Thursday, December 11, 2008

Email to David Horowitz and Some Others: Constitution's in the Balance, What's New with You?

To: "David Horowitz" (editor/at/, "Rush Limbaugh" (ElRushbo/at/, "Sean Hannity" (Hannity/at/, "Hugh Hewitt" (hhewitt/at/, "Mark Levin" (, "Kathryn Jean Lopez" (klopez/at/, "Rich Lowrey"(omments.lowry/at/, "Glenn Beck" (me/at/, "Dennis Prager" (dennis/at/, "David Brody" (thebrodyfile/at/, "Michelle Malkin" (michelle/at/, et. al.

Subject: Friday: The Two Criteria of Natural Born Citizenship; Constitution in the Balance

Tomorrow is a critical day at the Supreme Court, and in the imminent future of our republic. The Court will have to decide, before the Electoral College is to vote on Monday, whether they will allow three candidates for president to stand, whom by their own reported biographies, are not natural born Citizens according to the two criteria accepted and documented from the framing of the Constitution.

In case some have missed it, I hope to provide by morning, a summary of the numerous ways in which Barack Obama is, or in some cases may be, a fictitious presidential candidate. Along with this, the right sidebar of Investigating Obama is humbly provided as a means of tracking immediate developments.

Your choice and mine, is to pay attention and inform the Citizenry, or to simply follow what is observably a fraud, protected and propagated by the power called "the fourth estate" -- leading to America's denial of its Constitution and whatever disorder this promises. What each of us has done or may do about this, is "upon our heads."

A week's worth of articles in Investigating Obama:

If, somehow, I might assist you, please let me know.

Highest regards to fellow American Sovereigns,
Arlen Williams

PS: Reader, there is still time to contact media... friends...

I.O. suggests using your own, short message with a couple references including the two critera:
1. born in the nation, and 2. parents of American citizenship.


Anonymous said...

Add this LATESET NEWS to your timeline:

Bush says "No White House Guest House for Obama until after Electoral College vote count".

Arlen Williams said...

He is not "president-elect," yet....