Friday, July 24, 2009

Obama (In)eligibility in the Mass Media

Update - See The Right Side of Life article, "CNN Pushing Hard to Overlook Eligibility." This sure is creating a stir over at

7/24, 12:56pm

The Obama eligibility crisis has begun to break into "major" media.

Crisis? It really presents a part of the solution to this global fascist insurrection to "level off" America and to control it, along with the rest of the world. The constitutional outing and ouster of Obama will be increasingly seen as just that, by more and more Americans, in government and out.

Lately, we have had eligibility discussed through venues such as:

Rush Limbaugh

Lou Dobbs, on radio

CNN: Katie Pilgrim

CNN: Larry King, showing the town hall confrontation of Rep. Michael Castle (R-DE) and asking Elizabeth Cheney about Obama eligibility:

WordNetDaily 2 of 2, today
And now, for videophiles who would like to know more (and I sure hope they cover the most pertinent issue of the Kenyan/U.K. citizenship at birth, via BHO-I) WorldNetDaily is offering a video:

Maybe I can help to put this into perspective in another paragraph or two, in, Sentinel Radio Blog, and Fort Hard Knox. This I.O. post may see some updating, as well.


daddynoz said...

Yes, it is certainly in the news...unfortunately, the entire effort to see justice in this constitutional crisis is now based upon the erroneous importance of a birth certificate.

Does anyone remember the good ole days when folks knew there was criteria to be POTUS and the citizenship of one of his parents was enough to say hmmm?

Yes, the issue is in the news and we all look like fringe lunatics.

Thanks. Thanks for the second coming of Chester Arthur if Mr. Obama should ever poop his long form BC.

-1SG Nosworthy

Anonymous said...

I noticed when I watched Liz Cheney that she referred to "the next election" and didn't give a year. I saw that as a "tell" that she KNOWS what is going on.... Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

It's in the news by design,and not to expose the truth and cause a removal of the chosen puppet.This is one time I agree with Pieter.It's a distraction,and one that Americans are falling for in the "birther" camp because they foolishly believe the msm serves their interests and are just now seeing the light.WND has a new video coming out--for a fee of course- and the birth certificate distraction picks up steam as racial unrest increases for the grand show.Or maybe it's all just coincidence that they are only talking about the bc even though informed for months of the nbc issue,and that the subject has turned into a racial one,and Obama turning an arrest of a black man into a national debate on racism in America.Or CNN's president saying the eligibility issue is dead,but his minion keeping it alive.Sure, after an entire year of worship and praise across the board,they all are seeing the light at the same time.They are just a little slow.They don't have the skills or intellect or money that we have.No,they are not dumb.They are not just learning that records have been hidden from the public.But if the illusion works,no point in coming up with a new picture to present the consumers.If herding can be done without cattle prods,no point using them and wasting energy.If black is viewed as white,there is no need for multicolered propaganda canvases.The job is easier when the herd cheers the liars and makes it easy for them.If the enemies are viewed as friends,there isn't a need for complex lies,just a consistent spreading of a reversal of the truth on a daily basis.If the enemies are unknown,there can be no battles to win.Looking to the msm for the truth is like boxing shadows.

Anonymous said...

It hasn't just broken into the mainstream media,the strategy of how often and how it is being reported has changed is all.WE have 20-plus illegal aliens in the country.They are now called "undocumented workers" and given IDs,free healthcare,and some are even given SS cards.Think about that before viewing this conspiracy as the mainstream media aiding us in ousting the usurper.

Anonymous said...

20-30 "million" illegal aliens,depending on how they are counted.The BC could come out or we could be told it doesn't matter.Anger is building on both sides.The "birthers" will fight for the constitution,and the rest will be for fighting for the first black president,resulting in race wars.If the legal process is allowed to play out,and he is removed legally there will still be race wars.Had the msm done their jobs honestly,we would not be in this position.They are not reporting this crisis to be political watchdogs.

Anonymous said...

CNN is not pushing hard to overlook anything.They are playing the dialectical angle to get gullible people to think that Dobbs[or insert network and name of any msm here] is a hero in covering the eligibility issue.So,the blogosphere is caught up in the birth certificate distraction and now misdirected to focus on the mainstrema media circus.It seems to be working.