, did the socialist movement never become an alternative to the nation's established parties?
"Americans are more likely to speak of a golden past than of a golden future, of capitalism’s glories than of socialism’s greatness,” she wrote in her thesis. “Conformity overrides dissent; the desire to conserve has overwhelmed the urge to alter. Such a state of affairs cries out for explanation.”

Kagan called the story of the socialist movement’s demise “a sad but also a chastening one for those who, more than half a century after socialism’s decline, still wish to change America ... In unity lies their only hope.”

Elena Kagan spent a year working on her 1981 thesis, under the direction of Princeton historian Sean Wilentz.

When news of the thesis recently sparked controversy, Wilentz came out in defense of his former student.

Said Wilentz "sympathy for the movement of people who were trying to better their lives isn’t something to look down on... Studying something doesn’t necessarily mean that you endorse it. It means you’re into it. That’s what historians do...
Elena Kagan is about the furthest thing from a socialist. Period. And always had been. Period."
Few would be more qualified to identify a socialist than Sean Wilentz

In May 1980, Princeton University's Progressive Forum sponsored a May Day rally opposite the Firestone Library. An advertisement for the event in the Daily Princetonian, "Workers of Princeton unite for a May Day rally" named speakers as Sean Wilentz and Stanley Aronowitz - a prominent D.S.A. leader

Daily Princetonian, May 1, 1980

Today Sean Willentz serves on the board of Dissent magazine, which is effectively a mouthpiece for Democratic Socialists of America.

Dissent's masthead is Marxist heavy and lists several well known D.S.A. affiliates including the late Irving Howe, Joanne Barkan, David Bensman, Mitchell Cohen, Maxine Phillips, Mark Levinson, Bogdan Denitch, Erazim Kohak, Deborah Meier, Harold Meyerson, Jo-Ann Mort, Carol O'Clearicain (NYC Finance Commissioner under David Dinkins) and Cornel West - a member of Barack Obama's 2008 Black Advisory Council.

One of Dissent's two editors is Elena Kagan's old room mate's Dad, Michael Walzer.

The other is Michael Kazin, an historian of the Communist Party and a veteran of the 1969 Venceremos Brigade to Cuba.

At Princeton, Elena Kagan won a fellowship to Oxford University, in England, where she studied “the history of British and European trade unionism.”

President Obama himself, has a long history with Democratic Socialists of America.

Is it possible that Elena Kagan shares similar associations?

Should she be asked some questions on the subject?

Loudon Obama File 105
Loudon Obama File 104 here

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MEDIA BLACKOUT - Gulf Beach Videographer & Witness to the Cover-Up, Gregg Hall Interviewed (Updated)

Update: Listen to this astonishing audio report last night, by Citizen videographer, Gregg Hall, on the Gulf shore cover-up. Astounding, the media control exhibited by the Soros/Strong/Bilderberg/Obama cabal -- no national nor local news crews to be seen at the Pensacola beaches. Also amazing is the malpractice of state and local government -- warning signs to residents literally covered up -- over four hundred beach-goers treated for sickness.

"Lady Libertas" introduces and interviews, beginning at about the twenty minute mark.

Lady Libertas on Blog Talk Radio

Truth and Liberty with Lady Libertas, 9-11pm ET & archived
Lady Libertas has a very special guest joining her this evening - Gregg Hall, a Pensacola resident who has been getting out videos on the situation with the oil spill in Pensacola. Gregg is the on the beach reporter that filmed the surf boiling in Pensacola and he will be joining Lady Libertas to update everyone on what is really going on in Pensacola. Gregg has a new Facebook Fan Page, True Reporting on Gulf Oil Spill.

[I.O.: Also, see Mr. Hall's video blog page: thegregghall ]

In the second hour, Lady Libertas will be joined by John Wayne Tucker for US Congress in Missouri's 3rd District. Another packed evening! Tune in and call in with your questions! Lady Libertas talks about the State of Our Republic and has Special Guests from all over the country who are working to represent Truth & Liberty and Save Our Republic!

Visit Lady Libertas Main Site
Also interviewed was Steve Bartlett, who wrote the lyrics to this song and put the video montage together: "A Hole in the Ocean":

6/5 video, "Gulf Coast Oil Spill Disaster - Official Music Video - A Hole in the Ocean"

Obamunist Attacks on Freedom of Speech & the Marxstream Media's Duplicity

a primer, on the fly

Their taking more pages out of the Hugo Chavez manual, we count at least three major assaults by the Obamunists against American freedom of speech. Here is one of them. Please be encouraged to read this article at it's source in, but in your interest it is presented here, in its entirety.
Free Press and the Left Have Had At Least 30 ‘Behind Closed Door’ ‘Sellout’ Meetings with the FCC since January

by Seton Motley, of Media Research Council

While Free Press pitches a (staged?) hissy fit about one with AT&T, Verizon – and Google and Skype

Chairman Julius Genachowski and his Federal Communications Commission (FCC) have been for quite some time seeking to drastically increase their regulatory control over the internet.

The Chairman and the Commission lack the legal authority to do this. They have been told this by (at least) a Clinton-appointee led federal appeals court – in the Comcast-BitTorrent case – and a bipartisan Congressional contingent, who wrote Chairman Genachowski letters telling him to cut it out.

Undaunted, Chairman Genachowski headed once more into the breach. On June 17th, he convened the five FCC Commissioners to vote on a proposed reclassification of broadband – from the lightly regulated Title I to the much more burdensome Title II. And the Commission voted to begin the investigative process, on a Democrat Party-line 3-2 vote.

All of this was done to the delight – and the crack of the whip – of the Media Marxists. Led by the egregiously mis-named organization Free Press, the Media Marxists make up the “media reform” wing of the “social justice” movement. Members of this movement are currently in power in Washington, and they are seeking to fundamentally transform our nation.

