Monday, March 2, 2009

Tonight: Jill Stanek on Obama & Abortion + Sam Sewell on Obama & Narcissistic Personality Disorder

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JILL STANEK is the special guest on "The Awakening w/ Hanen & Arlen," on The Sentinel Radio Network, 3/2 at 9pm ET,,,6pm PT

BARACK OBAMA, the ABORTION PUSHER -- JILL STANEK, of the top pro-life blog, Pro-Life Pulse will tell us what Premier Obama and the Pelosi Politburo are doing to further the all-9-month abortion holocaust, worldwide. Jill is the former nurse who discovered infanticide in Illinois and lead the battle against Obama, to protect born alive infants.


BARACK OBAMA, a PATHOLOGICAL NARCISSIST? -- That is the conclusion of authors Dr. Sam Vaknin and Ali Sina. This and other concerns about Obama's personality are discussed by SAM SEWELL, licensed psychotherapist.

Sam also hosts the TSRN program, "Call the Shrink" on Friday evenings. He studies Obama and the movement for a controlled society. Sam is also a former USN intelligence officer. I.O. highly recommends his expose' of the Alinsky/Cloward-Piven path of destruction, "How to Create a Crisis and Steal a Nation."

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