Friday, November 28, 2008

Making the World Safe for Marxism (with Barack Obama)
commentary by Randall Hoven

"It was usually an effective tactic, another one of those tricks I had learned: People were satisfied so long as you were courteous and smiled and made no sudden moves. They were more than satisfied; they were relieved -- such a pleasant surprise to find a well-mannered young black man who didn't seem angry all the time."
- Barack Obama

"I am not a Marxist."
- Karl Marx

Those quotes are placed in an excellent commentary in American Thinker, in which Randall Hoven masterfully describes the neo-Marxist snares in which America has been dancing, to celebrate the apparent election of Barack Obama. I will show an excerpt and beg you to read it in its entirety.
Obama was essentially a "red diaper baby" who was raised and educated by Marxists to be Marxist. Communists really did spy on us. They had secret meetings. Communism is no longer "strange"; it is taught in our schools, sometimes by Marxists. Obama went to such schools, took such classes and personally sought out Marxists. Bill Ayers calls himself a communist. Barack Obama's run for elective office was kicked off at a meeting in Bill Ayer's house. His voting record was the most liberal in the Senate in 2007, or left of self-avowed socialist Bernie Sanders.

Are we not to infer the obvious?

Some more hints: "a heavy progressive or graduated income tax" is one of the ten planks in the Communist Manifesto. So is "centralization of credit in the hands of the State." So is "centralization of the means of communication" and "establishment of industrial armies."

I don't think it's my imagination that (a) we are already far down the road in establishing each of these planks (e.g., Federal Reserve System), and (b) Barack Obama and the Democrats are itching to take us even further down that road: more progressive income taxes; more government control of credit, banking and industry; the "fairness doctrine" and other regulations of speech and communications; a national service plan and mandatory "public service" for students; etc.

A reasonable person could infer that the present aim of the Democratic Party is full implementation of the planks of the Communist Manifesto. Just look at the ten planks and look at the Democratic Party's platform or its legislation waiting in the wings. You don't need rose-colored glasses to see the red in either.

In fact, the interesting question is no longer whether our politics in the US and Europe (not to mention Latin America) are leading to Marxism. The interesting question now is whether voters care.
What if this brief commentary should be placed in the in-box of every American Citizen?

Why not begin by sending it to at least 90% of those you know -- now?

And very glad you understand, Mr. Hoven, that we should not even use the word "capitalism" about the true American economy, that it is a term from Marx and not our founders. The term for the true American economy is "economic freedom," or as you cite the words of Adam Smith, "the system of perfect liberty." Sure beats the alternative -- I mean the alternative continuing to plague the world -- and now getting closer and closer to the Oval Office.

There is also a thread regarding "Making the World Safe for Marxism," in

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Obama's Published Birth Certificate: "Forged, Phoney, Felony Fraud"

"Expert, Ron Polarik, PhD" has just concluded a study of the document presented by Barack Obama as his Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth. Conclusion: "Forged images, phony photos, and felony fraud."

Circumstances cause Americans to wonder who will become United States President on January 20 and what routes this person and Chief Justice Roberts will each take, to their intersection at the Oath of Office. Polarik's contribution presents itself an exquisitely researched, documented, and illustrative set of findings which may be seen at these locations on the Web:,_phony_photos,_and_felony_fraud.thtml


With my experience and specialization in document imaging, my findings are conclusive and irrefutable that the COLB images posted by Obama to his campaign website,, to the, a pro-Obama blog, to, a pro-Obama political research group, and to, are, in fact, image forgeries with the intent to defraud the American People into believing that these images were digitally scanned from Obama’s genuine, “original” birth certificate.

With my experience and specialization in photography and digital imaging, my findings are conclusive and irrefutable that the COLB photographs posted by, a pro-Obama political research group, and to, are, in fact, photographic forgeries with the intent to defraud the American People into believing that these digital photographs were taken of Obama’s genuine, “original” birth certificate.

[Edit 11/23: Is this the last word on the subject? Not necessarily. Works of science are always subject to further testing -- and Polarik seems to be an anonymous source.]

I encourage you to go and read it directly. You deserve the privilege to begin to discover whether the presumptive president-elect is headed to the White House and whether, to a much less auspicious federal house.

Also: in the next day or so, I hope to produce a one-page, hypertext-linked guide in the hydra-headed battle to discover the historical Barack Obama vs. the United States Constitution's requirement of only a "natural born citizen" allowed as America's president (Article II, 20th Amendment, COLB, derived/forged COLB, Donofrio, Keyes, Berg, Supreme Court, etc.). Keeping it updated in ensuing days presents another challenge. [Edit 11/23: Even if the document examined by "Polarik" is not a forgery per se, that does not mean it honestly reflects an original COLB. Even if the COLB is accurate, it does not address the essense of the Donofrio lawsuit.]

