Monday, September 27, 2010

Investigating Obama's Marxofascist, Globalist Network

Significant articles have been posted in I.O., from 2008 through this 2010. But new posting here will be sporadic for the time being. Please see the continuously updated I.O. Sidebar, though and the important information in Gulag Bound:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Department of Justice Under Investigation by Department of Justice, over New Black Panther Pass

Document drop: Breaking: DOJ Inspector General will investigate Obama Voting Rights Record
By Michelle Malkin • September 13, 2010 04:27 PM

Just obtained this letter from Justice Department Inspector General Glenn Fine to members of Congress informing them that he will open up a review of the Obama administration’s selective enforcement of civil rights laws by the Voting Section office of DOJ.

Big news. Good news. Fine is a veteran IG whose meticulous work I cited in-depth in Invasion. You know how the Obama bully boys have treated IGs. Prayers for Fine would be most appropriate.

Letter follows at

You my learn more about Inspector General Glenn A. Fine:

'Glenn Fine Praised as Model Inspector General," Ari Shapiro, NPR, November 11, 2008

"U.S. Fails to Notify Victims about Prison Furloughs," Charlie Savage, New York Times, September 2, 2010

Brief biography at Department of Justice site

"Glenn A. Fine" in Wikipedia

And the Washington Post's report on this development: "Probe in New Black Panther Case," by Jerry Markon, Tuesday, September 14, 2010
h/t: Uncle Dave

Monday, September 13, 2010

Please Keep Looking at "I am Gulag Bound," Above & I.O. Sidebar

...I may not be updating this site again for a little while...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Confessions from the Bound

Be it known that I, Arlen Williams, am spending the great bulk of my Internet publishing time with my illustrious associates at Gulag Bound. Please think of GB as subsuming the work already done here at I.O. Indeed, the problems of Barack Obama being in the White House extend far beyond that focal point and so it is necessary to address the bigger picture.

Now, you are not asked to abandon I.O. and neither will I. The blogrolls in the Sidebar alone, are worth frequent visits -- for you I hope, as well as for me. However, posts made here will be sporadic; just telling you, if you haven't already ascertained.

Here is another sample taken from the RSS feed into the "I am Gulag Bound" page linked in the above menu. I think this list makes the point:

  • Frances Fox Piven Advocating Violence

    Trevor Loudon

    Frances Fox Piven (of the Cloward-Piven Strategy) speaking at the University of Wisconsin in November, 2004, advocating the use of violence – so long as it’s “a big part of your strategy.” A couple of excerpts from the video: “I have considerable respect for non-violence, but I don’t treat it…


  • Why the Demorats are Running from Obama like he is a Rabid Dog

    CJ in TX

    If you consider yourself a liberal, take heed please. This is happening to you too. Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, says we need to be “reeducated” about Obamacare. She was a key player in the massive overhaul of the American health care system, once considered to be…


  • Gulag Bound’s ‘You Might be a Dog if…’ Contest, Updated as it Goes

    Arlen Williams

    For a moment, yesterday (Monday, September 6, a day that will live in canine infamy) Barack Obama spoke from the core of his political being, to his arranged group of Democrat and union apparatchiks — plus those especially susceptible to conversational hypnosis — in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. “They talk about me…


  • James Simpson: A Candid Talk with Allen West


    Freelance writing doesn’t pay much, but a compensating benefit is the opportunity one finds to meet and speak with really interesting people. Florida District 22 Congressional candidate Lt. Col. Allen West (USA, Ret.) is one such person, and I interviewed him for this article recently. Col. West is one of the…


  • The Gay Hit Piece on Palin

    Cliff Kincaid

    Ruth Marcus of The Washington Post accuses Sarah Palin of offending homosexuals when she remarked that the author of a Vanity Fair hatchet job about her was “impotent and limp and gutless.” Marcus wrote, “The Vanity Fair writer, Michael Joseph Gross, is gay, which makes matters worse—conjuring the stereotype of…


  • Nazis were Green; They had Hitler & Goebbels; We have Maurice Strong & Al Gore


    In Emerging Corruption: Nazi Dreams were Green Dreams by Alan Caruba In Flopping Aces: The Gullibility of the Public by Skookum Meanwhile, Maurice Strong responds by swinging at softballs from the propaganda pitching machine. From The Guardian, Environment Blog: Maurice Strong on ‘Climate Conspiracy,’ Bilderberg, and Population Control Email, network,…


  • Anita MonCrief: I Have Obama’s Secret Donor List


    This weekend, ACORN whistle blower Anita MonCrief revealed how she witnessed ACORN, in concert with its sister organization, ProjectVote, corrupt the 2008 presidential election in favor of Barack Obama. In an interview on The Sean Hannity Show, Moncrief said, “ACORN was flooding the election offices with massive amounts of bogus…


  • Human Rights through the Looking Glass

    Jack Cashill

    The UPR stands for Universal Periodic Review, a human rights reporting process established by The U.N. General Assembly in 2006. As shall be seen, “Orwellian” does not do the UPR justice. “Bizarro World” comes closer to the mark. As the UPR is designed, the U.N.’s 192 Member States assess their…


  • ‘Don’t be Evil?’ Don’t be Google Bound


    Candy from strangers, Kool-Aid from Jim Jones… …ice cream from Google. has launched a viral video against Internet tracking, by lampooning Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt. Schmidt stars as the creepy ice cream salesman offering free “ice cream” (and full body scans) to unsuspecting children. “They should know there’s no…


  • On Having one’s Name Deleted from the Internet by Obama & Co.

    Sher Zieve

    These days, it isn’t difficult to ascertain when you are on the Obama Enemies List. Leftist bloggers will increase and become even more inarticulate (if that’s even possible) in their attacks on you when you begin disseminating too much truth, when your columns hit too close to home for a…


  • Islamization of Paris Video with Original Article


    The Islamization of Paris video, which has been featured by Trevor Loudin in his New Zeal blog and elsewhere, including the American Thinker article, “Paris Video Shows Future of Ground Zero,” was first published by CBN, as follows, on Wednesday, September 1st. ‘Islamization’ of Paris a Warning to the West…


  • Lind to Lakin: Evidence of Obama’s Birth Could be an ‘Embarrassment;’ Disallows; Why?


