Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fascist War Against America: Geithner Wants $1-Trillion More for Bank “Rescue” -- The Plan: Destroy the Free American Economy

There is still time to spread the word. Please contact your U.S. representative and senators. Contact governors' offices too, so they feel the heat. The "stimulus" bill is in conference and must again pass both houses of Congress.

You may want to send this page to your friends and family. I.O. and ally sites intend to list some of the many treacheries of this bogus "stimulus" and "bailout" funding, very soon. For now, please listen to Monday night's "The Awakening" broadcast, including Jim Simpson, who wrote "Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis."

These Marxists/fascists do not want to stimulate the American economy. They want to destroy the American economy. They do not care how the money is spent. They want to total probably $4-Trillion of "emergency measures," to destroy the dollar, create hyperinflation, and make the majority of Americans dependent upon the Obama state, for their livelihoods.

Call, email, fax, mail, telegram. Do it now, please, to save the American republic.

Originally posted, Monday 2/9 in Investigating Obama --

We humbly suggest you bring up this article in another window:

Stimulus Battle May Signal Tough Sell for Bank Rescue
By Matthew Benjamin, 2/8/2009

This is “Manufactured Crisis,” as you may have read in last election season’s revelationary article by Jim Simpson [who is interviewed in tonight's "Awakening" program, joining Philip Berg and Carmen], but that is now an understatement. It is becoming manufactured catastrophe — nationwide and worldwide. A free, American economy will not be able to survive without the dollar being driven down to the depths and all of our personal economies being hit with hyperinflation.

The global fascist manipulators (the friends of George Soros) have combined with America’s neo-Marxist (Cloward-Piven) movement, behind Barack Obama, to “go all in.” They have decided not to do this gradually. They are trying to bring America down within Obama’s (fictitious) first year of office, gambling they can bring the disaffected, destroyed, and panicked into America’s new, fascist “patronage” workforce. Add the mega-buildup of bossed union membership caused by “card-check,” and you have the proletariat masses eating out of the hands of the Fascist State of America. So is their plan.

Remember the Cloward-Piven and Saul Alinsky rules: cause “disruption” and then take advantage of people’s “self-interest” — in having a job with either the state or state controlled “private” industry.

This is a revolution against this nation right here, right now. It is stealth war and it is being waged against you and against me — massively.

This will be discussed in tonight’s “The Awakening, with Hanen & Arlen” tonight, 2/9, at 8pm ET…5pm PT. After the program, it is available via archive at the Sentinel Radio Network’s blogtalk site.

What are we going to do about it? Let us pray, plan, and do, effectively, together, the work of saving the American nation.

Please, also listen to the interview with Philip Berg in Hour 2, who is attempting to remove this fictitious "president" from office.


Anonymous said...

I agree.The events since last September make it self-evident that the Illuminati are going for broke this year.This goes beyond any "neo" movements or "isms".This was planned long ago.What is taking place was written down in fiction form in Atlas Strugged a half century ago and revealed in lectures over 30 years ago by Ex-Illuminist John Todd.And for 2 centuries in diverse writings.Historian Ralph Epperson called into the SEntinel show a few minutes before Berg came on.Shame you cut him off.You could've learned alot from him about why SCOTUS is silent on the matter.They closed up shop in 1988 and became tyrants in black robes ever since.The whole system is corrupt.So,the musings of neo-marxism,neo-trotshyites,or their strategies is surface chatter.The CFR,TRILATS,BIDERBERGERS,and others of that ilk,which are unelected policymakers,are the culprits that need exposing,and quickly.Barry had massive support in all 3 branches of government with the collusion of our security and policing agencies.

Anonymous said...

Berg didn't say anything new.Should've gotten that jbjd guy on as a guest to explain what he found in footnotes of Berg's case,and how he debunked Barry's lawyers claims,and how to proceed from this point on.

Anonymous said...

As mentioned above, the statement by Ralph, a caller to the show, about the Erie Railroad vs. Tomkins case decided in 1938 by the SC does seem to have great bearing on matters the SC is willing to hear. Without going into a great deal of research,I found two majors issues that may be applicable.

First the decision states that the SC may only apply the originating state law to cases reaching them. This would seem overall to be a good thing since it holds back an over reaching federal court system.

But secondly, in the majority decision the justices state unequivocally that "there is no federal general common law". This might be taken to mean that the SC has decided that even our Constitution is not a statement of common law but rather a collection of prescribed laws which cannot be interpreted by means of the "intent" of the authors but only the actual words stated. This then puts the SC in the straight jacket of deciding cases only on the stated path that is explicitly spelled out in the articles of the Constitution.

Again this seems overall to be good, except for the fact that the authors of the Constitution clearly derived their "articles" from the the "creator endowed" laws which they stated in the preamble. In so doing they laid out the idea that principle precedes law and that law is derived from principle. This mandates that interpretation of the law must be based on the understanding of principle. Understanding that only comes from a thorough consideration of the environment from which these same authors conceived their work.

Therefore one could reason that the common reading of the Constitution is more binding and powerful than the explicit reading.

For example when the casual reader of it's language sees that a President must be "natural born" and infers that the authors intent was to further restrict the qualifications to that office beyond that of senators and representatives, the court has decided that since no clarification of that meaning is found within the Constitution itself and that there is no process defined as to how the qualification is to be ascertained, they are handcuffed to the regulation and laws of each state.

However, if the principle is greater, then the mandate is that the court determine what was meant by the authors as to "natural-born" and make a declaration about the defendant based on that.

If no state has laws which will allow a plaintiff to initiate a suit based solely on state law and regulation then this may all be a dead end. Even if Obama would be proven to be an illegal alien, the SC would not take it based on the idea that the Constitution states no explicit method of applying jurisdiction UNLESS the state courts have made a decision first in the plaintiff's favor.

If a state court can be found which will hear the case based on state law or the state judge's application of common law, then it may be that upon appeal by the defendant the SC may rule.

Anonymous said...

I really admire the preceding post, a beautifully turned and civilized exposition of our constitutional dilemmas, but I hazard the sphere of impeccable reasoning is dwindling fast, because the American people have been played for fools, not least by the Supreme Court.

Better try simple logic:

you believed everything you were told and it got you into this mess - you're still believing what you're told and you think you're going to find a way out ?

We're talking misdirection here, people; legerdemain, conjuring, sting - that's what the whole Birth Certific-ATION (ACORN, Stimulus, Al-Aribiya, whatever) thing is: it keeps you guessing, trying to figure it out, scratching your heads, always no wiser. And you think the ilusionist is gonna tell you how he does his tricks, why and with whom ?

ALL repeat ALL you need to know about King Obama and his motivations is in the previous statement ! Work out its every word, every implication, go through the looking glass, and you're there. Confused ? So was *******. I don't know whether to laugh or cry, seeing Obama's well-intentioned patriotic or unfree-enterprise opponents running around in circles - but there are some reading these lines splitting their sides at the plodding literalness of the open-mouthed audience trying to work out where the coins came from or how the Statue of Liberty vanished - these guys are very seriously telling you there's no such thing as magic and it's worked every time. Whatever you think it is it aint and, with the scale of this deception, if you can't see through it yourself no one can do it for you. That was how a republic worked but you couldn't keep it.

Each people gets the government it deserves ? 300 million Americans ? Somebody suprise me.