Friday, February 13, 2009

Please Contact those who are to "Represent" You, Immediately

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Anonymous said...

They know my friend.It will take protest marches to get action.When will that take place???It will happen when Americans get wise to the whole system being corrupt.And that the few "Representatives" left that are honest have no "standing" like the rest of us.When the sheeple turn off their tvs and stop believing any of the MSM on either side of the political spectrum,and understand they are sold out to the NWO crowd.When it is understood that the elitists that pull the strings are above any Cloward-Piven strategies or ragtag Marxist thugs.That the entire security apparatus had covered for the Usurper.That the current Stimulus was passed against the will of the people like the last one.That we are being pushed to the limit for a purpose.When it is understood that the Constitution was nullified long ago.When Americans see what others are doing around the world by this Fascist takeover of the world by the Illuminati.When Americans understand that unelected officials in the CFR,Trilateral Commision,Bilderbergers,et al, have run the show for decades.When it finally dawns on Americans that it is futile to contact "Representatives" that already know our concerns and have prepared to run to underground bunkers via the COG program.It will likely take a Stock Market Crash as in 1929,and the government cutting off welfare checks and entitlement checks and programs,and civil unrest takes place.