    In denying discovery to Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, was acting judge Lind sending a message to Congress that it needed to investigate? What “embarrassing” evidence exists? This video calls for all citizens to call or write their representatives to demand an investigation. This video is based on an article by…


So, do see us at the Gulag, whatever your own visiting hours happen to be.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Listen to & Read Christine Brim’s Expose’ of Imam Rauf's Cordoba Initiative & Obama’s Complicity

The tweet:

#IMGB Follow the Sharia & unholy alliance w/ globalists, Marxists, w/ Christine Brim – Tonight On Fan The Fire

You can listen through that link, or this widget:

Christine Brim's August 17th article in Big Peace, "Ground Zero Mosque's Hidden Websites: Follow the Sharia."

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What You Miss if You don't Click "I am Gulag Bound," Above (or visit that site)

At the moment, this is what resides on that constantly updated feed. Some of the posts are more directly related to Barack Obama than others, but "it's all connected."

Latest Entries

  • Forget Happy Meals ~ Fake ‘Meat’ to Replace Grazing those Flatulent Cows?

    Janet Smiles

    Reported in the, emphasis mine: Researchers in the Netherlands have created what was described as soggy pork and are now investigating ways to improve the muscle tissue in the hope that people will one day want to eat it. What we need are tiny treadmills for synthetic pork…


  • ObamaGov Establishing Islam as Official USA State Religion

    Sher Zieve

    In contradiction to the US Constitution’s First Amendment referencing the prohibition of the US government’s establishment of a State religion, the Obama has decided to institute Islam’s “religion” Muslimism as the US’ first state-sponsored religion. As Islam is first and foremost a governmental/political system–with the “faithful” following its feudal…


  • Obama’s Cloward-Piven Policies Causing Ominous Rumblings in Philly

    Janet Smiles

    Reported in the Examiner, Philadelphia: Firefighter Union to City: Liar, liar, pants on… you get it already. Exactly a week ago, it was written here how a fire in West Philadelphia killed a 12 year old boy. Much blame was put on the fact that Philly’s Democrat Mayor Michael…


  • Jan Schakowsky – Yet Another Socialist (Marxist) in Congress

    Trevor Loudon

    Several current or recent members of Congress, including Neil Abercrombie, Mary Jo Kilroy, Jerry Nadler and Bob Filner have close ties to America’s largest marxist organization, Democratic Socialists of America. Another to add to the growing list is Jan Schakowsky [IL CD-9]. The Illinois Democrat, a member of the…


  • Updated: American Socialist Voter’s 2009 List of Marxists in Congress


    a red is a red is a red 10/17, 7:27pm CT - See Trevor Loudon’s extensive information, “Socialists in the U.S. Congress,” in New Zeal, for further information about those who are on this list and on the Congressional Progressive Caucus. 10/13, 10:50pm CT - Mark and expose the…


  • Alinskyism in the US Catholic Church

    Trevor Loudon

    Alinskyism and socialism have penetrated all the US mainstream churches. Here’s an excellent lecture on the infiltration and Alinsky inspired subversion inside the American Catholic Church. Congratulations to these people for taking on the corruption inside their own institution. Email, network, or bookmark this page. To use a service…


  • Islamist Victory & Obama’s Attacks on the States & US Citizens

    Sher Zieve

    As The Obama and his ObamaCourts ratchet up their fight against the US States and We-the-People, the beasts in the White House (aka Obama & Co) continue their fight against America and all humans. In his latest anti-US comments, Obama first supports the Islamist Victory Mosque (and probable terrorist…


  • The President Has Sided With a Foreign Government – Against a US State


    In this recent YouTube video, Professor Terry J. Lovell discusses Arizona’s immigration law, SB1070. Says Lovell: “The President of the United States, in a move that is absolutely without precedent in the history of our nation, has sided with a foreign government against a US state.” “Let that sink…


  • US Rep. Melissa Bean’s Town Hall Thuggery


    Bean's muscle - name withheld for the time being On Thursday, August 12, Representative Melissa Bean (IL-8-D) held a public meeting at the Round Lake Library. The meeting was billed as a Financial Education seminar to teach citizens how to manage their credit card debt. What happened at this meeting…


  • Matthews on Issa: Subpoena Power Led to the McCarthy Era


    Earlier today, Gulag Bound reported on a article, written by Jerome Corsi, about CA Rep. Darrell Issa’s pointed attack on the Obama administration and its unprecedented propaganda effort to sell the president’s unpopular policies and initiatives. As the ranking GOP on the House Committee on Oversight and Government…


  • Are All Churches Free to Locate Anywhere? Let’s See

    Janet Smiles

    As the fight rages on, to prevent a Muslim mosque and community center within feet of the “sacred ground” where the World Trade Center stood before a terrorist attack, one of the official excuses for not intervening is that,”They have the right to put a place of worship anywhere…


  • Rep. Darrell Issa: Obama Using White House for Unlawful Propaganda Campaign


    Rep. Darrell Issa (CA-R) at 5/28/2010 press conference (re. Joe Sestak) Reported in WorldNetDaily: Scathing Congress Report Slams Obama’s ‘Covert, Criminal Activity’ President charged with illegally using taxpayer money to manipulate public Posted: August 16, 2010 12:01 am Eastern By Jerome R. Corsi © 2010 WorldNetDaily Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif.,…


Headlines by FeedBurner

Alinskyism in the US Catholic Church

Please share this with your Catholic friends and neighbors. They have a right to know how their church is being subverted.

A significant reason for the flood of anti-Scriptural Marxism out of Washington, DC. -- by means of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi and do many others.

From Trevor Loudon:
Alinskyism and socialism have penetrated all the US mainstream churches.

Here’s an excellent lecture on the infiltration and Alinsky inspired subversion inside the American Catholic Church.

Congratulations to these people for taking on the corruption inside their own institution.
See the brief video at Gulag Bound.

Islamist Victory & Obama’s Attacks on the States & US Citizens

As The Obama and his ObamaCourts ratchet up their fight against the US States and We-the-People, the beasts in the White House (aka Obama & Co) continue their fight against America and all humans.

In his latest anti-US comments, Obama first supports the Islamist Victory Mosque (and probable terrorist training center), then slightly alters it when the hue and cry from We-the-People becomes too loud for his Marxist minions. Then, The Obama changes his stance–once again–and returns to his original support. When Islam wishes to claim dominance over a people, it builds an elaborate mosque to its god Allah. In his article “Ground Zero Mosque Represents Conquest for Islamic Jihadists,” Justin Quinn correctly writes: “As far back as the Ottoman Empire, Islamic rulers made a habit of converting Christian churches, monasteries and chapels into mosques” and “the proponents of the Ground Zero mosque won’t tell you that the erection of mosques traditionally symbolizes victory over the enemies of Islam.” Note: Obama won’t tell you that, either.
read more in Gulag Bound...

