Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Barack Obama's Father's Marxist Dreams

In last Monday's "The Awakening, with Hanen and Arlen," I described and quoted from an article written by Barack Hussein Obama I in the 1960's, which reveals the subject matter of BHO II's "Dreams from My Father." l also said I would post that article on the Web, I hoped, later that night.

My better idea is to wait and post it, I hope, in just a day or three with maybe four or five paragraphs worth of commentary. Trusting it will be worth the wait, thank you.

To that, I.O. would welcome the further research of others, showing the deep Marxist, Luo-Kenyan connections which I believe are there to be revealed between the the Obamas and the Odingas -- and to whatever other Marxists and associated evildoers in the rootworks.

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Gort said...

What is already known about Barry's Marxist connections is really for public consumption.Like everything else surrounding the mystery man,without having all his records available,it is impossible to document anything with certainty.What is more interesting are the inconsistencies in the public record we do have available to us on Barry.And the Rockefeeler ties of his relatives and family and the fictitious family history.Ford would turn over in his gracve if he knew about the Foundation that bears his name and how it is a mirror of the Rockefeller Foundation,and the Marxist-Globalist Agenda of both.Barry's Marxiosm is no mystery.His Marxist rhetoric was on public display throughout the campaign months.Nobody in the MSM,now being cheered for mentioning the BC,mentioned this and the fact that he went on a world tour as a world citizen and prsident.