Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Finds No Birth Certificate for Obama nor God

With talent on loan from God, Rushbo compares and contrasts Him with Barry, today, since Newsweek's pundit Even Thomas began such correlations recently, on MSNBC:
Q: Barack Obama has one thing in common with God — do you know what it is?

A: God does not have a birth certificate and neither does Obama — um, not that we’ve seen.

Q: What is a difference between Barack Obama and God?

A1: God asks for only 10 percent of your money
A2: God gives you freedom to live your life as you choose
A3: God’s plan to save us is actually written down for you to read


Anonymous said...

A multimillionaire giving us hard news in joke form.What next? See if the info by a plains member is another money tactic of Hale or not---------- The South // June 10, 2009 at 10:40 pm

Just heard on Plains Radio, that tomorrow in Rhode Island, a Grand Jury is being sworn in by a “Judge” in a live “Courtroom” to bring evidence forward to be evaluated pertaining to Obamas citizenship.

I think it’s part of the American Grand Jury.

Looks like they are finally going to get it done legally in a court of law from what i understand.

Lets pray that this happens!

God Bless America!!
from citizenwell chatroom..errr..comments blog.

Anonymous said...

Rush is a polished turd.A professional mainstream version of Alex Jones in the alternative media.Money,money,and more money.Good information,but not letting people behind the curtain.To be fair with Jones it could be he started out meaning well,but got hooked into the dialectic he professes to expose sputing about false "paradigms"[a word the New Agers love especially the phrase paradiogm shift].Time to report real news while the internet is online and unrestricted.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad not many articles like this are posted here.Look at Phil get into a misdirecting debate with the same antiamericans --historiandude and earl.What waste of time.Or CW where after ten comments it devoloves to a chatroom.

Anonymous said...

Average Americans on the street know more than Rush or Alex when you get down to it.Or at least they are vocal about it. Open Letter to Alex Jones by a blogger called PROPHET - snips- Today, what I heard is how excited you were about over 200+ of the Congress getting on board with HR 1207. At first glance, I thought wow what a great idea, but then thought about this:

If Congress audits the fed and uncovers the truth (money missing, corruption) and so on... what then? Here's your answer.......Washington will mandate a GLOBAL FED RESERVE. I don't believe any American wants this. Do you think this is why there's more of Congress signed up now than the last time Ron Paul put it up on the floor? I do. It's to bring in a Global Fed Reserve. Are you for this Alex Jones?There's no excuse for you to fight the New World Order for 12+ years and not to bring the birth certificate up early on (before the election) to the American people unless there was some agenda behind it, and any agenda behind it is not good for Americans Alex. You are all puppets and while you sit here today and rant about Glenn Beck who is a puppet too, I can't ignore the fact that you've done the same thing by not discussing the Birth Certificate of Obama early on to give Americans a fighting chance of knowing.

Anonymous said...

more- You should be ashamed of yourself. You sit there and preach "On Air" how you're trying to protect your children and everyone elses, but you failed. You didn't report the truth when you had it. You allowed this to happen to our children by not speaking up when you should've and now, it's too late. Alex, don't worry, Americans will rise to the occasion because of your failures and others. Americans will do the work that you failed to do for us. We will raise our voices. We stand by our Founding Fathers who believed that we have a chance to be free when our Constitution is protected. By your non-disclosure of Obama's birth certificate, you failed to protect our freedoms and liberties. Our Constitution says a President must be natural born and Obama is not. It's irrelevant what anyone says, it's in Obama's book that he is not born of 2 parents that are citizens or natural born in the United States and Obama had dual
citizenship including Indonesia and cannot be President. How hard would that be to say "On Air" Alex?

Boy, they must have paid you[Alex Jones] well to keep quiet about the biggest story in American History. May God have mercy on your soul. I will pray for you that you have the strenght to explain to the American people what really happened and only then, may we find strenghth through God to forgive you. Note: True!AJ is a gatekeeper.

Anonymous said...

The reason why the post is important is because it is a given that Rush is the big shot gatekeeper for conservatives in the msm and Alex is the self-proclaimed "biggest fish in the sea" gatekeeper in the alternative media for both sides of the political landscape,real or not.

Anonymous said...

Cover the fact that the usurper is pushing because of an E.O. ready to be signed over this pandemic.Some called emegency health order.It's in the open thread here.