Spelling Out Obama's Anti-American 'Transnationalism' regarding Arizona

Professor Lovell tells it as it is.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Rep. Darrell Issa: Obama Using White House for Unlawful Propaganda Campaign

Reported in WorldNetDaily:
Scathing Congress Report Slams Obama's 'Covert, Criminal Activity'
President charged with illegally using taxpayer money to manipulate public

Posted: August 16, 2010
12:01 am Eastern

By Jerome R. Corsi
© 2010 WorldNetDaily

Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., the ranking Republican on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, issued a scathing staff report today charging that the White House has "used the machinery of the Obama campaign to tout the president's agenda through inappropriate and sometimes unlawful public relations and propaganda initiatives."

An advance pre-publication copy of the report, shared by Issa's Washington office with WND, accuses the White House of nothing short of criminal activity. It charges the Obama administration with violating federal laws to advance what the Government Accounting Office has characterized as an unlawful "covert campaign," using federal resources "to activate a sophisticated propaganda and lobbying campaign."

article continued at site

Friday, August 6, 2010

Famous Foundations of the Tycoons Chose Marxist World Empire

This hardly began in Barack Obama's lifetime. Article number one, on Norma Dodd:
Investigators of Globalist Conspiracy, Meet your Mentor, Mr. Norman DoddWho would take on the mega-money of the foundations and trusts of the Rockefellers, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, the Guggenheims, et. al.? Someone interested for good reason, in authentic America, might. As for intent investigators willing to take on the powerful, before the fictitious Fox Mulder, there was the true Norman Dodd. You will do well to listen to him, from the beginning of this video, to his final two sentences. He is interviewed here, by G. Edward Griffin, in 1982.

...continued at

Want to See where the Soros Snake is Striking?

  • Want to See where the Soros Snake is Striking?


    A reminder about Global Nazi George, on a nice summer day. From Soros foundations are autonomous institutions established in particular countries or regions to initiate and support open society activities. The priorities and specific activities of each foundation are determined by a local board of directors and staff…


  • Real Sherrod Story Still Untold

    Jack Cashill

    Had Andrew Breitbart dutifully written a column detailing how an obscure USDA official, Shirley Sherrod, and her husband, Charles Sherrod, had scammed the government out of millions, the story would have had the range and lifespan of a fruit fly. Instead, as the world knows, Breitbart released an edited…


  • Obama’s Marxist Father’s Dream Coming True, via Your Taxes

    Arlen Williams

    Barack Obama has found a way to use even more taxpayer money to disrupt, dismantle, and defile Kenya with the tragedies of abortion, Marxism, and Islamism, than when he was merely a U.S. Senator. “Dreams of [his communist] father.” From, this opening excerpt continued at their site: OBAMA…


  • Civil Right’s Division Directs Case Awards to “Activist Groups” by Justice Department Rules


    Posted from US Department of Justice “The new Civil Rights Division tactic represents a departure from a fundamental principle of such cases, which is the pursuit of justice on behalf of actual victims…says Bob Driscoll,”The practice of the Civil Rights Division steering settlement funds to favored advocacy groups…


  • Audit Finds Obama Actions Drive Up Unemployment


    This in from Former GM Dealer Bob Smith Automotive Group “At a time when the country was experiencing the worst economic downturn in generations and the government was asking its taxpayers to support a $787 billion stimulus package designed primarily to preserve jobs, Treasury made a series of…


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

CNN Reports on the ‘Birther Myth’ on Barry’s Birthday

And they cite the funky "COLB" and the newspaper listing (as if there were would be no reason for dishonest people to claim U.S. Citizenship, if there were not, for the babe).

Posted: August 4th, 2010 11:25 AM ET


ALT TEXT President Obama’s birth certificate (left) has been certified authentic by the Republican governor of Hawaii. His birth announcement (right) appeared in print in 1961. (PHOTO CREDIT: State of Hawaii)

Washington (CNN) - It's surely not what the leader of the free world wants for his birthday. But, for a stubborn group of Americans, conspiracy theories about President Obama's birthplace are the gifts that keep on giving.

The president celebrates his 49th birthday Wednesday. On the same day, a new national poll indicates some Americans continue to doubt the president was born in the United States. According to a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey, more than a quarter of the public have doubts about Obama's citizenship, with 11 percent saying Obama was definitely not born in the United States and another 16 percent saying the president was probably not born in the country.

Full results [pdf]

Forty-two percent of those questioned say they have absolutely no doubts that the president was born in the U.S., while 29-percent say he "probably" was.

Read the rest of this entry »

...the rest of their entry (emphasis, I.O.)....

Now, what about that Article II, natural born Citizen requirement, CNN?

By the way, by this survey, it may be said that at least 58% of the American People are unwilling to flatly state that Barack Obama is eligible to be United States President.

Monday, August 2, 2010

'No Passport for you, Birther!'

...barked the Obama Documentation Nazi.

The State Department seems conflicted -- all in a stew. The subject: Barack Obama's mother's passport records, from the time he was born.

Oops! Obama mama passport 'destroyed'
Last week, in response to a Freedom of Information Act request, the State Department released passport records of Stanley Ann Dunham, President Obama's mother - but those records for the years surrounding Obama's 1961 birth are missing.

Read the latest now on
Explains Jerome Corsi:
The claim made in the FOIA response letter that many passport records were destroyed during the 1980s comes despite a statement on the State Department website that claims Passport Services maintains U.S. passport records for passports issued from 1925 to the present.
Hey, could this missing information have something to do with the 2008 State Department Passport Office break-in -- and the subsequent murder of apparent informant, Lt. Quarles Harris Jr.?

Just a question, don'cha know.

Records, records. Those Dunham/Obama records are such furtive and elusive (illusory-sp?) things. Maybe BHO was born in the realm of Faerie.

That's it! And maybe all those crazy 2008 votes were made under the influence of pixie dust, dropped from airliner contrails.

h/t: Wildfire

American Sovereignty Give-Away (plus other items I.O.)

