Sunday, March 8, 2009

Distribute This James Simpson Interview: Cloward-Piven, Obama-Pelosi; Intentional Destruction of American Economy & Freedom

"Obama is not over his head as some have claimed; he knows exactly what he is doing."
- Brannon Howse, of Christian Worldview Network, interviewer

This is essentially an email I sent yesterday. Please count it as if I sent it personally to you.

I am sending this to all in my personal email address files, whether liberal or conservative, personal or business address, far and near. Please, please do listen to this interview and please do forward -- to all you know -- as soon as convenient to you. (And who cares if they get redundant emails?) This is critically, gravely important. It may sound unbelievable or it may rock your world, but you need to know it. America needs to know it.

Jim Simpson is a former White House OMB economist who is now a trusted friend, who has also been interviewed on "The Awakening," which I co-host. His "Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis" was, I believe, the most important article about the clear and present danger of America's demise, written before the election (an election between two apparently unqualified candidates, due to their not meeting natural born Citizen requirements)

Corroborating information is featured in Investigating Obama. I suggest looking into that here and clicking the links.

Please spread the word. Paul Revere and associates did, for you.

Arlen Williams

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Anonymous said...

Here we go again.The nation will be nuclear toast and this guy will still be telling the world about the great Cloward-Piven strategy.

Arlen Williams said...

Stay tuned. There will be more coming from many, including Mr. Simpson.