Monday, March 30, 2009

Updated: 'The Game Changer' - Soros Tells Obama and the World What to Do Next

Update, 3/30 - I.O. has not forgotten about George, since we brought up this article, where Soros rationalizes away the severity of the economic crisis -- that it would have gone on, anyway....

(BTW, George: just like your fellow Marxofascist terrorists, Billy and Bernie, "nobody likes you" -- some pretend because of your influence, but "nobody likes them," either -- generally speaking, of course.)

We are noting the video a few weeks ago, when in a press conference, The Mouth of Soros uncomfortably confessed that he had gained a bit of money during the mortgage meltdown.

Now, we see he has gotten cocky enough to boast of making $1,000,000,000, give or take, in "predicting" it (successful planners can make for good predictors after all).

Should we go further into detail? A synopsis with links appears in order, at least.

Original Posting - 1/30/2009:

Are we having fun, yet?

I.O. will be excerpting the 1/28 George Soros "analysis" in the Financial Times and commenting upon it, today this weekend okay, Monday or Tuesday! (Or, when I just get to it. It may be Evil George's game, but this is my blog.) Before that happens, you may wish to read it yourself. Then please come back later and see if we agree. You know -- kind of like The Ungame.

So, read the instructions on the inside of the lid and you may learn how the game is to be played.

BTW, you will have a good opportunity to listen to an extraordinary Obama researcher this evening on MommaE -- posted upwards on the Sidebar.


Anonymous said...

"The Dollar Crisis" by Richard Duncan is the most important book of the century.

I would go so far as to say that no one should comment on the American economy until he has read this book.

At this point, the best thing for the economy is to quickly but slowly re-tie the US dollar to gold and spend public money ONLY on roads and highways, which clearly benefit the common good.

Americans also need to get very serious about finding a highly qualified presidential candidate who knows enough about economics to have called the Dollar Crisis before it happened. The candidate should also care enough about his fellow Americans to have warned Americans when he saw the Dollar Crisis coming.

Arlen Williams said...

Dollar down, down, down.
That's the Sorosist way.
The great bring-down of Western Civilization.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but does anyone know whatever happened with the Bob Basso situation? Guess the White House meeting hasn't taken place yet. I don't think he should go. Give O the snub since he shouldn't be recognized ... or else they'll just use Bob.