For the Media Marxists, fundamental transformation means eradicating all private ownership of all avenues of media and communication – radio, television and the internet – so as to have the government be the sole provider of all information. The damage this would do to free speech – not to mention the free market system – is of course all-encompassing. And decidedly frightening.

But I took some minor comfort when I heard that Edward Lazarus – Chairman Genachowski’s Chief of Staff – had a June 21st meeting with senior officials from Verizon, AT&T and the National Cable & Telecommunications Association. After all, since they are large players in making the internet work, it makes sense to get their input on whatever it is the FCC is trying to do.

As irresponsible as the FCC has been, it was good to see this bit of rationality.

And these three telecom representatives were not alone in the room with Lazarus and other FCC staffers. Google and Skype – two huge players standing opposed to the telecoms on the FCC’s broadband power play – were also in attendance – so much for the ex parte (one party) charge being leveled against the FCC.

So clearly this was not some inside job on the part of the Commission to “sellout” the Media Marxist push for dramatically more government regulation. (If only.)

Besides, Chairman Genachowski has already ignored a federal court and more than 240 members of Congress in choosing to press on. Certainly one meeting with members of the industry he seeks to increasingly regulate doesn’t represent his waving the white flag.

Well, not according to Free Press. The next day, they issued a press release “warn(ing) against the industry takeover of open internet.” And placed a full page advertisement in Big Media member the Washington Post – calling the meeting a “Big $ellout” and calling on people to “Stand up to Big Phone and Big Cable.”

And Big Search Google? And Big Free Phone Skype? Neither the press release nor the ad so stipulated.

All this over one meeting. Which is inordinately hypocritical of Free Press, since they themselves have attended eight such FCC meetings since January.

All told (according to the FCC’s log), there have been thirty meetings held this year attended by myriad Media Marxist organizations – Public Knowledge, Media Access Project, New America Foundation, Consumers Union, Consumer Federation of America and others.

So to say that one meeting with some telecom players represents the end of the Media Marxist run on the internet is patently absurd. To say it so publicly and loudly is even more so – and more than likely a part of the plan.

When Republicans in Congress agreed to that just-for-show date with President Barack Obama to discuss the government usurpation of health care, it gave the Democrats the fraudulent appearance of bipartisanship – after they had spent a year-plus shutting the Republicans out of the process.

Now we’ve had one FCC meeting with some telecom companies – after thirty with the Media Marxists. With Free Press providing additional cover and attention to it with their absurd press statement and advertisement.

So that later, when the Media Marxists get their way, it can be said that Chairman Genachowski and the FCC heard from both sides.

Much like on health care “reform,” that’s a fraudulent recipe for total disaster.

What are the other two assaults upon the First Amendment?

Web Search or follow the embedded links for these terms:

Internet Kill Swtich
Anti-Counterfeitint Trade Agreement (ACTA)

And in Congress, Elena Kagan, the pro-book-burning nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court, is now being interviewed by both the ravenously "progressive" senate Democrats and the toothlessly semi-progressive senate Republicans. "Pro-book-burning?" Here is another set of words for you, this time linking to a vid:

It's fine if the law bans books because government won’t really enforce it.
- Elena Kagan, 2009, what an Ace of Club Hammer & Sickle

"It ain't armed robbery if the gun isn't loaded."

- from the movie, "Raising Arizona"
h/t: FreeRepublic, HK

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When the Cloward-Piven Strategy was Unveiled by Richard Cloward & Frances Fox Piven, in 1966

by Trevor Loudon, at New Zeal & KeyWiki Blog

Many commentators on the U.S. left have tried to minimize the significance and importance of the Cloward-Piven Strategy, made famous by writer James Simpson and TV personality Glenn Beck.

According to Simpson and Beck, Columbia University sociologists, husband and wife team Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, devised a strategy in the early 1960s, to crash the U.S. economy and bring on socialist revolution by deliberately overloading state welfare rolls to the point of bankruptcy.

Many on the left regard this hypotheses as gross exaggeration at best, deliberate misrepresentation at worst.

Cloward and Piven outlined their strategy at the Second Annual Socialist Scholars Conference , held September 9-11, 1966 at the Hotel Commodore, New York, in a panel entitled;

"Poverty and Powerlessness Organizing the Poor: Can it Be Done?"

Below is an eye witness report on this historic panel written by conservative journalist Alice Widener - a highly regarded authority on the U.S. left of the day. The report appeared in Widener's USA Magazine, September 16, 1966 page 28 and 29.

Read it and judge for yourself Cloward and Piven's intentions. Emphasis added. [I.O. Ed.: photo, of Richard A. Cloward]
Dr. Cloward's paper for the Socialist Scholars opened with a call for a systematic strategy of "irregular and disruptive tactics" among the poor, urging them to overburden city and state governments with their "demand,," as a means of forcing these governments to turn to the federal government for more and more funds.

Prof. Cloward said, "We need, to devote more attention to disrupting corporate power." He described the poor as mere "supplicants" in the welfare state, and said they have most to gain "from a major upheaval in our society." He said our welfare system is "lawless" and violates human and civil rights. He called for welfare recipients' forcing city welfare departments to impose the labor union "check-off system" for welfare clients, by withholding 50 cents to a dollar for each client as dues to a fund for unionization of welfare clients to impose their demands for special benefits.

Prof. Cloward explained that each welfare client in New York City is entitled under existing law to special benefits for clothing, blankets, etc. He said that in 1965 city special benefits welfare payments amounted to "about $40 per client" and he called for each welfare client to demand $100 to $1,000 in such benefits.

He said there are now 55,000 welfare clients in the city, but that by 1967 there probably will be 60,000. The poor, said Dr. Cloward, could become a stake and powerful organization "in small portions of power" within the context "of a broader point."