  • Netroots Nation – Transmitting the “Party Line” to the Masses

    Trevor Loudon

    The Communist Party USA website Peoples World carries an interesting report on last weekend’s Netroots Nation 2010 conference in Las Vegas. Netroots is the convention where the “progressive” elite come to tell the leftist bloggers and new media people, which messages to push and how. Thousands of progressive bloggers and…


  • Gulag Bound Dissidents Trevor Loudon & James Simpson in New Documentary, “AGENDA: Grinding America Down”


    AGENDA: Grinding America Down (Trailer) from Curtis Bowers on Vimeo. Some things are self-explanatory. If Jim and Trevor are talking, I think we should listen. Same with the others. – AW


  • Military Homosexual Scandal Tied to WikiLeaks Treason

    Cliff Kincaid

    Bradley Manning, PFC In the scandal involving the theft and release of classified military information that could cost the lives of U.S. military personnel, the British Telegraph newspaper is reporting that the American soldier at the center of the scandal was “openly homosexual” and apparently held a grudge against the…


  • Will Obama “Persuade” Americans their Slavery is Inevitable?

    Sher Zieve

    For months, virtually each and every day Usurper-and-Dictator-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama has been removing one or more of We-the-People’s liberties. Whether one wishes to ignore it or not, Obama is now in an all-out war against the American people and their soon-to-be former way of life. And he has…


  • Whose Promises are Kept: God’s? Marxism’s? Ours?

    Arlen Williams

    “Our salvation is a promise.” Dr. D. James Kennedy has gone to his Savior, in “a better country,” but Coral Ridge Ministries goes on. And they are a beacon that belies the false, dualist and humanist maxim of separation of Christianity from politics (or from any other responsibility of…


  • Anthony G. Martin: Perhaps It Is Time To Resurrect Joe McCarthy


    Joseph McCarthy may have been the wrong man, but he was in the right place at the right time and at least he stepped up. We need to step up now, with no delay. Listen to Anthony’s warning in this YouTube video: Anthony’s articles can be read on The…


  • Fan The Fire w/ CJ & Tallulah ~ Project Gulf Impact, Doug Hagmann & Anthony G. Martin

    CJ in TX

    7/31/10 – 9:00 to 11:00 pm ET, then 11:00pm to 1:00am ET Call-in (347) 215-6929 Listen Live or Archived: Project Gulf Impact We will be speaking with Matt Smith, a Representative of Project Gulf Impact. Project Gulf Impact is reporting in a press release, “area residents have begun…


  • National Ocean Council & Executive Order 13547; Obama’s Latest Assault on Liberty is Severe

    Henry Lamb

    President Obama’s Executive Order 13547, issued July 19, further extends federal power, embraces global governance, diminishes the rights and privileges of individuals and brings the United States into compliance with Agenda 21, Chapter 17.6, which says: Each coastal State should consider establishing, or where necessary strengthening, appropriate coordinating mechanisms…


  • More on USCIS Memo & Blanket Amnesty to Illegals


    This follows up the initial GulagBound, article, by NumbersUSA, “USCIS Memo Details Administration’s Plan to Provide Mass Amnesty Through Administrative Actions.” That article described a leaked Obama administration memo which discussed tactics of granting amnesty to large numbers of illegal aliens, by executive order. See the following In…


  • Leftist ‘Historian’ Howard Zinn Lied About Red Ties

    Cliff Kincaid

    The prominent “progressive” historian Howard Zinn, whose books are force-fed to young people on many college campuses, was not only a member of the Moscow-controlled and Soviet-funded Communist Party USA (CPUSA) but lied about it, according to an FBI file released on Friday. The file, consisting of three sections…


  • Law of the Sea Treaty to be Forced by Obama Executive Order & CLEAR Bill, Reports MORPHcity


    Confirmed? Update: Yes, the Executive Order happened — and Cassandra Anderson’s research appears exquisite. If you have further information, please comment. This article by Cassandra Anderson in MORPHcity begins as follows: National Ocean Council By Cassandra Anderson July 28, 2010 Thirty states will be encroached upon by Obama’s Executive Order…


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Meet your Mentor, Norman Dodd & other items I.O.

  • Bad Boy Rangle Pegged with Keeping a Gulag-American Dream Alive

    Arlen Williams

    This new item from WorldNetDaily hearkens me to the days immediately after the Obamanational election. And by the way, isn’t Charles Rangel in the news about something else — or should we say, having done something else? Is sponsoring this obviously Marxofascist bill a part of his punishment? He…


  • Has the Time Come to Replace the Federal Government?

    Sher Zieve

    After Clinton appointed Judge Susan Bolton ruled Wednesday that–for all intents and purposes–Arizona does not have the right to protect itself or its citizens from invading drug cartels and the illegal foreign hordes that are bleeding it dry of its resources, it should have become apparent to even the…


  • BP’s Hayward’s Golden Fascist Parachute Landing in Russia

    Arlen Williams

    From BBC News, excerpt: BP boss Hayward to get immediate £600,000 pension Mr Hayward has been the public face of BP's response to the spill (G/B: pointing to Soros managed property?) BP chief executive Tony Hayward will get an immediate annual pension worth about £600,000 ($930,000) when he leaves…


  • Loudon Obama File 108: Pro Obama ‘JournoLista’ Outed; New ‘Can of Worms’ Opened

    Trevor Loudon

    JournoList was an email group of approximately 400 journalists, bloggers and academics, who reportedly worked to influence news reporting in favor of Barack Obama and the Democratic Party during and after the 2008 Presidential elections. The latest list of alleged “Journolistas” has turned up a very interesting name –…


  • Meet Your Mentor: Mr. Norman Dodd

    Arlen Williams

    Who would take on the mega-money of the foundations and trusts of the Rockefellers, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, the Guggenheims, et. al.? Someone interested for good reason, in authentic America. Before the fictitious Fox Mulder, there was the true Norman Dodd. You will do well to listen to him, from…


  • ‘JournoListas’ – the Socialist connection

    Trevor Loudon

    The now closed down JournoList, has caused considerable controversy in recent weeks. According to its opponents, JournoList, teamed up some 400 prominent “progressive” journalists in an effort to smooth Barack Obama’s path to the White House. There have been accusations that “Journolitstas”, deliberately sought to downplay Obama’s association with…


  • Obama Doesn’t Want America’s Recovery

    Sher Zieve

    It is almost unfathomable to me that television’s talking heads and pundits sill continue to scratch their respective noggins and ask why The Obama is talking–again–about raising taxes via letting President Bush’s tax cuts (for everyone I would add) expire. ‘To end them’, the pundits offer, ‘will amount to…


