Thursday, July 23, 2009

Congratulations, Rush Limbaugh - You Understand Barack Obama Now

At least you get the general theme of the Soros/Obama/Pelosi ploys, to intentionally destroy and "remake" America.

I am listening to Rush, interviewed by Greta Van Sustern tonight. I.O. may or may not be able to link to it on the 'net. Neither Mr. Limbaugh nor the rest of us may yet understand exactly who is and is not a part of this global conspiracy, nor just how they are all involved, but we are all learning.

Edit: Mr. Limbaugh will be featured again on Ms. Van Sustern's program, Friday night, 2/24.


Anonymous said...

Well,some of us do understand and know the major players by name,and how to discern the minor ones that are not in any elite organization but are willing dupes,and disposable pawns.I had other things to cover on the last four or so posts,so for Arlen--- see posts # 274-299 in the open thread.Take care.

Arlen Williams said...

Thank you for your faithful reading, your research, and your posts. Many of these people are not difficult to find, for those who follow the connections.

We all need to look. It is clear that the old super-criminal manipulators have gotten together with (or kept in league with, or rejoined) the Marxist strains.

And whatever the exact human to human connections, they are administered by their father and his bureaus, maybe even one by the name of Screwtape.

Gort said...

You are welcome my brother.And thank you for this blog.As I've said,it is one of the best and most serious ones out ther....Jim

Gort said...

We can agree to disagree on some issues.We are fighting the same enemy.The Adversary Satan and his demonic hierarchy.And we have God and His Holy Angels on our side.Not as a communist collective but as a remnant of Believers and as individuals.What transpires in the near future is in His hands.It is prudent and faithful for us all to prepare for coming hard times.The contempt for "we the people" from the reprobates in Dc is so bold it is jawdropping.They have no shame.And their consciences have been seared with a hot iron.

Gort said...

Nations can be spared by God if they turn to Him in humility and repentance.That hasn't happened in our nation,and if it does I'll be the first to hang my head in shame for preaching doom and gloom,for I beleive we are under the judgment of Almighty God.But that does not mean we should give up the good fight.Thanks for blogging again.

Arlen Williams said...

You're welcome and thanks again. In the times of the grace of Jesus, judgment is generally for the sake of repentance -- and God is a much wiser investor than anyone whose name begins with R. He even designs and orchestrates His markets much, much better.

I think you'll be refreshed with Howse's comments today:

Also, Jim, I suggest you join me in keeping an eye on this site -- even if there are contradictory (and seemingly contradictory) postings:

(I wonder what practioners of the adversary do, when they read such things.)