This is coming to a climax with due process momentum that has begun to appear unstoppable.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Marxists: now liberals see them, now they don't;
Rep. Paul Broun keeps both eyes open

To the liberal elitist, Marxists should be welcomed to influential roles in society
To the liberal elitist, it is slanderous to call anyone, influential in society, a Marxist

As the elite left now works on rehabbing the reputations of Barack Obama's old comrades, Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright (of the many, two whose names got past media filters) my prayers and empathy go out for Rep. Paul Broun, of Georgia -- and my congratulations to him. As you may know, Broun has publicly expressed his concerns over the apparent Marxist history and intentions of the apparent president-elect (11/7, 11/11).

From "Broun's back on Obama; Stands by remarks," by Blake Aued, 11/11, Athens Banner-Herald:
"Broun's neo-McCarthyism has no place in today's political environment," said Martin Matheny, a spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia.
Question: is it "neo-McCarthyism" to refer to the actual, documented facts of someone's close, lifetime relationships with neo-Marxists? Well, those, plus an old fashioned Communist, in Frank Marshall Davis, Obama's mentor as a teen. (Nice that Davis went by three names; that way I can link to three sets of documentation.) The Banner-Herald piece goes on:
Comparisons to Hitler are despicable because they trivialize the Holocaust, whether they come from the left about President Bush or from the right about Obama, said Athens-Clarke Mayor Heidi Davison, a Jewish Democrat. "I don't like people who flippantly use either 'Hitler' or 'Nazi' to describe the actions of other people, at all, ever," Davison said.
Comments such as this minimize the American holocaust of well over 42,000,000 human beings killed via abortion, since 1973. They also ignore Barack Obama's record of supporting rampant abortion-through-infanticide and his atrocious promise to anti-black, eugenicist Planned Parenthood, to nullify all state and federal restrictions upon abortion through the "Freedom of Choice Act" he has already sponsored.

This light but refreshing dose of post-election journalism goes on:
Broun said in the news release he hopes Obama will be a bipartisan executive and is "eager to work with our president-elect when he is constitutionally correct."

Broun's comments reflect the fears of many Republicans who believe Obama has a shadowy background that wasn't fully explored by the press, said Jim Box, chairman of the Clarke County GOP.

"The question is, where's this guy going?" Box said. "A lot of people are raising suspicions about him."

Broun made headlines nationwide Monday when - based on a Colorado speech when Obama called for a "civilian national security force" - he raised the possibility that Obama plans to establish a Nazi- or Soviet-style security force to impose a Marxist dictatorship.

"That's exactly what Hitler did in Nazi Germany, and it's exactly what the Soviet Union did," Broun told the Associated Press on Monday. "When he's proposing to have a national security force that's answering to him, that is as strong as the U.S. military, he's showing me signs of being Marxist."

Obama referred to the civilian national security force as part of a call for expanding the Peace Corps and other volunteer programs and encouraging young people to commit to public service overseas and in poor parts of the country, according to a July 2 Chicago Tribune article about the speech.

Media outlets sensationalized Broun's comments about the Obama speech, he said, but he reiterated his concerns about Obama's tax and gun policies.

"I never called Mr. Obama a communist, nor did I accuse him of being Hitler, but I do not apologize for stating the obvious: His socialist views are out of the mainstream of American political thought, and history shows that 'civilian national security forces' bode ill for citizens," Broun said.
May many others in government also maintain an informed and concerned perspective. May more and more of the People learn the facts, as well.

Friday, November 7, 2008

CHANGE.GOV: America Serves - Work Brings Freedom

Obama: CHANGE to a different liberty

What constitutes the "change" Barack Obama wants to bring? Did you ever hear a reporter ask him that, during his campaign? Did you ever see a clear picture of the change, from the mainstream media? Unanswered questions abound. Now that the popular (not electoral college) votes have been cast, Obama is already beginning to tell us -- and this spurs further, very serious questions.

Are you prepared for the change? See a new site, called There, after kicking butt just two days prior, Barack Obama has started taking names. How is Senator Obama, not president at this time, nor actually president-elect, empowered to use a ".gov" Web site, to press his semi-reported, semi-hidden agenda?

How does he want us to change? Here is one way he wants us to change, copied from his (our?) new site. The bold/red in the text is my highlight. Reading these lines carefully will not require much reading between them.