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tracking the Obamunists over the last Weekend

  • ‘JournoListas’ – the Socialist connection

    Trevor Loudon

    The now closed down JournoList, has caused considerable controversy in recent weeks. According to its opponents, JournoList, teamed up some 400 prominent “progressive” journalists in an effort to smooth Barack Obama’s path to the White House. There have been accusations that “Journolitstas”, deliberately sought to downplay Obama’s association with…


  • Obama Doesn’t Want America’s Recovery

    Sher Zieve

    It is almost unfathomable to me that television’s talking heads and pundits sill continue to scratch their respective noggins and ask why The Obama is talking–again–about raising taxes via letting President Bush’s tax cuts (for everyone I would add) expire. ‘To end them’, the pundits offer, ‘will amount to…


  • Proof – Richard Cloward was a ‘DSAer’

    Trevor Loudon

    Richard A. Cloward The late sociologist Richard Cloward, was together with his wife, Frances Fox Piven, the originator of the famous Cloward Piven Strategy. Allegedly adopted by ACORN and other groups on the left, the strategy involved deliberately loading as many people as possible onto state welfare rolls, to…


  • Without Truth Freedom Dies

    Arlen Williams

    From page 29 of "The Gulag Study" We ghosts of the Gulag arise, With chilling words on gulag winds; “Without truth….Freedom dies!” Read the entire poem. “Ghosts of the Gulag,” by Marsha Burks McGeehee


  • James Simpson’s Cloward-Piven, Manufactured Crisis Articles

    James Simpson

    I have provided links below to my series on the Cloward-Piven Strategy of Manufactured Crisis. These articles span three years and provide a wealth of information regarding how this strategy has been implemented by the Left and how it is being implemented today by the Obama administration: 2007 What…


  • Cartoon Ridicules Combat-Wounded Veteran Congressional Candidate

    James Simpson

    Originally published, July 17th, at the DC Independent Examiner site. A few months back I wrote a story about Veterans for Congress, focusing in particular on Marine Gunnery Sgt. Nick Popaditch, who is running for Congress in San Diego’s 51st district. “Gunny Pop” as he was affectionately known in…


  • Laredo, Texas & Zeta Gun Battle Rumors

    Arlen Williams

    Update at Bottom The Cypress Times, Digger, Michelle Iamnotabirther Malkin, and many others are tracking these rumors (Digger is a significant source of them). We will likely update this very post with more, soon. See these stories for more: BREAKING: MULTIPLE RANCHES IN LAREDO, TX TAKEN OVER BY LOS…


  • Revealed: The Obama Donor List – FEC Complaint to Follow

    Anita MonCrief

    “The release of the Obama donor list to the public will be followed by a formal complaint to the FEC, which both Obama and ACORN will have to respond to – on-the-record.” For a number of years traditional print media has been on life support, but after the revelations from …


  • RaceGate? – Reality & Perspective on Journolist & Sherrod Brushfires

    Roger Aronoff

    iOwnThe World’s publication of Journolist members’ photos, “A Paler Shade Of White – The Journolist Conspirators.” Sometimes events converge into one of those teachable moments. That is the case with the Shirley Sherrod story breaking within a day of the Journolist scandal. This moment turned into a frenetic week of…


  • ‘Liberal Media: The Other White Meat’

    Arlen Williams

    That’s my nomination for a Comment of the Week Award. It’s comment #4, to iOwnThe World’s publication of Journolist members’ photos, “A Paler Shade Of White – The Journolist Conspirators.” Have a look. But you may want to put your shades on, first. h/t: CJ


  • Anita MonCrief On Fan The Fire Saturday 7/24, 9-11 EDT


    Our friend and freedom fighter, Anita MonCrief, has been a very busy activist. This week, Anita launched, while attending the Right Online Conference in Las Vegas. The new site launched with an article called, “REVEALED: The Obama Donor List.” As an ACORN insider, MonCrief was to be a confidential…


  • Explosive Videos ~ EPA Official Tells All About The Oil Spill, Dispersants and More

    CJ in TX

    BP leaves its signature by MacMcKinney To my dismay, the best coverage of the BP oil spill has come from the liberal/progressive websites, IMHO. I have been trolling in the trenches of many of these websites to see what they are saying about the oil spill. This series of three…


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Come Join the Gulag Bound

I will be discussing I.O's playing a support roll to in a future entry.
For now, come over and have a look, as the G/B line-up grows....
And as always, keep coming back, to monitor the I.O. Sidebar.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Official Obama '08 Campaign's Black Panther Fan Page

A reminder...

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Is anyone wondering why they decided not to prosecute the revolutionary, Marxist, racist, Black Panther, electoral intimidators?

Oh, okay, well here's the reminder anyway.

"...real change in Washington..."
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fan The Fire with CJ & Tallulah ~ ShoreBank & Oil Spill

Saturday, July 10th, 2010
Times: 9:00 to 11:00pm ET and 11:00pm to 1:00am ET
Call-in Number:
(347) 215-6929

Another Big Lineup

1. ShoreBank Corruption

Steve Sevlic Organizer of ChicagoTeaParty &
JeanWTPUSA of WeThePeopleUSA and GulagBound

Steve and Jean both have extensive knowledge about ShoreBank and its political patrons of corruption. We will talk about ShoreBank Fiasco Reveals Rift on the Left “They fall apart not over differences of principle, but over the rapidly dwindling spoils of power.” And Jean’s in-depth article The Marxo-Fascist “Social and Economic Justice” Ties That Bind.

2. Eric

I am not going to say much about Eric except you will not be disappointed. Eric is working “hands on” at “ground zero” of the oil spill. I do not know how much he can tell us but I do know that he thinks the containment device is going to work and will capture all of the oil. I will tell you that he is in a position to know. Could there be an end in site? Do we dare get our hopes up?

3. Chris Landau geologist/meterologist

We will be speak with Chris again. His latest articles are:
Call in and talk to us! We want to hear from you!

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Calling Obama a Socialist Concerns

Did you know had a blog? Here is their July 5th entry:

"How do your ideas of 'socialism' & 'democracy' compare to definitions?"

And here is an excerpt.

