Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How to Find Your Tea Party

Update, 4/15

Phil at The Right Side of Life reports that videos from today's Tea Parties are being sent up to the site below and others. If you can't attend one, or after the fact, I suggest checking this and all the video sites, plus C-SPAN and Fox News.

use this occasion to volunteer and organize for important next steps in networking and organizing. There is no time to lose.

Originally posted Tuesday, 4/14

Now, as you do find the opportunity to "sign up" for organized action and local networking, take advantage of it! The Obammunists want you to believe the ACORN rumors. They likely provided them.

The Marxtream media are calling this an effort by "Republicans" (they can't quite get away with calling it coordinated and managed, like their own "asstroturf" operations, of paid consultants and paid pseudovolunteers). We know it is not.

They are calling this the anger of the wealthy who are afraid that they will have to "pay their fair share" of taxes that government has not even raised yet. We know it is not.

It is moral outrage that a globally coordinated Marxofascist insurrection, lead overtly by Soros, Obama, Pelosi, etc., is destroying the American economy (purposely) by raping those who make a living freely, as these international criminals attempt instead, to create the slave-to-state controlled society.

Many will not quite express it in that kind of way, yet. It is our job to press the lead in understanding our enemy and letting real America (of all races and creeds) know.


Anonymous said...

After years of activism it finally clicked for Devvy on how the game is played.

Anonymous said...

We are finally seeing the outrage in Americans,that was present in freign countries the past year.The Bankerster Gangsters know how to push buttons to direct the moves of the sheeple.The culling of the herd is their next plan.But I don't think it will be from these type of activities,but rather from dirty bombs,HN51,chemtrails,and wars.Sooner or later the maniacs will start WW3 and thermonuclear war.God help us!

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