America Serves
"When you choose to serve -- whether it's your nation, your community or simply your neighborhood -- you are connected to that fundamental American ideal that we want life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness not just for ourselves, but for all Americans. That's why it's called the American dream."
The Obama Administration will call on Americans to serve in order to meet the nation’s challenges. President-Elect Obama will expand national service programs like AmeriCorps and Peace Corps and will create a new Classroom Corps to help teachers in underserved schools, as well as a new Health Corps, Clean Energy Corps, and Veterans Corps. Obama will call on citizens of all ages to serve America, by developing a plan to require 50 hours of community service in middle school and high school and 100 hours of community service in college every year. Obama will encourage retiring Americans to serve by improving programs available for individuals over age 55, while at the same time promoting youth programs such as Youth Build and Head Start.

According to Obama, the American dream is called "the American dream" because, as he has determined, we want life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all Americans and if you want yours, somehow you are responsible for the fulfillment of the dreams of all others. You want what he says you want and that means many of you will serve through programs that government provides, so all Americans have life as you have life, liberties as you have liberties, and if you wish to pursue happiness, you will pursue the happiness of all others, as provided by state or state-partnered organizations.

"When you choose
to serve..." he is quoted above, but choose? Not so much, for those who would have an education. Evidently, conscription into serving the state seems to be the shining path, for these. Just what will the Obama required youth be required to do? And what training will the state dispense for them -- something "consciousness raising," akin to the radical indoctrination of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge? What becomes of the many American students and minors' parents, who will simply disagree and not wish to participate?

Obama answers: if one is to be allowed the freedom to gain an education, he must serve through the state, in ways proscribed by the state, those granted service by the state.

Liberty? For all?

Now, what is this about retirees and the elderly? Retirees will be "encouraged" to serve through state-proscribed ways. How will we be so induced? To do what? Will we be provided certain state services only if we have been serving the state, ourselves? And once central government begins so serving the elderly (and the elderly thus become dependent upon state services) for how long will the state choose to go on spending to serve us, as age raises the costs?

The coming answers to these questions could seem innocuous to some, as Obama's initial "community organizations" become state-directed venues of our work. But will the groundwork be thus laid for further changes in the services we must yield to the state, for the sake of our "liberties?"

As government is granted power to require services from an individual, or as government is permitted to generate a dependency of the person upon such services, the person's liberty is relinquished to the state's power over him. Any tyranny is all tyranny, wherever it appears and the results of that evil become mere matters of degree. Government being permitted to dispense "liberties" based upon our proscribed service is a tyranny which may begin smallish, but be easily "ratcheted up."

ARBEIT MACHT FREI -- "work brings freedom." -- those were words hung in places that Americans liberated much too late for far too many, two generations ago, after a new government changed the essentials of its civilization.

To Barack Obama, freedom depends upon our work for collective liberties. To America, freedom is the gracious gift of God to each person from the start and "inalienable" means unyielding and unchangeable. We seem to be in an essential conflict, beginning two days after the elections.

Photo of Dachau prison gate provided via Wikipedia
Update: 11/8/2008

The America Serves page on the CHANGE.GOV site has been changed. It now reads:
America Serves
"When you choose to serve -- whether it's your nation, your community or simply your neighborhood -- you are connected to that fundamental American ideal that we want life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness not just for ourselves, but for all Americans. That's why it's called the American dream."

The Obama Administration will call on Americans to serve in order to meet the nation’s challenges. President-Elect Obama will expand national service programs like AmeriCorps and Peace Corps and will create a new Classroom Corps to help teachers in underserved schools, as well as a new Health Corps, Clean Energy Corps, and Veterans Corps. Obama will call on citizens of all ages to serve America, by setting a goal that all middle school and high school students do 50 hours of community service a year and by developing a plan so that all college students who conduct 100 hours of community service receive a universal and fully refundable tax credit ensuring that the first $4,000 of their college education is completely free. Obama will encourage retiring Americans to serve by improving programs available for individuals over age 55, while at the same time promoting youth programs such as Youth Build and Head Start.

I learned this from the blog page:

November 7th, 2008, Posted: 3:20 pm by Nate

By no means are all questions answered. The middle and high school "goal" still appears to be "over the top" by half, at least. As to the bigger picture, as inferred in last night's article, where government, especially federal government, gets into the business of influencing what constitutes community service and its rewards and what by exclusion does not, the state intrudes upon the decision making liberties of a free people. (This is similar to taxing someone so much that he no longer has nearly as much money for carrying out his faith as one normally would in giving "tithes and offerings.")

Was this merely a matter of text too hastily and sketchily published? I am not at all confident at that. I recall the apparent test case of governmental intimidation of anti-Obama free speech in Missouri, during the campaign -- also the apparent test case of Obama calling upon Nevada volunteers (including numerous ACORN volunteers, presumably) to "get in their faces." If those were indeed experiments to discover what kind of push-back Obama would get, this could also fit that pattern.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Anarcho-syndicalism - just a word I want to post, now


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Investigating Obama: Career Path Toward a Neo-Marxist Presidency

A narrative of facts many have not heard, documented with Web links

Barack Obama, by his own book, plus the testimony of relatives and friends, was raised in quite a family. While in high school, his mother developed an affinity with a teacher who led readings from Marx. She became an atheist or agnostic and met Barack Obama Sr. in a college Russian language class - a Russian language class, circa 1960.