Now, let’s pause for a moment. Is there a word that has recently provoked more animus and inspired a wider range of usage than socialism? Somewhere, at this moment, a fastidious student of language and politics is probably collating the myriad utterances of this word since President Obama’s inauguration, trying to find some strand of logic. If you’re reading this, hypothetical scholar, drop us a line and we’ll send you a mug as a token of our admiration.

So, let's drop them a few polite lines and explain. Think they really will give us their gift?

"Yes, Virginia," they are socialists, but "Marxist" is even more apt.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Elena Kagan's Marxism - Part 2, by Trevor Loudon

Obama File 106 Obama's Supreme Court Nominee, Elena Kagan's Socialist Associations (the Middle Years)
- by Trevor Loudon, New Zeal

President Barack Obama's Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan has a history of association with people tied to three interrelated organizations, the Communist Party USA, Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee/Democratic Socialists of America and the far left Washington DC "think tank" Institute for Policy Studies.

My last post looked at the radicals Kagan associated with during her college years at Princeton.

This post looks at two of Elena Kagan's employers post college, Congressman/Judge/White House official Abner Mikva and Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall.

From 1986 to 1987 Elena Kagan worked as a Judicial Clerk for , Hon. Abner Mikva in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.

Usually regarded as a "liberal' or "progressive", Mikva in fact has a long history with the far left, in both Washington DC and his Chicago base.

Abner Mikva worked with Communist Party supporters like Elias Snitzer and Sid Socolar, during his time at the University of Chicago Law School in the late 1940s.

From 1947 Mikva practiced labor law in Chicago in partnership with with Arthur Goldberg, general counsel for the communist dominated Congress of Industrial Organizations and the United Steelworkers of America.

Arthur Goldberg sponsored several Communist Party fronts in Chicago . These included the Chicago Conference on Race Relations, the Conference on Constitutional Liberties in America and the National Emergency Conference. Goldberg was also president of the Chicago chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, accurately cited by Congressional investigators as "the foremost legal bulwark of the Communist Party".

Arthur Goldberg was later appointed to the Supreme Court by President Lyndon Johnson.

In the 1950s Mikva and his wife Zoe Mikva, both worked with another communist infiltrated organization, the American Civil Liberties Union.

In the 1960s when first standing for Congress in South Chicago, Mikva worked closely with radical community organizer Saul Alinsky, a man to whom, President Obama owes a considerable intellectual debt.

Mikva also worked closely with two radical journalists who ran the Hyde Park - Kenwood Voices newspaper. Don Rose and his partner, Communist Party member David S. Canter would become key Chicago power brokers. One who they personally mentored and promoted was a young journalist named David Axelrod - later Barack Obama's key campaign strategist and now senior White House adviser.

In April 1975, the Communist Party controlled Chicago Peace Council convened a "National conference for a drastic cutback in military spending" in the "Windy City"

The purpose of the National Conference is to mount a national campaign and a vigorous program of action which will speak to the hundreds of thousands who were part of the inspiring resistance to the war in Indo- China. The people of the U.S. can and must turn this country around.
Speakers at the Conference included Congressman Abner Mikva, Richard Criley and Norman Roth, both members of the Communist Party and leaders of the very successful Party front group, Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights. Ed Sadlowski, of the United Steelworkers and later identified as a member of Democratic Socialists of America, also spoke..

During the 1980s. Mikva was very close to the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington DC- a place where leftist Democrats and the occasional "liberal" Republican, mingled with socialists, communists, third world revolutionaries and East Bloc "diplomats".

Abner Mikva attended the organization's 20th anniversary celebrations on April 5, 1983 - he was obligated really, as his wife Zoe personally organized the affair.

Abner Mikva, was one of Barack Obama's early admirers, beginning in 1990 when he tried to hire the first Black president of the Harvard Law Review, for a clerkship. Obama turned Mikva down, saying he was going to move to Chicago and run for public office.

Mikva was later close to both Barack Obama and Elena Kagan at the Chicago Law School where they all taught during the mid 1990s. Mikva acted as a mentor to Obama during his early political career.

Through all this, Abner and Zoe Mikva never forgot their Chicago communist and socialist friends.

"Ab & Zoe Mikva" sent the message "Hooray for Progressives" to the Chicago Democratic Socialists of America 44th Annual Eugene V. Debs - Norman Thomas - Michael Harrington Dinner, May 10, 2002.

In 2006 Abner Mikva served on a committee to honor the life of Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights founder, Frank Wilkinson, a forty year Communist Party veteran turned Democratic Socialists of America comrade.

Serving on the Committee (though not all pictured below) with Mikva were Obama friends , mentors and D.S.A. members Quentin Young, Timuel Black and Congressman Danny Davis, plus current or former Communist Party supporters Joan Elbert, Ruth Emerson, Yolanda Hall, Peggy Lipschutz, Bea Lumpkin, Frank Lumpkin, Harold Rogers, Norman Roth, Emile Schepers and Tim Yeager.

The National Lawyers Guild - Chicago chapter, was also represented.

In 1987 - 1988 Elena Kagan worked as a Judicial Clerk for Hon. Thurgood Marshall in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Though sometimes mistakenly identified as an anti - communist, Thurgood Marshall, had a radical past.

At the all Black, Lincoln University in Chester County, Pennsylvania in the 1930s, Marshall's classmates included future socialist President of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah and poet and author Langston Hughes, later a close associate and fellow Communist Party comrade of Barack Obama's teenage mentor Frank Marshall Davis.

In 1946, according to communist linked historian Herbert Shapiro, Marshall was saved from a probable lynching near Columbia Tennessee, by a passenger in his car - Communist Party journalist Harry Raymond.

In the late 1940's Thurgood Marshall was active in the leadership of at least two Communist Party infiltrated organizations, the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Lawyers Guild - in which he served on the National Executive, representing New York.

Other New York members of the N.L.G. National Executive in 1949, included Communist Party members Leonard Boudin, Lee Pressman, Henry (Harry) Sacher and Abraham Unger.

Lee Pressman was a fully fledged Soviet spy, a member of the famous Ware Group which had operated inside the U.S. government, before and during WW2.

Leonard Boudin's daughter Kathie Boudin, studied at Moscow University in 1966, before becaming a leader of the terrorist Weather Underground Organization, with Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dorhn. After Boudin was jailed for her part in a botched 1981 robbery, which left three men dead, her son Chesa Boudin was raised by Ayers and Dohrn.

It is likely that Barack Obama would have met Chesa Boudin through his friendship with Ayers and and Dohrn.

