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Updated // Killer Flu: Broaden Your Horizons and Scrutinize + Sentinel Radio, Monday 5/04/2009, Archived

Updated 5/4

Gladly, the H1N1 outbreak appears not to be as dreadful as first looks and first fears indicated. One reason for the alarm, among those who monitor Internet rumors and reports, was that this Mexico City outbreak came at the heels of other flu virus problems, an alleged criminal "accident," and other flu allegations. We will attempt to sort through these during the second hour of tonight's "The Awakening, with Hanen and Arlen" (10pm ET,,, 7pm PT). Alexander S. Jones has been invited back, along with regular Awakening and Sentinel Radio panelists.

Sentinel Radio is not afraid to explore controversial topics. It is also not about to adhere to spurious claims. You are invited to join with us in separating reality from fallacy.

This will follow the first hour, featuring Jim Kouri, law enforcement columnist and vice president of the National Association of Chiefs of Police, who will discuss America under the Obama/Pelosi regime, from the point of view of law enforcement personnel. Listen using the widget below, or listen/chat on Sentinel Radio's site on -- and call in if you have questions, at 646-727-2652.

Edit: Unfortunately, technical difficulties got in the way and we canceled this 5/4 broadcast. We hope to show or link to more information which puts the real and potential flu threats into good context.
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Updated 4/30 (updating as time goes by; articles listed in order of publishing)

First reports indicate this H1N1 flu as not being as deadly in North America as it has appeared to be initially and in Mexico. That may be due to a variety of factors, including human behavior, the behavior of the virus as it moves from one person to another, and the potential of there being more than one strain involved [the last possibility refuted by Dr. Henry Niman].

As to the suspicions and predictions of Alexander S. Jones and his associates which he has partially related as shown below, he has already stated that if his suspicions are accurate, there would be ensuing waves of increasing severity over months, leading to more and more deaths. Since there is a track record of Mr. Jones' predictions beginning to come to pass, it becomes more imperative to understand what evidence, probabilities, theories, intuitions, and assumptions indicate his scenario to him -- and what further information may be found, whether to corroborate or contradict.

Expert influenza epidemiologist, Henry Niman, Ph.D., also believes this virus will likely fade, but come back with increased virulence, this Autumn. This would follow the behavior of the 1918 flu. He also indicates that by Autumn, it may also become resistant to Tamiflu See a less than thirty minute video interview, by WPXI Pittsburgh television, of Dr. Niman, on this outbreak, probably done between 4/24-28:

Meanwhile, some of the following should help, in order to understand the immediate past, the present, and the immediate future.
You may wish to review the following sites and their trails of both conventional and unconventional information -- and even sound out the reasonable suspicions they and their links may bring.
Why Would "Our Government" (and/or others, seeking more, centralized power for the globally controlled society) Harm American Citizens Intentionally? 4/29/2009
  • All the World is their Stage, April 26, 2009, Scipio
  • Also, see I.O. Sidebar: "Essential Articles: The Marxofascist War Upon & Inside America"
Original posting, 4/27/2008

I.O. will update this post as Monday's clock ticks. Do you know this outbreak was predicted? Do you know the odds of a natural occurrence of such a hybrid virus in or around Mexico City? Do you know how strategically located Mexico City is, as its "Ground Zero?"

Do you know what there may be to lose? Do you know what some might wish to gain?

Let us not presume. Let us demand thorough investigation. Anything short of that is foolhardy.

The Awakening, with Hanen & Arlen
tonight will address this topic among others with columnist for COP Magazine, Jim Kouri, CPP, NYPD, Vice President of National Association of Chiefs of Police [I.O.: Jim Kouri had to change plans and we intend to have him on The Awakening, very soon] and with Alexander S. Jones, who has been doing extensive research on what he describes as this man-made virus. Jones is one who predicted what is happening -- and worse, in the very near future. Following is yesterday's email, accredited to Mr. Jones (not the Alex Jones of the netradio program):
As many are aware now, the situation in Mexico is out of control. Doctors on the ground say a minimum of 200 are dead. The virus has clearly spread worldwide, including to the UK , via aircraft, carried by an infected crew, with ~220 people on the aircraft having left or made connecting flights, which means the virus will undoubtedly spread across Europe.

