Sunday, April 19, 2009

John Ziegler, Fresh from the USC Kouric Incident; Gary Kreep, on Keyes' Eligibility Challenge Progress, on The Awakening, Monday 9pm ET

Note: the link and widget to this program are removed, due to technical difficulty with the archive of this program. We will be re-broadcast this recorded program in the very near future and I will update this post with the new link and program widget for it.

Link: Ziegler Detained

See what just happened to videographer, John Ziegler, 4/15, outside an event awarding Katie Couric for her interviewing prowess, during the presidential campaign. Sarah Palin got it then. Palin sympathizer, Ziegler gets it here.

You see, John Ziegler is producer of "Media Malpractice; How Obama Got Elected and Palin Was Targeted." Keep that in mind, as you watch what happened to him.


Anonymous said...

"Not an official media" Code for 'So you're not here to fawn over Katie? Then scram!'

Anonymous said...

We are at the end of the road.There really isn't time to listen to conspiracy-deniers.A week doesn't go by without a major conspiratorial move to destroy this country since Barry usurped the presidency.Kreep knows there isn't any legal basis to continue with his case.But will do so emotionally because he won't study QW or understand that a Marxist coup has taken place.The citizens concerned about saving the Republic do not waste their time defending themselves over the Marxist tactics of smearing patriots as racists,homphobes,antisemites,rightwingers,etc,etc., Barry was selected for this usurpation because of his race.Race isn't why the eligibility issue is being fought.But it is infantile to think that race hasn't been a factor in this coup.The shoutdown word racism works every time.It gets weak people to apologize for not being black.Or when it is about illegal aliens and apology for not being Hispinic.Whe nit is about sodomites,it is an apology for being a Christian.And the focus on the birth certificate is still being discussed as if it matters.It's no wonder their is no huge numbers flooding DC with demands for Barry's proof of eligibility.The numbers are growing for side issues because the leaders are not patriots.Basso promotes Barry's agenda.Beck is a globalist tool.Limbaugh and other msm traitors are still being followed even though last year was proof of their treason for the most gullible of Americans.