In 1959, Kenyan independence activist and labor unionist Tom Mboya visited the U.S. and met Thurgood Marshall. Mboya was so impressed with Marshall that he invited him to Kenya to help draft a new constitution for independent Kenya.

Marshall visited Kenya in 1960 on Mboya's invitation to attend a conference. His visit however didn't impress the British and the Americans authorities, who considered him a radical. Under pressure from the British, the Kenyans barred Marshall from attending the conference.

However, it is Marshall's friendship with Mboya that is credited with a wave of Kenyan students coming to the U.S. for further studies, beginning in the 1960s.

One of these, a Marxist economist named Barak Obama, studied in Hawaii, where he met 18 year old Stanley Ann Dunham, with whom he fathered a future president of the United States.

In 1965 President Lyndon Johnson appointed Judge Thurgood Marshall to the office of U.S. Solicitor General. He was nomination to the United States Supreme Court in 1967.

Elena Kagan spent her youth in New York and Princeton mixing with people linked to the Communist Party, Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee/Democratic Socialists of America and the Institute for Policy Studies.

Elena Kagan's first two employers, Abner Mikva and Thurgood Marshall also had similar connections.

Now Kagan has been nominated to the Supreme Court by a President with similar affiliations.

Is there a pattern here?

Trevor Loudon's Obama File 105 here ... Obama File 107 to come

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Announcement on Fan the Fire, Tonight

I'll have something to discuss with you tonight -- something I've been working on with James Simpson, Hanen, Tallulah, Jenn of Fort Hard Knox, Jean of We the People USA, and others.

See this, from Fan the Fire.

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010
Show Times: 9:00 to 11:00pm and 11:00pm to 1:00am ET
Call-in Number: (347) 215-6929


Vanessa Needs Her Mommy

Stacey Doss says other website, OperationVanessa, “I have been put on this Earth for one reason. To love my daughter Vanessa. I adopted her two years ago, at birth. In that time, I’ve watched her bloom into a happy, healthy, intelligent child. I am her mother. She is my child. The bond is unmistakable. Irreversible. Unbreakable.”

Until now.

Tune in and hear what is happening to tear this family apart. People across the county are banding together to keep this family together. Tune in and find out what they are doing and what you can do too.

I Am America

We will speak with the talented Krista Branch and her husband Pastor Mike Branch about their new viral video, “I am America,” an inspiring and timely patriotic song preformed by Krista and written by Mike.

They just had a personal visit with Glenn Beck and we hope to hear all about that too. Follow them on twitter and

Gulag Bound

Are you Gulag Bound? Arlen Williams and Jean of We the People USA will join us in discussing the unveiling of a special, collaborative, and continuously updated Web magazine for uncompromising Americans looking for and willing to speak out about the facts that the Washington politicians and mainstream/Marxstream media hide.

It will feature articles by important researchers such as Trevor Loudon, James Simpson, Jack Cashill, Joan Swirsky, Jean of We the People USA, Sher Zieve, and — Us! It is also a place where researchers can go to share what they know and connect the dots. I AM GULAG BOUND. ARE YOU? (#IMGB hashtag on Twitter)

Oil Spill

The Oil Spill will also be a big topic of discussion. Patriots are meeting to organize and take action, something the current occupant of the White House seems unwilling to do. Find out what they are planning.

Call in and talk to us! We want to hear from you.
Call-in Number: (347) 215-6929

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Announcement Coming

Articles in Investigating Obama may be on hold for two or three days, while taking part in another project with colleagues and compatiots. I believe you will appreciate it.

Look for an announcement here, this weekend.

In the mean time, you may wish to look again to those sites linked in our important, recent entries, and to our continuously updating I.O. Sidebar.

Keep coming and go strong. - AW

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ALERT - Elena Kagan's Marxism - First in a Series, by Trevor Loudon

Obama File 105 "A Pattern of Socialist Associations" - Obama's Supreme Court Nominee, Elena Kagan (the Early Years)

- by Trevor Loudon, New Zeal

President Barack Obama's nomination to the U.S. Supreme court, Elena Kagan, has been sold to the public as a "moderate" - yes, a little liberal leaning, but moderate none the less.

In this first of a series of posts, I look at Elena Kagan's patterns of association.

If Elena Kagan is a moderate, why then has she long associated with people connected to three interrelated organizations - the Communist Party USA, the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee/ Democratic Socialists of America and the far left Washington D.C. think tank, Institute for Policy Studies?

Raised on New Yorks' Upper West Side, Elena Kagan's parents were both politically active in a place and era where politics was dominated by the Democratic, Socialist and Communist parties.

Elena's mother Gloria Kagan campaigned to elect far left Democratic Congressman, William Fitts Ryan. Her older brother Marc Kagan was active in the socialist influenced New Directions movement in the Transport Workers Union. When one of its leaders, Roger Toussaint, was elected union president in 2000, Mr. Kagan became his chief of staff, until a falling out occurred in 2003.

Marc Kagan's former comrade and boss, Roger Toussaint is prominent in the communist initiated Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, which now led by D.S.A. member William Lucy. He also serves in the leadership of the Center for the Study of Working Class Life at Stony Brook University, alongside Ray Markey from the Communist Party offshoot Committees of Correspondence and D.S.A. leaders Gerry Hudson, Mark Levinson, Stanley Aronowitz and Frances Fox Piven, co-originator of the infamous Cloward - Piven Strategy.

Elena Kagan would later dedicate her Princeton history thesis on socialism in New York City to her activist brother.
I would like to thank my brother Marc whose involvement in radical causes led me to explore the history of American radicalism and in the hope of clarifying my own political ideas.
Kagan first became interested in politics in high school and worked as a legislative intern for Rep. Ted Weiss, a Democrat from New York, during the summer of 1978, and as deputy press secretary for Rep. Liz Holtzman in the summer after her junior year.

The late Ted Weiss was very far to the left. In 1978 Congressmen Ted Weiss, John Burton, Ron Dellums (D.S.A. member), John Conyers (D.S.A. supporter) , Don Edwards, Charles Rangel and others, attended a meeting organized for the Soviet front World Peace Council on Capitol Hill.

W.P.C. delegation members included President Romesh Chandra (Communist Party of India), KGB Colonel Radomir Bogdanov and Oleg Kharkhardin of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union International Department.

In 1981 another World Peace Council delegation led by Romesh Chandra toured the U.S. to publicize the "nuclear freeze" then being promoted by Leonid Brezhnev.

