Monday, February 16, 2009

Don't Just Read, Do Something! About this Catastrophe: Congress & Obama

I have read and traded comments with a handful of patriots, about the celebrated C-SPAN soliloquy... the revelation of Rep. Kanjorski (D-PA). His video is shown a few articles below - tired of posting it. A few of these folks follow along the lines of conventional and credible wisdom, assembled at Maggie's Notebook: here, just click that into a new window, if you like.

And since this is I.O., I'll feature my comment to her piece -- a suggestion for you Citizen activists out there to digest -- and get busy doing -- if you so choose:
Thanks for the good essay, Maggie. I suggest that we don't think yet that we have enough information on this story. What I do suggest:

Pick two congressmen from Kanjorski's committee and call their offices this fine Monday. [2/17: this and next week, let us take our time and be thorough enough] Ask them the tough questions. Here's the subcommittee list:

House Subcommittee on Capital Markets, Insurance, and Government Sponsored Enterprises - let's have at it!

For example, to Kanjorski's own office, let's ask: $550B within two hours? On what day? Why this big heavy burp, all of a sudden, at 11am? Who has investigated? What is the result? Any massive sell-offs by entities which have connections to each other, or which may not have the interests of the U.S.A. at heart?

Then, let's ask the others on that subcommittee what they recall and by the way... whom do they think *should be* investigated, outside and inside Congress?

And while we have them on the phone, how do they like the idea that we should throw more than another one trillion dollars at the problem, causing severe inflation and thus an auto-Madoff run on our livelihoods and savings?

And do they think we should join Obama's MarxoFascist army now, to be ahead of the curve? Will that give us the ticket to move to the head of the breadlines, you know, as long as we campaign for other socialists and throw our weight around in our neighborhoods?
We should already know this is essentially a manufactured catastrophe, by one interpretation of that phrase or another (see posts of the last three weeks). We are in the eye of the storm and the storm has been building rapidly. What do we do about it?

Here is another thing, for you Citizen activists (natural born, or otherwise) to do, as described by Citizen Wells in his piece, "Congress Watch, WHY Initiative, US Constitution, US Congress, Obama eligibility, Congressmen, Senators, Representatives, Accountable, 2010 Elections, Military oath, Restore the Constitutional Republic," February 13, 2009. Please have a look at that.

This is one of the critical subjects Mr. Wells and an excellent group will be covering on "The Awakening," this Monday night, on net-radio, 8pm ET,,,5pm PT, and archived.

And, please give me your comment or an email to arlenwilliams "at", if you have feedback from one or more of these congressmen or their offices!

Mr. Wells likes long titles, doesn't he?


American Genie said...


Thank you for all of your hard work & suggestions to fellow patriots for ways to get actively involved.

I would like to suggest to you & all your readers to go to Diamond tiger has put many hours of research into this subject. Her site is full of valuable information that patriots can use when corresponding with the powers that be. Please be sure to read the "Happy Friday the 13th" post with its list of Current Communist Goals entered into the Congressional Record in 1963. Yes, that is 1963!

There are also some very interesting connections revealed about the Council on Foreign Relations & some of the big players in the mess we find ourselves in today. It really is a site full of valuable resources.

You will be interested to know that there have been some very interesting folks visiting the site including almost every banking institution implicated in the meltdown, the Pentagon, & none other than Rahm Emanuel & The White House.

I urge everyone to check it out, & if you're computer savvy, instead of ignorant like me, download & store the info before Big Brother does away with it.

Again, Arlen, thank you. God bless you, & God bless America!

Victor said...

That's sound advice, Arlen.

With all the resources available online and elsewhere, there should always be at least one way to corroborate a story. The more primary sources, the better.

You've seen my sources that have cast Rep. Kanjorski's account into doubt. Find primary sources that can support Kanjorski, then evaluate the competing accounts.

Ask critical questions - think logically about the answers.

Sam Sewell said...

MOO advise, Victor.


Arlen does all those things and more. He is one of the best bloggers on the net and that is why I keep hanging around here.

However, if your implication is that Rep. Kanjorski is a flake and an unreliable source for information about what really happened I would agree.

Certainly I will check anything he says at least twice and put a? behind any comment he makes from this time forward.

The problem with this story is not Arlen, Pam Geller, or other bloggers. The problem is Rep. Kanjorski's disconnect with the facts. The fact that he chairs the committee misled people into believing he had credibility.

Arlen Williams said...

Kanjorski chairing one committee and Barney Frank, another. America is so safe....

Even so, I am sure we will give Kanjorski himself the floor, to explain himself, in detail.

Always be kind and protective to whistleblowers, at least until we find out what they are blowing.

Arlen Williams said...

Thank you, American Genie.

Anonymous said...

Amen.Somehow these traitors and cowards that are not traitors but remaining silent over the plundering of this nation must be held accountable,and understand we are not going away.And please understand the critical comments are meant to be constructive,and we are doing what we can in our neck of the woods.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope these Roundtble talks don't turn into weekly Kanjorski fiascos.Having a big night on Keyes will be known as the Keyes Affair.Maybe you can go over his past.He wasn't too interested in the Constitution before last year.In a You Tube video a month ago,he defended his actions against the patriot Michael New.Unreal!Anyone that doesn't understand that it was treason to enter and allow the UN on our soil is lost.The Constituton was violated with that treasonous act.