Dr. Cloward said he had consulted with legal experts and "we estimate that $200 million in special grants" could be obtained in New York City alone: Dr. Cloward said that 'in Cleveland, on June 20, 1966, 30 to 35 welfare recipients were joined by others in a demonstration that included the Hough area.

In early August, he said, he himself had taken part in "a national conference to organize the welfare recipients movement: Dr. Cloward said he personally had taken part in Wednesday night meetings with welfare clients "week after week, month after month," and that as a result, "Next Monday there will be a demonstration of welfare recipients at City Hall"

Dr. Cloward read his paper to the Socialist Scholars Conference in the East Ballroom of the Hotel Commodore on Saturday afternoon, September 10. On Monday night, September 12, CBS and NBC TV newscasts showed the demonstration of screaming welfare recipients that took place right on Cloward schedule. They shouted demands for more "special benefits," though the present city general welfare budget (including hospital services, etc.) is almost a billion dollars annually, the Mayor says the city is "broke," and New Yorkers were hit this year with a city income tax in addition to state and federal taxes to pay for it all.

Prof. Cloward was right about the success of his Wednesday night meetings. Evidently his strategy of "disruptive tactics" will require costly police reinforcements at city welfare departments throughout our nation.

The prospects delighted Prof. William Ryan, formerly of Harvard now of Yale, who described himself to the audience as "a radical without portfolio." He said, "I have been enchanted with the Cloward strategy of blowing a fuse in the welfare agencies, housing developments, and among unmarried mothers. I wonder what would happen if there was a really systematic overload."

When a member of the audience went to the floor microphone during the question period to ask whether Dr. Cloward's strategy is a substitute for "Socialist organization of the proletariat, the industrial factory workers," Dr. Frances Piven of Columbia replied from the dais: "I really only want to make one point -- the disruption of the system. Welfare rolls will begin to go up; welfare payments will begin to go up-the impact will be very, very sharp. The mounting welfare budget will increase taxes, force cities to turn to the federal government. We have to help people to make claims; for this they will organize and act."
The 1966 Socialist Scholars conference was organized by many of the leading radicals of the day including former and current Communist Party supporters Louis Menashe, James Becker, Philip Foner, Eugene Genovese, Paul Sweezy and James Weinstein - later a founder of the Marxist based Democratic Socialists of America, in which today Frances Fox Piven serves as an honorary chair.

One time Soviet Spy and Communist Party member Victor Perlo also addressed the conference, as did the Party's chief theoretician Herbert Aptheker.

No doubt all were impressed by Cloward and Piven's cunning plan.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<> I.O. <>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I.O. Notes: See the agenda for the 1966 Socialist Scholars Conference [posted here].

Does anyone reading this believe it ridiculous to think that fascism is a Marxist methodology? Such a person might note this line-up of conference panelists and their subject matter:

The Crisis of the Comintern: Fascism and the Popular Front

Communist Theories of Fascism, 1921-1935

The Formation of the Popular Front in France: Socialist-Communist Unity of Action in 1934

No Pararan! - Notes on the Origins of the Frente Popular

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Rep. Steve King on Birth Certificates, Americans, then again, Barack Obama

The context of Rep. King's (IA-5, R) comments on the floor of the House is "progressive" generational theft...

6/23/2010 video, "Congress Mocking the Obama Birth Certificate"

...and then comes a flash reference to the putative PINO? (president in name only?).
h/t: CJ

I've Been Thinking about the Way the President Takes Care of America

by Marie Jon, analyst, published there on June 21, 2010

I've been thinking and thinking about the way President Barack Obama has been taking care of our country. And my emotional reaction has been one of sadness, anger, shock, disgust, and dismay.

For most Americans, as well, the news of the day has become a bit too much concerning the state of the Union. We feel abandoned, bullied, pushed, and intimidated by our "historical" president. Dare I say he seems to have some issues?

Frankly, Obama's recent address to the nation did little more than add insult to injury. He gave no answers that made any sense. He only became "wee weed up" while spending a great deal of his time telling us we can no longer depend on oil and shamelessly pandering his green energy propaganda.

Outmoded fear-mongering

On Hannity the other evening, my colleague Erik Rush nailed it while discussing his new book titled Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal — America's Racial Obsession. The Democrat Party purposefully misleads people of color by reinforcing their fears, Erik pointed out. And certain pastors in the black community do the same, he noted. Within too many of the sanctuaries of black churches, the congregants are made to feel that the world is against them. From the pulpit, these same pastors will look to government, rather than to God's instruction for taking personal responsibility. In John 10:10, Christ says, "I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." The apostle John writes, "Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers" (3 John 1:2).

We were told throughout Obama's campaign that if it were possible, he would bring racially-diverse Americans closer together than ever before. I viewed this promise as empty rhetoric because, like my friend Erik, I do not believe for one moment that America is deeply embedded in racial problems. We moved forward a long time ago. Americans intermarry and raise wonderful children together. And anyone can be whatever he or she chooses to be when they are willing to put their mind and effort to it. This is 2010, and we're not gawking at the color of each others' skin.

However, ever since the Obamas moved into the White House, we've heard — with incessant racial-mindedness — something much different. Americans of all nationalities and ethnicities on the conservative side are not going to tolerate or embrace the progressives' downtrodden, race-baiting lies being tossed out in the public arena. We're in touch with the heart of America. The radical liberals are not. Have you seen the recent polls?

Bigotry masquerading as religion

When Rev. Jeremiah Wright first stepped onto the political scene, he opened the door to unabashed bigotry. For the very first time, most Americans were shocked to learn about Black Liberation theology. It had nothing to do with biblical Christianity whatsoever. It was about hatred of others who happened to be of European white descent. Liberation theology also has to do with being anti-Semitic.

