Monday, March 16, 2009

How KGB Agents Have Spread Worldwide Economic Chaos

Arnaud de Borchgrave, like so many others, seems not to understand the intentionality involved, but he does point out one key element in the worldwide Marxofascist plan, in his new commentary, "Emerging Theats: Karl Marx Redux." His piece could have been entitled, "How the Soviet KGB has Undermined Freedom Worldwide, by 'Capitalizing' upon Greed." Here is an excerpt.

For 40 years the capitalist world faced the challenge of communism and socialism -- the equal sharing of miseries -- which kept democratic capitalism -- the unequal sharing of blessings -- on the straight and narrow. With the collapse of the Soviet Empire and its satellites and client states, capitalism tossed off its code of conduct. Insider trading among close friends in New York, London, Paris, Zurich, Hong Kong and Tokyo became commonplace.

Russian organized crime, which succeeded communism, engulfed the entire planet (even in Guam). Choice real estate in London, Paris, Rome, Marbella in Spain, the French Riviera's priciest Cap d'Antibes, Italy's Amalfi Drive, Cyprus, Rhodes and other Dodecanese Greek Islands disappeared into the hands of Russia's newly minted billionaires -- all paid for in cash. One real estate operator in Antibes told us about suitcases filled with $100 bills for the purchase of one $70 million property. In the 1990s some $230 billion was plundered from Russia and moved to secret numbered accounts abroad. Those who knew the Western system were usually KGB agents who had worked in Western European capitals.

The subprime mortgage cancer, which first was detected but ignored in 2006, had spread to the whole world by summer 2007. It was criminal predatory lending whose worthless mortgages were repackaged to look like secure investments and peddled all over the world.

Now Americans have seen retirement savings halved. U.S. households' net worth tumbled a mind-blowing $11 trillion -- in a single year. This is the same figure as the combined annual output of Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom. Gone are the second homes, rising retirement nest eggs, rising expectations generally.

TV news now brings us tent cities from Seattle to Athens, Ga., for newly destitute Americans; homeless shelters are filled to overflowing (e.g., 2,000 beds in Sacramento, Calif., spoken for). Santa Barbara, Calif., has designated a parking area for people who sleep in their cars. And the World Bank predicts another 53 million falling below the level of "extreme poverty" this year. What began with criminal subprime mortgage predators is now hurting those who can least afford it -- both at home and abroad.

Europe's hot new love affair with Obama already has cooled into the usual trans-Atlantic spats. The Europeans are resisting calls for more global fiscal stimulus, pointing out that the real problem is a systemic crisis that requires, above all else, a Herculean cleaning of capitalism's Augean stables. The unacceptable face of capitalism must be replaced with the kind of financial and economic regulation that will avert catastrophe in the future.

Who can read that and not at least start to wonder about what has really been happening in this world, since the quizzical "failure" of the Soviet Communists?

Do we have trouble tracing the above to the suspicious coincidences having to do with the orchestration of the "mortgage meltdown," just before the (fictitious) election of Obama, the Marxist Messiah -- with his operative comrades already in place, in congressional leadership, awaiting his arrival?

Is it too difficult to track the preparation and promotion of Barack Obama, as well as the communist plans to develop the armies of the proletariat through ACORN and the like, through Obama's "Organizing for America," through the patronage plan, and through the entire schema for taking advantage of manufactured crisis?

How many more clues do we need?

KGB emblem photo, fm. Wikipedia


Anonymous said...

"Russian organized crime, which succeeded communism...Those who knew the Western system were usually KGB agents who had worked in Western European capitals."

Arlen, these are the only quotes from De Borchgrave's article which could remotely support the idea that the post-Soviet dispensation in Russia is continuing a subversive assault on the West to further the cause of Marxism. The notion being suggested, that Russian gangsters, KGB mercenaries, and crimeboss-capitalists are motivated by something other than sociopathic lusts for money, power, and crude nationalism, defeats my imagination.

To insist otherwise is reminscent of the fantasies induced in some parts of the intelligence community in the 1960s by Anatoliy Golitsyn: that the Sino-Soviet split was a diabolic plan hatched to lure the West into a false sense of security before its ultimate humiliating overthrow. The armed Sino-Soviet border conflict of 1969 and the succeeding tension (with the Soviets seriously contemplating various pre-emptive nuclear attacks well into the 1970s ) exposed Golitsyn's analysis to question. US diplomacy of the time at policy level (Nixon-Kissinger) was designed to widen and exploit the "non-existent" split to American advantage: but the paranoia whipped up in the intelligence community by Golitsyn's fables confused and undermined Western intelligence agencies for decades: un-intended consequence ?

Moral of the Golitsyn tale: extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Gossip, wishful-thinking, and paranoia can never be the basis for effective policy: we deploy them at our peril.


Gary said...

Since when is Obama a socialist?

What part of Das Kapital advocates taxing workers to hand money over to the ultra Bourgeousie bankers and speculators? What part of Marxism advocates bailing out rich people?

Oh, I get it. You mean Obama's *CAMPAIGN RHETORIC* not his actions.

Russian organized crime was the realm of ex-KGB gangsters led by NEOLIBERAL CAPITALISTS of the Chicago School under Robert Rubin and Milton Friedman, during the Clinton era. This is Obama's gang. They advocated no controls or rules on capital flight, and the sell-off or hand-off of the public infrastructure and property (including minerals) to private investors. Those investors, instead of developing capitalism as suggested, took the path of immediate reward in the absence of rules and cashed out on Wall Street. This fueled the DOT COM bubble. A little more complicated than that, but that's about it.

How much more could Obama lower taxes than the current $12 Trillion NEGATIVE TAXES in public subsidies from the Treasury and the Fed to a handful of companies, investors, speculators, and hedge fund managers.

So many propagandists turn reality upside down and ignore what investors, economists such as Michael Hudson, Bloomberg News, etc are reporting about the bailouts and *socializing the Red Ink* of private oligarchs and their firms.

Even former AG Eliot Spitzer was conscious enough to write about how the AIG bonus hoopla is a smokescreen for AIG funneling money to hedge funds getting 100% reimbursement on their high risk gambles, including funds operated on the side by major banks. He asks if the speculators in Credit Default Swaps ever did any due diligence on the "insurance" they bought. Why are the WISE INVESTORS who demanded the abolition of rules protected from RESPONSIBILITY for their own losses?

HL Shancken said...

The anonymous responder who dedicated his post to smearing Golitsyn uses as his basis for that the fact that armed conflict occurred between the Chinese and Soviet communists. This is a solipsistic view. It is naive and it is dead wrong.

Communists are members of a criminal gang. Anyone not a member of that gang is completely expendable, regardless of which country they reside in. The criminal communist gang started by Lenin has killed no less than 150 million people in its quest for world domination, and the sacrifice of a paltry few hundred or even thousand creatures, which they view as no more than "matter in motion," in order to facilitate a deception operation is standard operating procedure for them, as the anonymous poster should know. (A recent example of such a wasting of human life in order to carry out a deception campaign is the FSB bombings of high-rise apartment blocks in Russia, killing hundreds of innocent Russians in the process. There are many other examples of this pattern of behavior, both within the borders of Communist Party-controlled states and without. [i.e. 9-11]).

People who smear Golitsyn should be viewed treated as enemies, for that is what they are. They should be regarded as either compromised intelligence or ex-intelligence operatives, agents of the KGB, or simply very, very stupid people who for whatever reason believe they are geniuses.

Tick tock goes the clock on traitors.