Friday, February 13, 2009

Kerchner v. Obama: Mario Apuzzo & Charles Kerchner on MommaE Net-Radio Friday

From MommaE email:
There will be another SPECIAL GUEST'S tonight. Attorney Mario Apuzzo and Charles Kerchner will be the Guest's to talk about their new Amended case against Obama....

We will be discussing and explaining the new case, then Mr. Apuzzo and Mr. Kerchner will take calls for the last 45 minutes . // Remember they are doing this for us and for our Country, our Constitution and the swearing in of someone for President that is NOT eligible under Our Constitution to be President of the United States of America!
8:30pm ET,,,5:30pm PT, 90 minutes, call in # 347-237-4870 (then enter 1 if question, not if wish to only listen). The MommaE and Sentinel Radio Network broadcasts are archived after their live presentations. You may read about Kershner v. Obama in TRSoL and in Apuzzo's pertinent blog.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Arlen.I don't keep on on these amateur shows unless they have good guests.Dogs barking,Casper cohosts,tell ya whut rants,monotone newbies.Pretty sad we have to rely on these shows to get good information.But such is life.I'm interested to see if he's got any plans after this one gets tossed,because he seems more grounded than let's-jump-the-gun-and-hope-a-case-sticks-Orly.Apuzzo and jbjd tried to help her,but she doesn't listen to sound advice.

Anonymous said...

Interesting.Apuzzo is avoiding the 14th Amendment.Wise move.I knew Barry would use that in his favor.And a caller confirmed that with her contact with Fienstein citing the wrong laws and leaning on the 14th Amendment.I told Apuzzo via email to contact Epperson.Arlen.if Berg is still blowing off Ralph Epperson you should connect him up with Apuzzo.