There in an ungodly mix is a theology that demands a payback of sorts. It's about what some white and black people did during the very distant past days of slavery. And sadly, in the minds of some, it does not matter what was accomplished during the Civil War. It does not matter what Martin Luther King, Jr., accomplished in the 60's as Americans came together for heart-felt healing.

Today, we actually do have open bigotry. Let's call it out where it exists. It emanates from those who want to continually live off the bygone past. There are race baiters within the worlds of politics, media, and faith. The number of such radicals serving with the president is staggering. We should be more outraged. We need to ask why other politicians continue to give this president and his corrupt cabinet any respect, much less the time of day.

Marxists posing as Christians

Pastors of many denominations are in close contact with Rev. Jim Wallis, an openly avowed socialist/Marxist who is a member of President Obama's "Faith Council" and is described as a spiritual adviser to the president. These pastors are behind the scenes busily helping the president. They're defiantly cheering Obama on as he becomes more unbending and aloof in his thoughts. Yes, he is a master at working out a very successful strategy of redistribution of wealth, or what is cleverly called "social justice." If anyone of importance says one word against the president or his big-government policies, they are demonized.

Americans need to understand the destructive role that churches and pastors of once-conservative denominations are playing. They have allowed progressives into their fold and given them high offices within their churches. They stand ready to help re-elect Obama. They will gladly help him pass his green agenda — Cap and Trade. These denominations are no longer America's friend. The United Council of Churches consists of little more than progressive ideologues. They neither love their country nor respect the Word of God. They are on the side of tyranny. Any denomination that mirrors their teachings should be viewed with suspicion. "While I pray that God will have mercy on their souls, we must show them no mercy politically. They are but another well-organized group of traitors to this nation" — Erik Rush.

Excerpts from "What Exactly Is 'Social Justice'?"

In a May 16 article at American Thinker, Jayme Sellards writes:

"The term 'social justice' is now commonly used by leftist activists, clergy, educators, judges, and politicians to describe the goal they seek to achieve with many of their policies. No precise definition of 'social justice' is ever offered by the left. Instead, the term is always used in a vague way — as if everyone already knows, or should know, what the seemingly well-intentioned phrase 'social justice' means.

"So, what exactly is 'social justice'?

"Social justice is the complete economic equality of all members of society. While this may sound like a lofty objective, what it really means is that wealth should be collected by the government and evenly distributed to everyone. In short, social justice is communism. It is rooted in the Marxist idea that the money people make and the property they own do not rightfully belong to the people who make the money and own the property." Full Article

Deceptive faith

It seems that when faith and the biblical gospel message should be at the apex in rebuilding America's moral and material stamina, we as a nation are thrown into more chaos. To understand what is happening to our country, we need to understand Obama's faith. Only then will our eyes see our unfortunate destiny.

The president will not handle our foreign allies with dignity or respect because he has none for them. It's absolutely shameful how Israel has been treated by this president and his czarist administration. Matters of a deceptive faith held by the president have everything to do with why our country is being purposely trashed and dismantled.

Welcome to Obama's America. How do you like socialism? The progressive, quasi-Christian faith of Black Liberation Theology will lead our country right into the throes of Marxism. And let it be known that Obama has never denounced his anti-Christian belief system. So please, Mr. President, do not talk about Jesus Christ to born-again Christians who have the gift of discernment. You're not up to their spiritual "pay grade."

Plenty to fear

As we wrestle with the fact that a once-thriving free-market society has been taken to the woodshed by a narcissistic, vengeful man, there is plenty of fear to go around. How does one reckon with a president who personally believes he has the right to mete out social justice to all of America?

How is social justice applied? In plain English, the process is denigrating. It takes away personal liberties, property, and money from hard-working people and fritters them away in big government programs steeped in nebulous, sweeping agendas. It reaches across the abyss to punish an entire nation.

This mindset belongs to a president who wants to force a new view upon our country in a short period of time. Obama is changing America's image for his own sake and in dogmatic deference to those who've shaped his way of thinking. His father was a communist and his mother was a Marxist sympathizer.

Look what the tide brought in

Week after week, we see disaster looming on the horizon. America's president can't be counted on to tackle an emergency such as the BP oil spill. It's now become a scandalous nightmare for both man and animal.

Where was Obama's concern for the people? What about the beautiful helpless creatures that are dying from the thick sludge? So much for the care of Mother Earth!

Thirteen anxious, committed foreign countries and the UN stand ready to help with the rescue effort — yet the president has turned them away. And for what reason wouldn't he waive the Jones Act? Regardless of the spin Vice President Joe Biden gives, there have been no overtures from the White House to clear the way so foreign vessels will feel comfortable committing their time and energy to help clean up the mess.

People believe that Obama's hesitation to allow other nations to help us clean up the spill has more to do with big unions than the constraints of federal laws that a president can set aside when need be, as President G.W. Bush did during the Katrina disaster. Who in a rational state of mind would behave so unconscionably? Obama is instrumental in the destruction of our ecological system, along with people's livelihoods.

What type of a man would willfully turn down desperately needed help that could spare our ocean and shores and secure our wildlife? Here is a picture of a man we need to vote out of office. He and his so-called "social justice" have done enough to bring this magnificent country to its knees.

Marie's Choice Song: YouTube — "The National Anthem" USA (Tim Davis)

Related Readings:

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The Green Shepherd | The Weekly Standard American Thinker

American Thinker: Obama and Oil: Greasing America's Decline

See also, Marie Jon's extended footer to this column,

"What Can I Do, to Help Preserve America?" (Link)

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'They're Not Cleaning it Up They're Covering it Up' - Citizens Respond & Report Gulf Atrocity

U.S. Citizens must do for ourselves, while we are being mushroom managed by the Obama administration and their accomplices in globalist mega-racketeering (Link-1 Link2). This is especially essential at the Gulf. Here are two important examples on video, of citizens at work.

