Sunday, February 15, 2009

Keyes on Obama and His Attempted Persecution of Constitutionalist Citizens

From Alan Keyes, Saturday, 2/14/09:
Obama Threatens Keyes and other Eligibility Plaintiffs

Thought for Today

As many of you know, I am party to one of the lawsuits seeking evidence that would help to establish, one way or the other, whether Obama in fact meets the U.S. Constitution's eligibility requirements for the office of President of the United States. To understand my view of the critical issues involved see the WND articles The End of the Constitutional Republic, and Obama, Oaths and the End of Constitutional Government.) Now Obama's lawyers have filed a motion to quash our effort to obtain the relevant documents (cf. Bob Unruh's WND article Sanctions sought in eligibility case.) I am told that it includes a demand that monetary penalties be assessed against me and the other plaintiffs in the suit. Though not unexpected, this motion confirms Obama's ruthless determination to destroy anyone who continues to seek the information the Constitution requires. Why should they demand penalties against citizens who are simply seeking the enforcement of the Supreme Law of the Land? It is simply because their persistence runs contrary to the will of a supposedly popular demagogue? This smacks of tyrannical arrogance. That Obama thus signals his intent to bring financial ruin on those who won't accept his cover-up of the circumstances of his birth is a tactical escalation. It confirms the common sense suspicion that he won't act forthrightly in this matter because he has something to hide.

As one of the targets of this escalation, I need no more convincing proof of the ruthless disposition so far successfully masked by his empty rhetoric of hope and change. [Excerpted, continues in Keyes' blog, upon a larger theme]
My reactions:
  • It is good to see Dr. Keyes publicly and vociferously involved.
  • We should build a unified front to protect these eligibility challengers
  • We should do the same for all whistleblowers about Barack Obama and the movement for controlled societies, of which he is a part -- there are many potential whistleblowers.
  • In so doing, please think of Carol Greenberg in Ohio.
  • "Keep faith."


Anonymous said...

I wanted to let you know, I clicked on the link to read the rest of the Keye's powerful article and I was taken to a "google add" page, not further information was available.

Arlen Williams said...

Thanks; fixed.