Thursday, June 18, 2009

Obama's "Transnational Progressive" Federal Reserve Fascism, in America

How is your nest egg?
Origin of graphic, unknown
Origin of behavior: see Karl's and Saul's hero, Lucifer


Marion Valentine said...

would like to post this on my site.
will wait till I hear from you.
I do have a link to your site posted.
Great article.Val
Obama, steepet in Communist ideology from the time he was 10 years old by his mentor the known Communist, Frank Marshal Davis.
Obama, stewed in Marxist/Socialism by the radical Marxist/Socialist professors he admitted he sought out in college.
Obama, seasoned with hatred for america for 20 years by his America hating pastor, Rev. Wright
Obama, simmered in the cesspool of corrupt Chicago Politics.
Obama, the deliberately concocted potion that will destroy America.

Anonymous said...

Obama aka barry Sorento is a FRAUD.
His is a trojan "black man" containing muslim economic destruction of the USA disguised as an economic crisis. Obama is possessed.

Anonymous said...

Yes,and the Ron Paul "Audit the Fed" bandwagon is playing into the fascist's hands.It is too late.They know it is being transformed into a global monetary agency exponentially bigger than the IMF,and still planned to control the monetary system instead of the IMF's role which wass just a template,and dealt with doling out money to gain control of third world nations.