Friday, August 7, 2009

Accuse Your Victim Of What You’re Doing (the Chicago way, well... the Marxist way)

The following was posted in the fine 'zine, Flopping Aces, yesterday, August 6. It is exemplary of "speaking the truth in love" and as such, one more reason we will drive this threat back, as costly as that may become.
Accuse Your Victim Of What You’re Doing
by Flopping Aces reader/poster, mlajoie

The picture above shows Milada Horakova, a really dangerous-looking elderly lady
who was a Czech dissident put to death after a Soviet show trial simply for disagreeing

This is just a short observation on the White House’s campaign against the citizens’ anger expressed at Town Halls this month about Obama-care. Many have pointed out in the last 48 hours that this is a page right out of the Saul Alinsky ‘community organizing’ book: attack, mock and marginalize those who might stand in your way. That’s true enough. But its similarity to another Marxist tradition rang a bell with me.

In the Soviet Union, they used to have ‘show trials’. The victim was already doomed to death or gulag. The purpose was propaganda. In virtually all cases there was no truth whatsoever to the allegations, but Marxism is never about truth, it is about power. What was truly ironic about all this was that the secret state, the Comintern and the KGB actually did all the crimes of which the victims were accused and yet were innocent! The Soviets were the ones conspiring behind the scenes, intimidating, etc.

This knee-jerk reaction on the part of the White House betrays Marxist muscle memory. The SHOW TRIALS railroaded people by the dictum ‘Accuse the victim of what you’re doing’ and that’s exactly what they’re trying to do in these TOWN HALLS.

How interesting is it that the ‘community-organizer-in-chief’ and his forces are accusing the ordinary citizens at the town hall meetings of organized, disruptive behavior, of trying to achieve political ends by subversive means. Isn’t it painfully obvious that this behavior is at the very CORE of the identity of ACORN and all the other far-left activists who engage in ‘community organizing’?

I feel very confident that the vast majority of these people this month were not ‘bussed in’ or paid to disrupt the meetings. They are just ordinary people, many of them Democrats, who are justifiably fed up. On the other hand, the very behavior falsely attributed to the town hall attendees is exactly what ACORN and their ilk has done, by their own admission. Their PLAN is always to hire claques of haranguers to harass and intimidate, not to ASK QUESTIONS like the people at the town halls did.

The bottom line is, in the Marxist tradition, they are accusing their victims of doing exactly what they are doing, despite the fact there is no truth in the accusation. The one difference is that Obama and his Communist Czar and his Marxist Czars haven’t quite got totalitarian control yet.

I’m just saying….

Town Hall meeting
This just in: Tea Party St. Louis will be protesting the SEIU at their St. Louis headquarters, tomorrow, this Saturday, 8/8, according to Rush Limbaugh.
Location: 8565 Pershing Ave., St. Louis.
"Love... rejoices in the truth."

h/t: mlajoie, Flopping Aces,, Starman417, LT

PS: Excellent photojournalistic expose' of what real, pro-American demonstrators are, versus what Astroturfers are, in Denver, CO: "Nancy and the Astroturfers," from Looking at the Left blog


Anonymous said...

So..the question becomes : "Why do most people in the West allow the politicians and media pundits full control of what is best for them and cower in fear when the slurs and lies are hurled at them?" THe answer is not in a failure to memorize a rule book of their strategies.It is understanding how an entire culture can be brainwashed into submission by decades of lies.Barry was the perfect choice to destroy the USA because most people fear being labeled a racist due to Marxist multiculturalism and political correctness.The resistance now is one that is desired because the chaos is needed to justify totalitarianism.Most people in the West,not just here,believe it is wrong to preserve western culture.The only reason there is growing resistance at this late stage is because the power grab is taking place at breakneck speed,but the battles are factioned off into different issues being fought over,instead of the overall tyranny.Keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females, too, until the social construct known as the white race is destroyed. Not deconstructed, but destroyed."- Noel Ignatiev The white race is the cancer of human history."- Susan Sontag "It's always illegitimate for white men to organize as white men."-William Raspberry "You guys have been practicing discrimination for years. Now it is our turn."Thurgood Marshall

Anonymous said...

Multiculturalism and Marxism -- The Origins of Political Correctness -- Racial animosity is a Marxist strategy and one that is rarely discussed even by the experts on all these strategies.Pastor Manning has the guts to speak out,but then he is black,so it isn't as much of a risk to him as it would be for a white,though Patrick Buchanan speaks his mind,and doesn't worry about the shoutdown words and slurs. Manning on "White folks gonna riot" ----

Anonymous said...

Just like the Berg and Hale game.Take note of how Berg met with the "enemies" ,minus Adams.Adams is the only victim in that charade.She was hurt by Hale.But the rest was a game.Last Monday old Ed was all sweet when talking about Berg.--- Excerpt-- "Also in court were Lisa Liberi, Lisa Ostello(I think ??), mommae and another witness for Berg. Ed and Caren visited after court with both Berg and Liberi, but mommae wanted nothing to do with Ed and Caren."

Anonymous said...

I put no faith in the veracity of the politijab "reporting" on Ed in court today.

But if we all want indepedent confirmation on at least part of their story, that Ed signed a copy of Obama's BC, I found it here on the internet:

Fraud Detector said...

Obama is a FRAUD. He is being exposed as a fraud. The fraud will use the power of the US "government" to defend himself. He is a coward who wants you to believe everything he says or does is in your best interest.

The state run media reports exactly what he says and does not help expose his true identity. Obama wants to destroy the US econonmy and collapse the dollar to "spread the wealth around" as he has said he wants to do and is doing now through the so called stimilus bill. His "health care" plan is a death care plan which will put him in complete control of your personal life and destroy your freedom under the guise of "health care".

Its not to late to stop this dictator but its almost to late. We must fight back against obama and his thugs. We must rise up and DEFEND OUR FREEDOM NOW before he takes complete control!

Bob said...

I Hope and pray... that the Messiah has finally had his Waterloo.

He has created a monster of his own creation. He will next make it a 'us against' the White Middle Class.

You see he has run rough shod over the 'silent majority' since he adopted the title of 'PRESIDENT ELECT' and was making decisions BEFORE he was sworn.

With his spending bills, his ELITE behavior, his parties in and on the white house lawn, his family taking vacations at taxpayer expense.. His whole attitude that HE WON and he deserves the BEST, AND HE CAN DO AS he DAMN well pleases.

He has now attacked that same 'silent majority' and will pay a terrible price.

He has 'tugged on super man's cap and spit into the wind..

In other words he has pissed off the American Voter.

AND WE will attack him hard and fast... where it counts AT THE POLLS.