Saturday, July 18, 2009

Gerald Celente Forecasts 'Obamageddon,' Soon

Gerald Celente of Trends Research Institute is one of the world's very best, objective students and forecasters of economic and social trends.

protests -- riots -- even food riots -- accelerated decline of America -- fascism, according to Mussolini's criteria -- tent cities -- ghost malls -- widespread strikes -- boss-nappings -- gang warfare -- when peple lose everything, they 'lose it' -- abandonment of the dollar, internationally -- "too big to fail" is baloney [I.O.: not baloney if one understands what the Marxofascists mean, i.e., too big to pass up the opportunity to control] -- monopolies are killing Main Street [I.O.: this is a two-by-four over the head of both the liberal Obama-Pelosi supporting "useful idiots" and pseudoconservative, 100% laissez-faire, Libertarian absolutists]

a two-headed, one-party system -- but Obama accelerates with his takeovers, etc. -- "Cap and Trade" is bogus -- bankrupting the country -- America will never be able to pay back its debt -- farmer rebellions -- mob rule and terror
Mr. Celente gets it as to the outward aspects of what is going on (and I.O. is adding his blog to our Obamologist blogroll).

Do you think he is beginning to understand the intentionality involved?

- Frances Fox Piven, et. al.


Anonymous said...

Gerald is right on target.And his humor is wonderful.He understands the the cognitive dissonance in most Americans that continue to believe the lies from the liars and traitors in government and the mainstream media.He is one of the few "truth bones" thrown to us in the MSM,and he gets away with so much truth because he is a trends forecaster,not a part of any truth movement or organization or political party.He isn't an easy target to bash.Both Gerald and Bob Chapman have said that before interviews the shills will agree with them and tell them they wish they were allowed to speak freely on-air.That doesn't excuse their treason,but it shows that not eveyone is in the dark.Gerald does a good job slamming that fool Jim Cramer as well.Yet,as long as TARP,PPT and globalists manipulate the Stock Market there will be false rallies until the plug is pulled.Half the states are right behind California.But as long as they tow the Fed Beat globalist line they will receive bailouts.The MSM being given the green light to cover the eligibility issue is a set up for a bogus bc and race riots when either Barry syays in office or is taken down.Either way,with all the events of a NWO being touted,and fearmongfering over a flu pandemic,and Jay Rockefeller seeking to shut down the internet,things are going to blow this year.No,there is no crystal ball here,but open eyes seeing the trends as Gerald and many other awakened Americans do.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are adding his blog.Alot of them on the sidebar have thrown in the towel months ago.

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to Pastor Manning's new video that buttresses Gerald's views and the rent article by JB Williams.You know,the Berg-line of "Sow me the BC and this will all go away" is in every MSM hit piece,and the Orly-Hale Combine is one that is being played like a fiddle.The Berg Slander-Libel lawsuit was thrown into the mix for good measure.Whether knowingly or not,they've been used and fed disinformation for this time.People thinking the Dobbs,Hannity,Limbaugh or any other MSM shills covering this are doing it to seek the truth is delusional. Manning-- JB Williams article--

Anonymous said...

Celente is in good company .