Sunday, December 14, 2008

Daddy Says No! - Articles Assessing the Constitution's "Natural Born Citizen" Clause, Barack Hussien Obama I, and BHO II

What are those criteria again, for a United States president? "Natural born Citizen?" Whatever does that mean, how can we tell, and why should it matter?

These are articles on the Web, most of which have been circulating among those in the know, about the challenges to the candidacies of both Barack Obama and John McCain. Regarding Obama, this is due to his foreign father, Barack Sr., who by natural law (and British code) passed along his U.K. citizenship, thus bequeathing a foreign jurisdiction to the little tyke, in the eyes of America. Well, at least in any open American eyes. In the case of McCain, the problem was his birth in the Republic of Panama, even though his parents were both true blue Americans.

How could this happen? That is for another article. But here is Barack Obama's "Daddy says no!" list, in chronological order. On January 2 or 3, I.O. intends to draw the Top Five Natural Born Citizen Articles from this list and feature them in a new posting.

"From Feudalism to Consent: Rethinking Birthright Citizenship," John C. Eastman, Ph.D., Mar. 30, 2006, The Heritage Foundation,

"Why U.S. v. Wong Kim Ark Can Never Be Considered Settled Birthright Law," P.A. Madison, Dec. 10, 2006, updated Dec. 1, 2008, The Federalist Blog

"John Jay Did Not Want the Top Offices to be Open to Foreigners," John S. Bolton, June 29, 2008, Open City and its Natural Enemies

"Dual Citizenship Makes Obama Ineligible Under Article II," Judah Benjamin, Sept. 25, 2008, TD Blog

"The Betrayal of Mystery Babylon," Sidney Allen Johnson, Nov. 23, 2008, The Prophet of Wrath

"Natural Born Citizens: Or How to Beat a Subject to Death with a Stick," Judah Benjamin, Nov. 28, 2008, TD Blog

"Leo Donofrio Comments on Judah Benjamin Article Concerning Natural Born Citizen and the Common Law," Leo Donofrio, Dec. 1, 2008, Natural Born Citizen (Web log)

"Letters to Military Associations - CALL TO ACTION - File in US Federal Court Regarding Obama's Citizenship Status," Robert Reece, Dec. 3, 2008, Article 2, Sect 1, Clause 5 (Natural Born Citizen) (Web log)

"Defining Natural-Born Citizen," P.A. Madison, Nov. 18, 2008, updated Dec. 4, 2008, The Federalist Blog

"Stand by Me..." user: "DrKate," Dec. 5, 2008, TD Blog

"The Donofrio 'Natural Born Citizen' Challenge," Dec. 5, 2008, Investigating Obama (Web log)

"The Law -- Perkins v. ELG," user: "CalperniaUSA," Dec. 8, 2008, NYC Bedroom Communities (Web log)

"Obama and the Natural Born Citizen Clause," Randall Hoven, Dec. 9, 2008, American Thinker (Web log)

"Constituting A Natural Born Citizen," David Mivshek, Dec. 11, 2008, PolitiCode (Web log)

'Natural Born Citizen': Defined by 14th Amendment Framers and in Treatise Relied on by Scalia," Leo Donofrio, Dec. 13, 2008, Natural Born Citizen (Web log)

"The Definition of Natural Born Citizen," by "Ken-in-AR," Dec. 24, 2008, The Liberty Pole (Web Social Network)

Shortly, I.O. will give each article a very brief characterization and... announce The Top-5 "Daddy Says No!" Articles Awards. It might have been a more traditional "Top-10," if I had been able to find that many really, specifically pertinent and illustrative ones, amid the dark, Mordorian mists of the Marxstream Media.

In the mean time, have a search for the truth, yourself, whatever Congress and the SCOTUS does.

Know of any other articles?
Hint: don't bother with,, and their comrades.

If you have a link, please leave it in a comment.


j.t. said...

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daddynoz said...

Arlen, thanks for your comment on my blog. I didn't think it was getting much of a read...I'm heartened you find it has merit. And, thanks, for beating your head on this issue...I consider it to be the seminal crisis of my lifetime (too young to rage against the enactment of the Federal Income tax).

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