Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Political Alchemy of Pollack, in American Thinker

...and of so many other would-be defenders of America as it was intended and constitutionally designed -- an email cum open letter

Dear editors of American Thinker,

I had known the American Thinker to be a site which is careful to require validation and citation, by its contributors. However, today, I came across "The Political Alchemy of Birtherism" by Joel B. Pollack.

In a manner consistent with propagandist sophistry, Mr. Pollack does indeed present historical citations -- of many sorts of tidbits except for the fundamental assertion of his argument: that Barack Obama's "American birth is a fact." (Well, then he hedges and writes that any contrary claim is "almost certainly false.") But, unfortunately, Mr. Pollack does not examine the evidences.

I would ask Mr. Pollack to cite in the U.S. Constitution where a Commander in Chief must "almost certainly" be a natural born Citizen. I see that he is a "Harvard Law graduate" and a self described speech writer (Pollack, I mean, not Obama). Perhaps he is familiar with the kind of political machination with which he would label (and perhaps "almost" libel) the movement for constitutional adherence regarding presidential eligibility, but he shows no actual familiarity with the central subject matter of his doughnut shaped essay.

As Mr. Pollack digresses about his views of political strategy, let us instead return to the law he purportedly studied. Let us focus upon the investigation of an apparent president's behavior regarding... the law. In the event that a man may be a multiple offender, those who would have him brought to justice as necessary should not ignore his full set of offenses -- especially the ones which may be immediately, legally addressed.

I expect better from "The American Thinker." What can be done, to make up for this?

Arlen Williams

PS: Mr. Pollack (and you) should realize that if legally valid evidence were found that Obama was born in America, it would not positively present him him eligible for the presidency, due to his apparent failure to meet the "natural born Citizen" requirement of the Constitution, that because of his naturally imputed foreign birth-citizenship, via his father.

Didn't even mention the required renunciation of citizenship foreign to Indonesia, in order to claim citizenship as an adult -- nor the potential falsification of other documents (including electoral eligibility and selective service, plus the alleged 'Certificate of Live Birth' shown by Obama's own arm of compliant propagandists, "").


Green Eagle said...


I don't think your confidence in the seriousness of American Thinker is justified by their inclusion of Mr. Pollack's piece, which is nothing but a collection of long-discredited right wing smears. They certainly don't deserve much credit for having published this piece.

Arlen Williams said...

Right wing smears? I didn't quite get that either, Green Eagle.

Actually, any attempt at a societal model of what has become known as "liberalism" (quasi-Marxism or para-Marxism) can be seen as a manufacture of abstraction upon abstraction, based upon fallacy -- which is a smear of reality.