The first reports what may be very serious contamination of the waters, as far eastward as Florida.

6/24 video, Brietbart TV: "Surf at Pensacola Beach Bubbling like Acid"

"As far as EPA, OSHA, NOAA, BP, and the 'Federal' Government... every one of them is in collaboration with each other. That comes from someone at the top of NOAA."

Meet Kindra Arnesen of southern Plaquemines Parish, a force for the People, at the toe of Louisiana's boot. She is addressing Citizens who are organizing on their own and using the Web site,

Kindra Arnesen may now be America's leading reporter (among professionals and amateurs alike) on the doings of the "cleanup" operations in the Gulf of Mexico. She relates, the Obama Administration has placed British Petroleum plc "in charge" of those operations, and are bypassing federal OSHA regulations written to protect workers with basics, such as respirators. She also describes how the residents, in their homes, workplaces, and schools, are being seriously harmed, the empirical evidence being the symptoms she describes, symptoms of chemical toxicity -- and that this is being made light of, with no real solutions offered.

No government solutions offered by the Obama administration? Odd behavior, especially for a politician of the "far left," would it not seem? Not odd behavior for a government moving toward authoritarian Marxofascism, which has been complicit with (and in hiding, crouched behind) BP, all along.

There is now gross contamination in the geography immediate to this posionous flow. Imagine the cases of cancer and other degenerative conditions, on their way. Arneson reports, the Obama/BP operation is using their local Louisiana marshland as a "boom" to receive the petroleum products. Would the intentional destruction of marshland be the reason the Obama administration has continued to fight the Jindal berms?

6/22 video presentation, ""

The header for the Gulf Emergency Summit's site, which does not beat around the bush (no presidential pun intended) about the villains involved:
The BP oil blowout is an environmental catastrophe, bringing great peril to marine and wildlife in the Gulf and threatening ecosystems of the planet. The spill is still out of control and spreading. It jeopardizes communities and livelihoods. The government and BP have proven unable and unwilling to stop the disaster, protect the Gulf, or even tell the truth. The people must come together now to stop this nightmare.
These are the ones who should know. Here is their post, of Wednesday June 23, their most recent, at the time of this writing:


The BP oil blowout is an environmental catastrophe, bringing great peril to marine and wildlife in the Gulf and threatening ecosystems of the planet. The spill is still out of control and spreading. It jeopardizes communities and livelihoods. The government and BP have proven unable and unwilling to stop the disaster, protect the Gulf, or even tell the truth.

The people must come together now to stop this nightmare.

Millions are sick at heart and looking for ways to act. Many individuals and groups have spoken out, offered suggestions, volunteered to help, protested. BP and the government – pursuing their own interests - have ignored people's ideas, block.

This must not continue.

Read and sign the entire MISSION STATEMENT (linked at source)
I suggest you monitor the Gulf Emergency Summit site (and this venue, too). Be careful though: the Gulf Emergency Summit shows some indication of a potential of being manipulated by neo-Marxist "community organizers." They met at a Unitarian Universalist church and their published demands begin with an end to all Gulf of Mexico drilling, something which is the opposite of what is safe, according to geological and petroleum drilling experts.

Yes, Citizens must get involved. And these Citizens need to guard against being blindsided and assimilated by a "community organizing" vanguard of the very globalist, Marxofascist operations of which Obama and BP are a part. (The communist's use of "vanguard" is quite possibly, in my opinion, the very reason that Van Jones changed his name.)

Do it truly on your own, Gulf state Citizens! The organization of both the neighborly and political action of authentically American Citizens is exactly what is required. In emergency situations, there may even be times this must include nonviolent but civilly disobediant assistance, for those who need it. - AW
h/t: SE

Thursday, June 24, 2010

CONTAMINATION - Coming Soon to a Food Supply Near You...
Produced by Nalco Corexit - Directed by Barack Obama

by Nancy Matthis at American Daughter

The toxic chemical dispersant Corexit 9500 was pumped into the Gulf to counter the oil spill. Now it appears to have gassified, entered the atmosphere, and rained down on inland farmers, damaging crops and killing songbirds:

One month ago, on May 24, The European Union Times wrote about a report prepared by Russia's Ministry of Natural Resources for President Medvedev -- Toxic Oil Spill Rains Warned Could Destroy North America:
A dire report prepared for President Medvedev by Russia's Ministry of Natural Resources is warning ... that the British Petroleum (BP) oil and gas leak in the Gulf of Mexico is about to become the worst environmental catastrophe in all of human history threatening the entire eastern half of the North American continent with "total destruction".

Russian scientists are basing their apocalyptic destruction assessment due to BP's use of millions of gallons of the chemical dispersal agent known as Corexit 9500 which is being pumped directly into the leak of this wellhead over a mile under the Gulf of Mexico waters and designed, this report says, to keep hidden from the American public the full, and tragic, extent of this leak that is now estimated to be over 2.9 million gallons a day.

The dispersal agent Corexit 9500 is a solvent originally developed by Exxon and now manufactured by the Nalco Holding Company of Naperville, Illinois that is four times more toxic than oil....

A greater danger involving Corexit 9500, and as outlined by Russian scientists in this report, is that with its 2.61ppm toxicity level, and when combined with the heating Gulf of Mexico waters, its molecules will be able to "phase transition" from their present liquid to a gaseous state allowing them to be absorbed into clouds and allowing their release as "toxic rain" upon all of Eastern North America.