With no father in his home in Hawaii, he was mentored throughout his teens by Frank Marshall Davis, a man famous in communist circles, with numerous FBI files. Davis also wrote an autobiography, Sex Rebel (explicit references) which demonstrates numerous of his perversions, including pedophilia. Nothing new there, "sexual revolution" was a part of the Russia's Marxist revolution: sex is divorced from reproduction, marriage, and child rearing; abortion becomes sublime. Sexual involvement is "liberated" into mutual use.

According to a former intelligence officer who had read the FBI files, Davis laid out a generic communist plan “to take over America from within, by installing educators at all levels of our educational system, gaining control of the media, getting Liberal judges appointed, recruiting, training and backing people to be elected to public office.”

From Hawaii, Barack was on to New York and Columbia University (Bill Ayers was a neighbor there, too) and then Chicago (where Ayers returned). Obama writes of attending socialist conferences and reading Marxist books around this time. He was trained in and taught the insurgent methods of "Rules for Radicals" drafted by cynical, "transformational Marxist," Saul Alinsky. Thesis: lie, cheat, steal, etc., while making those who uphold American principles live up to impossibly high standards of institutional altruism, so that we and our liberal government fail in ridicule. Preach "change" and gradually build an activist army of the proletariat, motivated by (short sighted) self interest, for a crescendoing revolt. All, to pave the way for the "egalitarian state." And funny thing, Alinsky's book tosses an acknowledgment to Lucifer, "the very first radical," a refreshing lapse into candor.

In Chicago, Obama met his wife Michelle at the Sidley & Austin law firm, where terrorist Ayers' terrorist wife, Bernardine Dohrn worked, too. And in Chicago, they joined Jeremiah Wright's church, investing two decades and significant indoctrination of their daughters there. That is, until Wright turned his criticism from merely "God damn America," toward the one, Obama. This congregation espouses Black Liberation Theology, an institutionalization of ethnocentric bitterness and a variant of Liberation Theology, which had been conceived in South America as an attempt to sell Marxism to Christians through the clergy, misapplying portions of the Bible. Concurrently, Obama has repeatedly exhorted, "our individual salvation depends on collective salvation." While that would have been less than Good News to Christ's Apostles, Marx may have found it catchy.

Obama also shared an office for apparently three years with Ayers and fellow SDS member Michael Klonsky (a self-described Maoist communist) while taking Annenberg millions and devoting much of it to ACORN and other insurgent-socialist "community organizations" fitting the terrorist Weathermen's model. The goal? "Raise political consciousness," chiefly among black school kids. (Historically, an SDS and Weathermen objective has been to piggyback upon any black revolt in America, for their Marxist ends.) What "political consciousness?" One attractive to Ayers, a self-proclaimed anarchistic Marxist. Ayers secured the purse, thus presumably played a responsible role in setting up young Mr. Obama as chairman. They apparently formed a small circle of Chicago's education radicals.

In an overlapping circle, Obama became a member of the Marxist “New Party” in the 1990’s while maintaining membership in the Democratic Party. Soviet apologist, Alice Palmer hand picked Obama to succeed her as Illinois State Senator. He also gained an odd circle of radical Islamist, anti-Israel friends, including Khalid al Mansour, Rasheid Khalidi, and Ali Abunimah. He has connected with the radical Muslim Brotherhood and Louis Farrakhan credits Obama with a key role in organizing his 1995 “Million Man March.”

And what has Obama been doing as Senator besides running for President? Well, in 2006 he campaigned in Kenya for Raila Odinga, a communist Kenyan out of prison for a coup attempt, who allied himself with radical Islamists and their establishment of brutally oppressive Sharia law in that nation. Odinga lost and led the kind of protest that killed 1,000 to 1,500 Kenyans, mostly Christians, mostly by Muslims. Rape, too. Churches were burned. The thuggery worked and Obama's man was named Prime Minister, a "change" for which Obama allegedly raised $1M.

Many Americans are hearing about Obama's redistributionist tax and welfare/workfare plans, but do not know he wants to build (draft?) a massive, undefined "civilian national security force" as powerful and funded as our military. And, he has pledged to plan his presidential agenda in meetings with ACORN. He is also committed to the "Freedom of Choice Act," which would nullify all laws against partial birth abortion and those for parental notification, and any other restriction of abortion. So much for "Life, Liberty, and Property."

This is one page's worth of the many elements in an apparently Marxist career development of the one poised to become, of all things, United States President.

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