Monday, April 6, 2009

Update: Many Common Law Grand Juries Springing Up / Donofrio "vs." Swenson. et. al.: The Dos and Don'ts of Patriotic Action Under Increasing Pressure

There are many, very important questions to ask and answer. Please join us tonight and let us see to it.

News has been breaking over the weekend and through this day, regarding common law grand juries underway or being organized in twenty states, focusing up on Barack Obama and his void of validation of presidential eligibility. You may see these two new announcements:
"New Site Speaks on Citizen Grand Jury Action in KY, OH, TN and IL; Update: GA Support for Jury, Taitz," in The Right Side of Life, by Phil.

Interested Citizen's Grand Jury? in The Steady Drip, by Sam Sewell, now a spokesman for the new effort,, site administrated by Bob Campbell.

Sam and possibly Phil will join in tonight's "The Awakening, with Hanen & Arlen," 9pm ET,,,6pm PT, along with Special Guests: Carl Swenson of the Common Law Grand Jury in Georgia, which has already issued an "indictment" and Lt. Col. Donald Sullivan, North Carolina eligibility challenger. We will be focusing upon updating you about these events and gaining a valid understanding of the capabilities of this Grand Jury Movement.

You may use the widget above, or listen from the Sentinel Radio site: -- also call in just to listen, or after the first hour, call in to ask questions, at 646-727-2652.

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Original Post, Friday 4/3/2009:

Don't have time for a major treatise here and it's Friday anyway, so let's just get to the point.

Are you up on the "Common Law Grand Jury," in Georgia? A coordinator of this, Carl Swenson will be a special guest on "The Awakening with Hanen and Arlen," this coming Monday evening (9pm ET,,,6pm PT).

Our other special guest is another aggressive eligibility challenger, Lt. Col. Donald Sullivan, who in North Carolina, is continuing to press the courts. Sullivan is the one whose son was arrested 3/25, upon apparently no evidence, for not answering questions at a police vehicle stop. That was the same Wednesday of last week, when Stephen Pidgeon alleges he was the target of a Homeland Security surveillance exercise.

Swenson and this Georgia effort has been condemned by two of the original eligibility challengers, Andy Martin and Leo Donofrio. For Donofrio on this, I suggest yesterday's treatment in The Right Side of Life, Thursday, 4/2. For Andy Martin on this, see his net-radio interview by Mark McGrew, Friday, 3/27. Meanwhile, common law grand juries are being planned in a reported twenty states.

This will be a discussion that I humbly suggest, may be of top level importance:
  • Might we be nearing the verge of civil war in America? Yes, we might be.
  • Should we engage in unauthorized vigilante tactics? No!
  • Do we need to know where the line is? Yes!
  • Do we need to become more prepared in every Constitutional way, including the ways faithful Second Amendment? Yes!
  • Do we need to recognize that the Constitution must rest upon all the principles of the Declaration of Independence and that if it is debauched, this signals the need for direct reliance upon the Declaration? Yes.
Godly principle and respectful public relations, are of the first and second order of priority respectively, in conflicts of state both political and militant. Therefore, the moral high ground must be aggressively gained and never, ever, surrendered.

Perhaps I will comment further in this post, perhaps in another article before the program, perhaps I.O. will wait until after Monday night. I beg your attention and your patience -- especially, I beg your diligence and aggressive action -- with virtue and patience.


Anonymous said...

Arlen,this is an excellent topic to cover as I believe we are headed for both civil and racial wars here in the USA.And it is planned.These celbrity lawyers and honest citizens are being manipulated in this Constitutional Crisis to act out in irrational and emotional manners,which is a subversion of the US Constitution.Once we passed the dual inauguration,the options to solve this crisis in a C
onstituional manner became very limited.I haven't listened to the other shows,but will tune into this one on Monday.Keep up the good work my friend..... messenger [see open thread for my comment on Leo's condemnation blog post]

Anonymous said...

Arlen,Basso and Pidgeon will be on the Chalice Show on Sunday,so you know......m

Anonymous said...

I think Leo is correct on this. Read his blog as I did. If he is correct "the citizen grand jury" in Georgia etc are worthless.

Arlen Williams said...

Thank you for the comments -- and yes I had read Donofrio's "complaint." He refers to federal statute. State level matters are another thing. Now, I don't know all about the Georgia Constitution and Statutes, but I am eager to hear about how they may pertain.

Anonymous said...

There are no State statutes -outside of DC- that pertain to removing a sitting president.All these cases had merit prior to the inauguration,but not now.You have to look beyond the emotional rhetoric of the lawyers and investigate on your own.Now,I do disagree with Leo about planning for the time when we've exhausted all lega avenues.Our Founding Fathers made it clear in many writings that cleaning house to staunch tyranny must be done if a people desire to remain free.Clearly,we keep allowing the traitors in DC to keep dismiising our pleas for justice.Ny point is that wothout an understanding of what has transpired in history to allow these tyrants to reject the will of the people,there can be no concerted effort to use existing law to solve this crisis.And we are at the end of the road.But, without massive public outcry to have this crisis addressed in DC---where it must be---we are just as guilty as the traitors.Waiting until a generated crisis takes place and then marching on DC is playing into the hands of the Illuminati.It's difficult to explain in a little thread.But this really comes down to a lack of understanding both history and law....m

Anonymous said...

What I'm trying to say is that most people are siding with one lawyer over another,instead of researching matters themselves,and knowing what they believe and why they believe it,not dissimilar to religion where people follow a religious leader instead of studying God's Word.I don't follow Leo or any other lawyer.I came to my conclusions on this issue due to an understanding of history and how our form of government has been transformed into a shell of what is was originally.From there I've gone over laws,statutes,treaties,and precedent cases.One doesn't need to be a lawyer to know this has to be done in DC.The reason I respect Leo is becasue he is educating people,and he is not afraid to admit error,and revise his past views.Again,do the investigative work on your own.These lawyers sound great in interviews.But if you take notes and research their claims,you will find their positions are fatally flawed from a legal perspective.....messenger

Anonymous said...

Arlen,study up on the "separations of powers" issue prio to the Monday show.....messenger

Anonymous said...

To get a better understanding I decided to purchase a good book on the Constitution. There might be better but this one came with great reviews. You can read the reviews over at Amazon. but you can find the book best here.

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Anonymous said...

anon@11:02pm---Thanks.I've done my homework.But hopefully others will read that book or research matters at the library or on the internet..Blind faith in these lawyers is utter folly.We all need to take a stand.Educating ourselves ids the key to preserving our freedom.....messenger