Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Don Sullivan's Son & the March 25th Police Actions

Last week, I.O. reported the events concerning potential police harassment of challengers to Obama's eligibility for the presidency, attorney, Stephen Pidgeon and eligibility litigant, Donald Sullivan's son. Below refers more of the story from the Sullivan household.

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March 30, 2009 · 40 Comments

We have illegal aliens getting benefits an illegal president but the son of a Lt Col, Donald Sullivan, gets arrested for not answering questions. Here is an update from Lt Col Donald Sullivan on the arrest of his son.

“Events of March 24, 2009 - My son’s Arrest for not being from NC; and the beat goes on, only it’s getting more personal.

Short Version: On March 24, 2009, my son was stopped at a checkpoint; arrested for not answering questions; and jailed under $50,000.00 bond for committing no crime.

Long Version: Just when I thought it could get no more ridiculous, Tuesday came. It was the 24th of March, 2009, and I was in Burgaw, NC, the county seat, at the courthouse to serve the DA timely with my record on appeal for the right to bear arms trial of November, 2008. As I walked into the courthouse from the bright North Carolina sunshine, I saw a familiar face just coming down the stairway from the courtrooms upstairs. Not only did the face look familiar, it was my son; and he was in handcuffs! I casually walked up to him and the State policeman who had him in tow and said, “Well, I see they finally broke your cherry, Myson.” He smiled, and said, “Looks that way, Dad.”

I turned to the officer, introduced myself, and asked him why my son was being charged. He told me straight up, “He wouldn’t answer my questions.” “That’s the way I taught him”, I said. “He doesn’t have to answer your questions.”

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Aristotle The Hun said...

What an unnecessary tempest in a teapot!

If one is operating a vehicle one is required by law to produce upon demand a driver license and proof of insurance.

One the authorities found out who he was they reversed their overreaction. Had this man just been civil none of this would have happened.

Sure, he had a right to not answer questions, but he did not have a right to withhold proof of insurance.

The cop also had grounds to arrest (No NC operator’s license; no proof of insurance; expired MI registration; no trailer license plate; and refusal to answer questions divulge his local address) a suspicious character until it could be determined who he was.

I doubt the can find a lawyer to take the case they are threatening to pursue. And if the decide to represent themselves it will be an exercise in quixotic melodrama and evidence that they have a fool for a client.

Having got that off my chest, I admire their uppity attitude and their willingness to stand on principle even if they are wrong.