Even worse, should a Katrina like tropical hurricane form in the Gulf of Mexico while tens of millions of gallons of Corexit 9500 are sitting on, or near, its surface the resulting "toxic rain" falling upon the North American continent could "theoretically" destroy all microbial life to any depth it reaches resulting in an "unimaginable environmental catastrophe" destroying all life forms from the "bottom of the evolutionary chart to the top"....
By June 10 the San Fransico Chronicle reported crop damage -- BP oil spill Corexit dispersants suspected in widespread crop damage:
....It seems like damage brought by the oil gusher has spread way beyond the ocean, coastal areas and beaches. Collateral damage now appears to include agricultural damage way inland Mississippi.

A mysterious "disease" has caused widespread damage to plants from weeds to farmed organic and conventionally grown crops. There is very strong suspicion that ocean winds have blown Corexit aerosol plumes or droplets and that dispersants have caused the unexplained widespread damage or "disease"....
The warning on the Corexit 9500 label is clear enough:
"Keep container tightly closed. Do not get in eyes, on skin, on clothing. Do not take internally. Avoid breathing vapor. Use with adequate ventilation. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. After contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of soap and water. Wear suitable protective clothing."
Now the stuff is raining down on us!

Corexit warning label

It has been well-known in the oil industry since the 1980s that oil-eating microbes can clean up the oil with no lasting environmental impact. They were developed at the behest of the Texas Land Office and the Texas Water Commission, and used successfully in 1990 to clean up a large oil spill in Galveston (see Business Insider -- An Oil-Eating Microbe That's Been Around Since 1989 Could Single-Handedly Clean Up BP's Entire Oil Spill).

So why is Corexit 9500 being used in the Gulf of Mexico? Back on May 30 blogger Jo Anne Moretti published a Bombshell Exposé based on meticulous and lengthy research that she had performed showing that Democrat party bigwigs including Warren Buffett, Maurice Strong, Al Gore, and George Soros reaped huge profits from the sale of Corexit. Not only that, but her findings show that some increased their holdings preceding the disaster:
There is big money and even bigger players in this scam. While they are letting the oil blow wide open into the Gulf, the stakes and profit rise.

The Dolphins, Whales, Manatees, Sea Turtles and fish suffocate and die. The coastal regions, salt marshes, tourist attractions and the shore front properties are being destroyed, possibly permanently. The air quality is diminished. The Gulf of Mexico fishing industry is decimated.

All to create a need for their expensive and extremely profitable poison.
By now an outraged public has become aware of the microbes, which were warehoused in large quantities and available for use in the Gulf. But it is too late to use them now that Corexit has depleted the oxygen in the water. The microbes need oxygen to live long enough to eat the oil.

The European Union Times report sums it up best:
...the greatest lesson to be learned by these Americans is that their government-oil industry cabal has been just as destructive to them as their government-banking one, both of which have done more to destroy the United States these past couple of years than any foreign enemy could dare dream was possible.

But to their greatest enemy the Americans need look no further than their nearest mirror as they are the ones who allowed these monsters to rule over them in the first place.

H/T: Serg N of Common Sense Patriots

Related reading:

JoAnneMor -- Bombshell exposé. The real reason the oil still flows into the Gulf of Mexico.

[Note: Jo Anne Mor represents the best of the Blogosphere, an ordinary blogger whose dedicated work uncovers hidden evils that endanger us and makes them public knowledge.]

The Next Right -- BP's strange Democrat bedfellows
One of the top media consultants for British Petroleum gave free rent to a politician who became White House Chief of Staff. And, no, this was not Karl Rove giving a freebie to Andy Card. No, the recipient of the favor was Rahm Emanuel and the benefactor was Stanley Greenberg....
© Nancy Matthis, all rights reserved, published with permission.

Gulf of Mexico Intended to be an Algae Farm? Startling Indeed

Algae. "Bio-fuel." After your latest prayer for God's solution to the Gulf catastrophe, please get comfortable in your chair and peruse this.

You may wish to read this more than once and to read the linked documentation. And lest you think JoAnne and her friends are nutty, I have spoken with her and, for example, asked her if she believes the Deepwater Horzon gusher was started intentionally. And what did she say? "I don't know." Do you?

I.O. does not suggest that the grand plan is to make one vast algae farm of the Gulf of Mexico, but mega-manipulators, mega-racketeers, and mega-exploiters must be watched, as the dead zone gets ever bigger in the Gulf.

From JoAnnMor, some emphasis and formatting by I.O.:

Startling Revelations. More going on in The Gulf Of Mexico Than An Oil Spill!

~~~The team is at it again!~~~

In the course of our investigation into the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, we have uncovered some startling information.

What I am about to tell you will knock you out of your seats.

There is a lot more going on in the Gulf of Mexico than the oils spill.

This administration and many other entities like BP, Citi, Nalco, GM, GE, Goldman Sachs, University of Chicago, holding companies along with Dept. of Defense, billionaires and politicians are all vested in biofuels.

What is going on in the Gulf is directly related to this new industry.

There is an algae these companies are interested in.

From the mouth of the Mississippi river, all along the Gulf coast and spreading down to the Everglades is prime area for growing this algae. Crist is aware of this. He's funding it. There [are] a couple of other prime spots too. Chesapeake is one area and the Great Lakes is another. (Funny, we already had a Great Lakes Czar and a Chesapeake Czar. Now we have a Gulf Czar too!)

As you know, the oil continues to flow in the Gulf.

It looks incompetent when assessing the response to the crisis. It is not incompetence. It is intentional and willfull destruction.

They are spraying dispersants that are toxic to sea life. The dispersants hold the oil below the surface. Ask yourselves why you would want that. Wouldn't it be easier to vacuum the oil if it were floating?

They are not letting foreign tankers in to help. Even the few barges Jindal got his hands on were stalled, citing they need to be inspected to see if they carried enough life vests. They did.

They even pass the buck as to who is in charge. BP says they were in charge. O says he's in charge. The Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen says he's in charge. They run us in circles to divert the real questions.

If you have noticed, most of their news conferences have very little to do with action response, instead focusing on claims processing.

This is not incompetence. It is an intentional strategy. They don't want to clean it up or even try to contain it.

What they are doing is in three steps.

First get rid of oil industry in Gulf.

Then turn Gulf into a dead zone. A dead zone is free of life or ability to sustain it. The oil, dispersants and fertilizers deplete oxygen. It kills animals and fish, also turning their remains into fertilizer.

Finally, use Gulf as a giant algae farm. Algae grows on water surface, getting oxygen from air, not water. Fertilizers like urea supply much needed nitrogen. The Mississippi and the other rivers that empty into Gulf also pick up fertilizers from the many farms along the way. This feeds the Algae at the mouths of these rivers.

The oil in the water won't hurt the algae. It will only promote it's growth and burn factor.

Algae costs about $2.00 a barrel to refine. This is potentially very profitable.

The down side is , there isn't enough algae to sustain the demand. It takes a lot of algae to produce a single barrel. That means they need a huge place to grow and multiply the supply of this algae. Right now they don't have this enormous algae farm location. They have the desire, the technology, the investments and companies all set up. They have even taken the steps to map out the plan.

That plan involves projects in the Great Lakes, Chesapeake Bay, and the Gulf of Mexico.

This oil spill, whether sabotage, negligence, accident or design is the perfect way to eliminate fossil fuels such as oil and to advance his biofuel agenda.

They will sacrifice the Gulf and all who live in or around it for this multi-trillion dollar industry.

This also ties in with carbon capture and exchange. You all know about the Chicago Carbon Exchange, Cap & Trade, and even O's support of Kyoto, so I won't bore you with history.

For those who don't know details on those bills and international climate agreements, please refer to back posts of mine, or those of others who have researched and posted.

There is a proposal to store carbon that has been captured by industries, in the Gulf. The Carbon will enhance the algae growth while making a fortune for companies like O's Chicago Carbon Exchange.

All the usual players as well as a few new ones are involved. There is everything from lies, deceit, government stealth, to insider trading, and intentional destruction going on.

My friend and research teammate has compiled a short summary. Please read this, then I will pick it up from there.

Via "Spongedocks":

Step by Step Chicago to the Gulf of Mexico

The lawsuit lists potential damage claims of about $2.5 billion to the Gulf fishing industry; $3 billion to tourism; $700 million in remediation efforts so far; $6 million a day in continuing costs and "incalculable damages to BP's reputation."

We have all heard it said, carbon is a bad thing for our environment. Where did all begin? Junk Science, Al Gore, Maurice Strong, Barack Obama, Joel Rogers, Van Jones. Bill Clinton, John Podesta, Vivek Kundra, Carl Pope, need we go on?

So what is the motivation of eliminating Carbon? MONEY!! Consider for a moment how wealthy these people and countless others are getting by promoting this carbon offset science and forcing alternative biomass science and technology. Frankly, determining the wealth of these people is an angry task. Yet, how do these people profit from this forced change from oil to bio-fuels? Stimulus money, see 'Bombshell Expose', insider trading, government legislation, corporate shakedowns.

Let's examine some events and people:

Okay lets chat a moment about what happened. What the well explosion due to human error, was it on purpose by a human, was it the work of military for hire groups like Xe, Blackwater, DynCorp or Triple Canopy? We will never really know. Since SAIC has full control, they know the answer, but in the end, does it matter? The well exploded. Now the question is why? Destroy big oil and American business and jobs. What will take it place? Ah hah, glad you asked, algae. Who is behind this? Crime, Inc. which by the way is much bigger than Beck is able to report and for that matter than we can report, but we are gonna try.

British Petroleum, one of the world's largest oil producers. BP has had the most safety violations but why is that? Enter MMS, Minerals Management Service.

MMS is an Agency of the Department of the Interior. MMS gave many waivers to BP for this DeepWater Horizon rig, not to mention a safety award. Why did MMS give waivers to BP?

Enter SAIC.

Ok, who was head of SAIC while this agenda was being drafted and put into action? Robert Gates, you know they guy that is now the Secretary of Defense. But what qualifies Gates for this job? Hummm, good question. but why is he really on the payroll? Gates has a resume that includes: Head of SAIC,Council of Foreign Relations and he served of the Board of Parker Drilling, an American offshore rig owner with HQ in Houston. Now Parker Drilling has 75 international land rigs, 15 deep gas land rigs, 34 barge rigs, 7 platform rigs, 7 offshore jack-up rigs. Parker is also a specialist in deep well, arctic and geo-thermal drilling. Gates too was the Deputy director of the CIA. Who are members of SAIC?

Is there corruption at SAIC?

Thanks for asking! Here are some other attached facts:

* MMS gave a $5.5 million contract to SAIC to conduct a 5 year study of the Gulf Loop Current.
* SAIC awarded a $21.0 million blanket purchase agreement for Biomass Engineering coming from the Department of Energy and Golden Field Office. This was done to support the Office of Energy, Efficiency and Renewable Energies Biomass program.