It is obvious the virus is incubating all across North America and will break out like wildfire within a week.

What we are witnessing is the release of a biological weapon, designed and funded by our own government -- a synthetic recombinant H1N1 virus. Technically speaking, this virus appears to be designed to achieve synapsis with circulating seasonal human H1N1 strains, as well as possibly combine with avian H5N1 strain via homologous recombination.

In plain English, the virus is designed to 'upgrade' itself to higher infectivity and virulence, as it circulates over the coming days, weeks, and months. The virus will infect many species, not just humans. It is a crime against mankind of the highest order.

What this means is we have a global pandemic; a lethal one at that. This pandemic is already four to six times as deadly as 1918 -- a fatality rate of approximately 8 - 12.5%. Do not forget -- this pandemic is ENTIRELY contrived and directed by criminal elements within our own government. I have been repeating for MONTHS that Chicago-based firm Baxter was involved in international biological weapons programs, including the deliberate criminal release of H5N1/H3N2 combined material in Europe, but all I've heard are wind chimes.

Now we find , conveniently, that Baxter, based in the 10th District of Chicago, connected with the Chicago criminal den of corruption, will 'assist' the World Health Organization in cleaning up the mess -- that is , making a new 'vaccine', reaping billions in the process. Why should Baxter be trusted, when they are already under independent criminal investigation in Europe? We already know they are criminally negligant. Now they are a prime suspect in the one of the greatest crimes in the history of mankind.

Talk about the fox guarding the henhouse! This whole thing reeks of criminal corruption and mass genocide, and people should not trust a damned word out of the mouths of the health authorities such as their governments, the CDC, the WHO, or their minions at Baxter and myriad of other firms involved with biological weapons.

For those interested in prosecuting those involved in creating the virus, look no further than the US Army Institute of Molecular Pathology and the work of Dr. Taudenberger between 1997-2003, funded by Price Waterhouse Coopers, who made quarterly reports to AIPAC on his lab's progress of assembling highly lethal, _synthetic_ H1N1 and H5N1 recombinants, after digging up deceased miners from 1918 buried in the Alaskan permafrost.

On to the therapy:

In order of importance. Details to follow.


1) Colloidal Silver (oral, IV, and nebulized, with particle size 0-10nm and a Ag+ positive charge). Also administered as drops into eyes and nose. Brands: Sovereign Silver, Super Silver, Silver Lungs, Silver Gen, APAP etc.
2) Atomic (nascent) Iodine
3) Allicin
5) Oil of Oregano
6) N-acetyl-cysteine
7) Curcumin (tumeric extract)
8) Lauric acid
9) IV saline / ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution)
10) Vitamin/Mineral Support , including Selenium


1) 99% Resveratrol administered orally in dilute pharmaceutical grade DMSO.
2) Colloidal Silver administered orally in dilute pharmaceutical grade DMSO.
3) EGCG administered orally in dilute pharmaceutical grade DMSO.


1) Wash hands after returning from any public place
2) Put 10ppm silver drops in eyes and nose prior to attending any public place.
3) Diet to include: onions, fatty oils, garlic, tumeric, cumin, etc.
4) Resist forced vaccination up to and including the use of deadly force, if necessary. We KNOW the vaccines cannot be trusted and will likely amplify disease.

Alexander S Jones

P.S. Here are my prior recommendations -- written April 3rd, 2009.

Recommendations to the American Freedom Movement on weaponized bird flu (H5N1)
April 3rd, 2009 - 1.0

Alexander S Jones

- Resist forced bird flu vaccination, up to and including use of deadly force, if necessary
- Be prepared for voluntary quarantine during a bioweapons release
- Have supply of food, water, ammunition, and medicine.
- Have local sheriff deputize all first responders (police, firefighters, paramedics, etc)
- Begin immediate monitoring of animal populations through state veterinary departments
- Publicly expose the Baxter bioweapons release in Europe



