Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Investigating Obama

Many alarming accusations, attestations, and implications have been made about Barack Obama by now. Whole books have been written. Volumes of data have been reported -- but has our "mainstream media" related what is most significant? Have they even released the most newsworthy facts and "connected the dots?" Do they soundly assess what motivates this man, by what means and toward what ends?

Maybe the most alarming of facts are not disturbing at all, to mainstream media jounalists. Maybe whatever is alarming pales in comparison with the woes of electing another Republican, in their minds. Maybe they are of one mind with Obama and he must be protected.

Is there a de facto cover-up of what is allegedly radical... un-American... even Marxist in the political being of Barack? Is there documented data "hiding in plain sight" about not only guilty associations, but actual alliances?

Either Barack Obama is a stealth extremist of some tyrannical sort or he is not -- or he is, sometimes, or in some ways.

This part-time project will succinctly report substantiated claims and document them with links. It will also interpret what that evidence may or may not say about the man whom America may choose as its President on November 4.

Bookmark or subscribe if you wish and peruse, as whatever dots may be connected. If any picture takes shape over the next few days, then you can decide what that ideological shape of Barack Obama appears to be. The shape of things to come?