This group met with several far left Congressmen at the Capitol, including Weiss, John Conyers, George Crockett, Ron Dellums, Don Edwards and Mervyn Dymally.

During one of the meetings in these Congressmen's offices an official of the Communist Party USA reportedly was present and made a speech recommending that the "peace movement" unite in supporting the cause of several terrorist groups including the PLO and the communist guerillas in EI Salvador

Weiss was also close to the Institute for Policy Studies. In 1983 I.P.S. celebrated its 20th anniversary with an April 5, reception at the National Building Museum attended by approximately 1,000 I.P.S. staffers and former staff.

The Congressional I.P.S. committee members included Ted Weiss, Philip Burton , George Crockett, Ron Dellums , Tom Harkin and Leon Panetta, later appointed by President Obama to head the Central Intelligence Agency.

Liz Holtzman is also way left of center. In the late 1980s and early 1980's the Marxist based Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee, or D.S.O.C. (later to become Democratic Socialists of America, or D.S.A.) was highly influential inside the New York Democratic Party and city government - even Mayor David Dinkins was a member.

On August 6 1993, a rally to commemorate Hiroshima Day was held in Dag Hammarskjold Park, New York. The rally was designed "to kickoff a national campaign to collect a million signatures supporting a Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, commend president Clinton for extending the nuclear testing moratorium, urge renewal of the Non Proliferation Treaty, urge swift and complete nuclear disarmament."

The event was sponsored by the radical Metro New York Peace Action Council.

Speakers included Liz Holtzman, then NYC Comptroller, leftist Congressmen Charles Rangel and Edolphus Towns, Leslie Cagan of Committees of Correspondence and the Cuba Information Project, Congressmen Major Owens (D.S.A. member) and Jerry Nadler (D.S.O.C. member) NYC City Councilor Ruth Messinger (D.S.O.C./ D.S.A. member) and David McReynolds, a leader of the Socialist Party USA and also a D.S.A. member.

Nearly 5 years later, in March 1998, McReynolds delivered a eulogy at a memorial service for Chicago D.S.A. activist Saul Mendelson. Fellow D.S.A. comrades Carl Marx Shier and Deborah Meier also spoke, as did then Illinois State Senator Barack Obama.

At Princeton Elena Kagan’s political beliefs emerged in an opinion piece she wrote for the Daily Princetonian a few weeks after Ronald Reagan's victorious 1980 election night. Kagan described her disappointment at Liz Holtzman’s Congressional loss (Kagan had worked on her campaign) and her own "liberal views". “I absorbed ... liberal principles early,” she said. “More to the point, I have retained them fairly intact to this day.”

In the column, Kagan also expressed her despair the state of the political left at the time, bemoaning the lack of “real Democrats — not the closet Republicans that one sees so often these days” and the success of “anonymous but Moral Majority-backed ... avengers of ‘innocent life’ and the B-1 Bomber, these beneficiaries of a general turn to the right and a profound disorganization on the left.

At Princeton, Elena Kagan's law school room mate was Sarah Walzer, the daughter of Princeton social sciences professor Michael Walzer.

Coincidentally Michael Walzer was a leader of the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee, both nationally and on campus..

In 1990 Michael Walzer was identified as a member of Democratic Socialists of America.

Professor Walzer was also upset at Ronald Reagan's famous victory

Daily Princetonian, March 4, 1981

In her undergraduate thesis at Princeton entitled "To the Final Conflict: Socialism in New York City, 1900-1933," Kagan lamented the decline of socialism in the country as "sad" for those who still hope to "change America." She asked why the "greatness" of socialism was not reemerging as a major political force:
In our own times, a coherent socialist movement is nowhere to be found in the United States. Americans are more likely to speak of a golden past than of a golden future, of capitalism's glories than of socialism's greatness. Why, in a society by no means perfect, has a radical party never attained the status of a major political force? Why, in particular, did the socialist movement never become an alternative to the nation's established parties?
"Americans are more likely to speak of a golden past than of a golden future, of capitalism’s glories than of socialism’s greatness,” she wrote in her thesis. “Conformity overrides dissent; the desire to conserve has overwhelmed the urge to alter. Such a state of affairs cries out for explanation.”

Kagan called the story of the socialist movement’s demise “a sad but also a chastening one for those who, more than half a century after socialism’s decline, still wish to change America ... In unity lies their only hope.”

Elena Kagan spent a year working on her 1981 thesis, under the direction of Princeton historian Sean Wilentz.

When news of the thesis recently sparked controversy, Wilentz came out in defense of his former student.

Said Wilentz "sympathy for the movement of people who were trying to better their lives isn’t something to look down on... Studying something doesn’t necessarily mean that you endorse it. It means you’re into it. That’s what historians do...
Elena Kagan is about the furthest thing from a socialist. Period. And always had been. Period."
Few would be more qualified to identify a socialist than Sean Wilentz

In May 1980, Princeton University's Progressive Forum sponsored a May Day rally opposite the Firestone Library. An advertisement for the event in the Daily Princetonian, "Workers of Princeton unite for a May Day rally" named speakers as Sean Wilentz and Stanley Aronowitz - a prominent D.S.A. leader

Daily Princetonian, May 1, 1980

Today Sean Willentz serves on the board of Dissent magazine, which is effectively a mouthpiece for Democratic Socialists of America.

Dissent's masthead is Marxist heavy and lists several well known D.S.A. affiliates including the late Irving Howe, Joanne Barkan, David Bensman, Mitchell Cohen, Maxine Phillips, Mark Levinson, Bogdan Denitch, Erazim Kohak, Deborah Meier, Harold Meyerson, Jo-Ann Mort, Carol O'Clearicain (NYC Finance Commissioner under David Dinkins) and Cornel West - a member of Barack Obama's 2008 Black Advisory Council.

One of Dissent's two editors is Elena Kagan's old room mate's Dad, Michael Walzer.

The other is Michael Kazin, an historian of the Communist Party and a veteran of the 1969 Venceremos Brigade to Cuba.

At Princeton, Elena Kagan won a fellowship to Oxford University, in England, where she studied “the history of British and European trade unionism.”

President Obama himself, has a long history with Democratic Socialists of America.

Is it possible that Elena Kagan shares similar associations?

Should she be asked some questions on the subject?

Loudon Obama File 105
Loudon Obama File 104 here