* SAIC handles all technology for BP and that includes security logs and surveillance data. Ever wonder about video via closed circuit on offshore rigs?
* SAIC has had contracts with BP going back as far as 2002 to include a $750 million contract for Global IT services. SAIC is an employee owned company with $6.1 Billion in revenue and has offices in 150 cities around the globe. The revenue comes from
* National Security
* Homeland Defense
* Energy
* Environment
* Telecommunications
* Healthcare
* Transportation

So if not oil then what do we put into our gas tanks? Algae!!

Even more Federal action on this. Obama has awarded $80.0 in research grants for algae and bio-mass fuels. The Pentagon has mandated that the Air Force be 50/50 in use of fossil fuels and bio-fuel by 2012.

If Cap and Trade or any new name they attached to this 'junk' legislation and life altering bill does not pass, understand, it really doesn't matter except it would be cheaper for taxpayers in the end to pass this bill. What??? You Ask? Well, understand, Obama is having to look like a fool spending TARP and Stimulus money to back-door the bio-fuel, algae, urea agenda. He would look better if he did not have to spend this money but rather force Cap and Trade to generate tax revenue. Either way, taxpayers and just violated and scammed in the end.
Contract With BP Has Clause To Limit Anadarko Liability-Source
By Isabel Ordonez, Of Dow Jones Newswires

HOUSTON -(Dow Jones)- BP PLC's (BP) contract to operate the leaking Macondo well contains a clause that could limit the liability of minority partner Anadarko Petroleum Corp. (APC), a person familiar with the agreement said.

The contract, the person said, is similar to others used in offshore drilling in which the operator assumes the cost of mistakes in case of gross negligence, the person said.

Anadarko, which owns 25% of the well, has seen its shares hit hard in recent weeks as investors brace for the possibility that the Houston-based company could be on the hook for a proportional share of the costs resulting from the leak--an amount that could reach tens of billions of dollars. The confirmation that the joint operating agreement with BP contains a gross negligence clause could substantially reduce the company's potential liability and that of fellow minority partner Mitsui & Co. Ltd. (8031.TO).

BP could be liable for 100% of damages if gross negligence is proven, said Jacqueline Weaver, who teaches energy law at the University of Houston Law Center. U.S. lawmakers said this week that BP made decisions that increased the risk of a blow-out at the well to save the company time or expense. BP didn't immediately respond to requests for comment.

The uncertainty about Anadarko's liability underscores the unprecedented nature of the crisis that began in April, when a Transocean Ltd. (RIG) drilling for BP in the U.S. Gulf exploded and sank, unleashing the largest offshore spill the country has ever seen. BP so far has spent more than $1.6 billion dollars in cleaning up the spill, and its ultimate liability could be much higher. On Wednesday, the company agreed to establish a $20 billion escrow account to pay for damages.

Anadarko said Wednesday it had been invoiced by BP for its share of clean-up costs, although it didn't disclose the amount.

Analysts with investment bank UBS estimate that the total cost of the operation could reach between $20 billion and $50 billion, a figure based on what Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM) paid for the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill. But the analysts said that if Anadarko ends up paying a quarter of that cost, it could survive.

If Anadarko's liability comes in at the low end of the range, or $5 billion, the company could "easily" afford it, UBS analyst William Featherston said. Anadarko currently has $3.7 billion in cash and an unused credit capacity of $ 1.3 billion.

Additionally, it has assets that are not producing cash in the onshore U.S. and offshore Africa with an estimated value of $14 billion.If the price tag is larger than that, Anadarko would have to issue equity and sell a large percentage of its international and U.S. Gulf of Mexico nonproducing discoveries. But even if it had to pay $12.5 billion, the company will be able to bear the financial burden, Featherston said.

Investors have been bracing for a worse outcome than what analysts have imagined. Anadarko's shares have tumbled 40% since April 20, the day the rig exploded. The decline sharpened last week--Anadarko was down 19% on Wednesday alone--in a move that Barclays Capital analysts said was "disproportionate" to the highest amount of money Anadarko could be liable for. The stock was trading Wednesday afternoon at $42.70, down 4.5% from the previous session.

BP has said it won't be limited by the $75 million cap on oil spill economic damages established under the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 and that it won't seek reimbursement from a federal trust fund. But Anadarko has refrained from openly joining BP in that stance: Spokesman John Christiansen said in an emailed statement that the company will do what is "right" and that questions regarding its liability will be answered "at the appropriate time."

Now lets visit some of Obama's Czars.

Vivek Kundra, is he a phony?

Steve Chu, this is the guy who wants all homes to have white roofs

How about John Holdren who wants to fertilize the oceans?

OK what else?

DARPA: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency They testing for production of refined algae into jet fuel. DARPA expects to produce 50 million gallons by 2011. So who tells and pays DARPA? Yep you guessed it, SAIC and General Atomics.

Lets go back to the Gulf of Mexico. MMS is responsible for the offshore drilling leases in ALL Federal waters. Under that 2009 contract to SAIC to study the loop current, it seems knowledge is only good to 3000'. Beyond 3000' there are highly significant larger stresses put on drilling platforms, anchoring systems and risers. Below 10,000' the pipe must be flexible because of variations in the strength and direction of the currents and the pipes are quite likely to break. Because engineers topside cannot see or predict currents but they often feel them, they must shut down the rigs until conditions become safer. Technology yet has not reached the depths and associated currents to measure the whole risk. Currently, all conditions are measured by SAIC through satellite remote sensing but only to 3000'.

Now lets look at Bill Clinton and the Clinton Global Initiative:

Also check this link:

Let us NOT forget, this is all capitalism at it's best when it comes to corporations providing goods and services and jobs especially to the Federal govt.
Now I will add to it. Please bear with me on all the links. I will outline each to save time. Links are to source and reference so you can all see where we got the info.

"Capitalism at it's best?" That would depend on what the writer meant by "best," I guess.

And as they add to it, millions more barrels of oil (and of Corexit) are added to "the Gulfstream waa-aa-ters," as Woody Guthrie would sing.

After reading this, let's pick out just one of the players mentioned, for a mental test: mild-mannered Bush/Obama Department of Defense Secretary, Robert Gates. Have you really known him, or did you merely assume he was a nice American guy? What are you thinking, now? "I don't know," is not a bad answer at all... for the moment. - AW