Use of P100 or N100 mask, wash hands frequently


Nutraceuticals, vitamins and minerals
Colloidal/Ionic silver, oral and nebulized (0-10nm particle size)
NK cell activators / Receptor binding inhibitors
Interferon inductors
Arbidol Hcl : 100mg/twice a week prophylactic, 1-3g/day therapy
Resveratrol: nebulized or administered in dilute DMSO, >250mg/day
Trimethylresveratrol: oral , >100mg/day
Curcumin (tumeric): oral, >250mg/day as therapy, up to 250-500mg/kg/day
N-acetyl-cysteine: oral, >500mg/kg/day as therapy, up to 3g/day as prophylactic
Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) as needed
Ribavirin, oseltamivir, or amantadine if strain is not weaponized (is susceptible)
Possible statins at prophylactic to reduce risk of pneumonia and sepsis
Possible corticosteroids at low dose during active infection
IV fluids (0.9% saline, IV)

H/T: Carmen, Hanen, Alexander S. Jones, Lori, Ron Polarik, Jim Simpson


Gort said...

Several people have been warning of it for years.Both H1N1 and H5N1 are manmade.It's a resurrection of the 1918 Spanish Flu mixed with human dna,and injected into birds first and swines later.The mutations take off on their own and run into the millions.The Illuminati depopulation endgame goal has been well documented by researchers.Let's not forget the information about the coming collapse of finances and government from last year statin it would take place in phases starting in Sept.2008;Feb.2009 and then in Summer and fall of 2009 the big generated crisis.Wars,plagues,dollar collapse and other methods are planned.This is but one of the methods to unravel civilization and usher in chaos and a Fascist New World Order.Major earthquaakes and other natural,supernatural,and manmade disasters are on the increase as well.That's why there are so many underground bunkers prepared for the elites.Giving the infromation of a timeline to our politicians last year signaled to many researchers and Christians,this author included,that the quickening has begun and they are going for broke this year.Even if this were to be contained,it will come back with a vengeance in a few months.No vaccines will cure it.Not even the antivirals talked about in the MSM.Meanwhile,Barry covers the IHS symbol at Georgetown with a black cloth with a pyramid and the Horus all-seeing eye of Lucifer sending a powerful symbolic message to insiders and those that understand occult symbology.And another blasphemous artist has made a messianic portrait of Barry with a coded message in it.And every passing day there are more insults and outrages coming from DC to provoke Americans to revolt.There is no fear of the eligibility issue or Tea Parties or Grand Juries.They want these things to build fury in Americans for the coming chaos this summer.That's why you are seeing more and more race-baiting taking place.The race card is being used to the hilt without shame by government officials and in the mainstream media....messenger

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Obama in Mexico City on April 16th? I wonder if he released the flu? Maybe someone could look into this.

Anonymous said...

Good Info:

Anonymous said...

What about this report then?:

Arlen Williams said...

Thank you. I'm including those two links in the posting.

Anonymous said...

See at Citizen Wells website, which he received three e-mails, and this one is back in March. Please read, may be needed to pass on. He knows the military person:

"From the retired military officer

March 18, 2009

“Dear Friends, URGENT URGENT URGENT ==== I have hesitated to release this until substantiated. Please review ALL the information. It takes some time I know —but our lives and those of our children and our future is more than worth it. I will hold off on further e-mails until you have had time to digest and work this. It is a matter of LIFE and DEATH.

This is a diabolical plan to KILL Americans and confiscate our Private Property for China’s use. This is designed to happen soon because Americans are waking up. All the information is here. I just got off the phone with Dr. Carley. Contact your State Legislators immediately to get the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act rescinded in your state if it exists. Share ALL this information with them after you have gone through it and are convinced (like me). If you can trust your US Congressman/Senator – share this information with them as well. This must be STOPPED before it begins. I have contacted the following in Florida: Reps. Murzin, Ford, Sansom and Evers. We could use more to get involved. US Congressman Jeff Miller’s office.

I have had this information since Thursday of last week. I have spent the last six days reviewing it, researching it, listening to the two doctors (Carley and Ott) involved speak about it and finished speaking last night with Dr. Ott on a radio program where he was the guest. This is no JOKE. When I asked him if he had been threatened because of this information, he said yes and stated for the record on the program that 38 American and international microbiologists have been killed whose intentions were to divulge this diabolical Eugenics/genocidal plot.

