Saturday, February 7, 2009

Jim Simpson on the RINO 'Useful Idiot' Senators: Three People Have Just Ruined this Country

Despite the corrupted work of the foolish, this is not over. Please contact your senators and Republican senate leaders. Demand that final passage of this bill be filibustered and voted down.
Excerpted from truly level-headed Jim Simpson, an I.O. ally (link placed by I.O.):
All it takes is a few... Republican Senators Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins and Arlen Specter committed treason tonight. That’s right, out and out treason. They took it upon themselves, these three megalomaniacal, mindless, bloated egos, to spit in the face of the entire Republican Party, virtually the whole economics profession and 67 percent of the American people, to give Senate Democrats enough votes to pass Obama’s monstrous “stimulus” bill.


This bill will NOT stimulate the economy. This bill will NOT create new private sector jobs. This bill will NOT help our current situation. It will destroy this country. This bill is a PAYOFF to Obama’s corrupt supporters at ACORN and in the UNIONS, the rest is a laundry list of Democrat pork and pie-in-the-sky projects that will only bear fruit YEARS down the road, if at all!

This bill is literally the worst legislation I have seen since I began paying attention to Congress over twenty years ago. And unless Republicans pull off a miracle in conference, this bill is a done deal.

And from me: just add "card check" and keep building extra-governmental armies including "Organizing for America," and the Marxofascist insurgency will have deeply taken root, to bleed this nation of its very sustenance and lay its half conscious body upon the operating table of the world's despot elite.


The Intellectual Redneck said...

Obama forces charges dropped against USS Cole bombing mastermind

Rahim al-Nashiri is the accused mastermind of the USS Cole bombing that killed 17 American sailors. He was one of the three al Qaeda prisoners to be water boarded. He confessed. The charges against him have been dropped because of President Obama's request that legal proceedings against Gitmo detainees be halted pending a review of the process.

The Intellectual Redneck

Anonymous said...

Does anybody remember the fall of Troy by the Trojan Horse?

Well, ladies and gentleman, of the Hope and Change Mantra, you just put your Trojan horse into the city to destroy all of you.

I am glad I am getting my guns!!!!!

Give me Liberty or Give me Death!

I think KRS One speaks truth and he is actually black. His eyes are open to.

Anonymous said...

Just say this today on Texas Darlin. Where is the Obama movement as UIC to pass this stimulus?

Initial response to Obama's grassroots appeal: It's a bust

Jimmy "The Torch" said...

It ain't over till Monday or Tuesday keep the faxes and phone calls burning up Washington Senatorial phone lines. Great job with your site. Drop on by to mine. We are in accord:

Anonymous said...

The destruction of the USA is moving at breaknecj speed,and the crooks and traitors know what is coming.Yet,they continue on with impunity.

Hope for a Change of Direction said...

I have been emailing and faxing versions of the message below for the past week. I've sent it to both Dem's and Repub's, in the House and Sentate. Please use this form or your own, but by all means, keep up the presure.


Thank you for your service. Your vote on the proposed Economic Stimulus/Spending Plan is important. You have a fiduciary and moral obligation to the people you represent. The overwhelming majority of your constituents do not want this Bill to pass in its present form.

The proposed Economic Stimulus Plan ($780,000,000,000.00) is far too much spending and not enough stimulating! It should be cut to a maximum of $400 billion and ONLY be used for tax cuts (for those who pay tax), immediate infrastructure projects (all expenditures within the next twelve months) and help for struggling home owners! The rest (Pork) can wait until our financial picture has improved. Until than, you must vote NO! Your reelection will be measured by your voting record.

Thank you,

Arlen Williams said...

Thank you. There is very little time now. Reader, please call senators and representatives. See links for contact information.