Friday, April 24, 2009

Sam Sewell: Angst, Anxiety, Anger & Attitudes (keeping a healthy soul in an America being shaken)

by Sam Sewell

Dear Friends,

Sam & Bunny’s “Call The Shrink” online radio program for Friday, April 24 (8-10 PM ET) will focus on: angst, anxiety, anger & attitudes of today’s America

We have tried to steer clear of politics on the Friday evening “Call The Shrink” program. On Monday evening’s “Awakening” program we had a caller who has been experiencing stress to the point where she was having mood swings and cognitive problems because of the political and financial upsets of recent times. So we decided that she wasn’t alone and this Friday is your chance to talk about what it is like to cope with the “angst, anxiety, anger, and attitudes” of today’s America.
  • Learn tips for mood and stress management
  • Learn thinking skills that will help you deal with political radicals and their attacks.
  • Learn how to spot false arguments and make solid arguments.
  • Learn how to stay strong because the country needs strong patriots.
Please consider being a call-in guest this week on our blogtalkradio show. We now have more listeners, and we would like more listener-audience participation! Call in and share your angst, anxiety, anger and attitudes with us.

The support blog for “Call The Shrink” (with visual materials we discuss during the show) is at

We then encourage you to call in on Friday evening from 8-10PM and share some of your thoughts and feelings with us, and we’ll help you to understand the significant way in which those experiences affect our future.

Call-in Number: (646) 727-2652

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