This is a plot between the Power Elite and China to kill us with a Lethal Vaccine that has been modeled after the 1918 Flu (which was most likely planned as well) but has been greatly enhanced. A record of the Vice Chairman of China’s military commission below indicates they must kill Americans on our own soil and preserve the land and air for livability. Already large containers with holes that hold about 3 bodies are being shipped into the US in the thousands. Many of the Detention Center have crematoriums as well to burn the bodies.

There will be a “generated” bird flu (it doesn’t normally kill humans unless tampered with to do that per Dr. Ott) pandemic which will require this mandatory vaccine – designed to target 18-40 year olds. An almost 10 year Genome Mapping project resulted In identifying the susceptible cells in that age group. The thinking is that the children and the elderly will go along with a new regime. Already, the media has been planting the bird flu pandemic possibility…………..

Already, the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act is in place in 39 states (Florida and NC included) under the HHS which make Vaccines for a Pandemic mandatory. It is a felony if one won’t take it – they go to quarantine area – Detention Camps – until they do. There is a Private Property confiscation clause both in it and in the Executive Order. All the data is below. It’s voluminous. There are so many IN on THE FIX in all levels of government, it’s hard to know HOW we can avoid this PLOT. I know you all are resourceful and have many contacts. Interestingly enough, the new HHS (Kansas Gov – Katherine Sebelius) is a member of the Bilderberg Group. She would oversee this operation.

Dr. Ott was on a program last night and I got a lot of questions answered. Dr. Carley will be on on Thursday night at 7 p.m. Central on Michelle’s show. He was going to send me the list. We have GOT to expose this immediately.

I am working from my end here. Because this plot goes all the way to the top we will need many working to break and get an investigation started and it stopped.
Part of it almost happened within the last few weeks as Baxter (based out of Chicago and BO owns stock in this company)was found to have “mysteriously” gotten bird flu virus (the one that’s been specially made to kill) mixed up with vaccines. Canada broke that story. Dr. Ott stated that Baxter Headquarters is in Chicago.

But it’s going to take hundreds if not more contacts because of the pervasiveness of this plot.

Dr. Ott says that his contacts in the Chinese Embassy (and he was there for the Olympics) tell him that Hillary Clinton did in fact deliver an eminent domain agreement in the event we did default on loans -our land would be taken.
I will send more info as I receive it.”

constitutionallyspeaking said...

The “New Foundation” . . . How to Push Through a Radical Health Care Plan: UPDATED and DEVELOPING: “GE is bringing a whole new meaning into your “life” and it has nothing to do with elecronics”
Posted by constitutionallyspeaking on April 30, 2009

When dealing with radical politicians and their voting record, the 1st course of action is to follow the money…

Pharma and health product industry campaign contributions continue to rise, with donations to Sen. Barak Obama at $900,000 and contributions to Sen. John McCain about half that; combined with contributions to Sen. Hilary Clinton, that brings the Democratic contribution total to almost three times that of the Republican total:

AstraZeneca’s Flu Campaign Season Begins (Pharma’s Market)
In his blog, Mike Huckman discusses new statistics regarding the amount of money pharma has contributed to presidential candidates in the upcoming election.

After highlighting a new online ad campaign from AstraZeneca in which consumers are urged to choose their preferred “administration” for flu vaccine, Huckman provides some numbers about political campaign contributions.

“As of last Wednesday, the pharmaceuticals/health products industry has given more than $900,000 to Sen. Barack Obama. And Sen. John McCain has moved into third place with $442,000 in contributions,” he writes. “And all told, so far, the drug companies, which traditionally favor Republicans over Democrats, have given three times as much money to Sen. Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton combined than [they have] to the presumptive GOP nominee.”

And who is part of this? None other than NOVAVAX, the bio-tech firm who’s stock just doubled from this so called flu-pandemic:

Aug 2008: A new bird flu vaccine developed by Novavax from insect cell cultures proved effective in spurring an immune response in a human trial. Report

So, this is government we can trust?

Expect more fear mongering from the hill to promote their agenda and gain financial benefit to those that supported their campaign AKA “pay to play” Washington style. GE is bringing a whole new meaning into your ”life” and it has nothing to do with elecronics.

In the meantime, take precautions as you would for any flu season, just know that it was the vaccine that caused the deaths in 1918 flu pandemic, not the flu itself. Buyer beware.

Anonymous said...