Saturday, August 29, 2009

America? This Policeman Says, "It Ain't No More."

YouTubist, DissentFromDayOne posted this video, along with an explanation that states:
This video was taken on Tuesday, August 25th, 2009 at Rep. Jim Moran's (D-VA) Town Hall meeting on Obama Deathcare (Howie Dean was there too) held at South Lakes High School in Reston, VA.

Many people were left outside when the school filled to capacity. School security officer Wesley Cheeks, Jr. did not like my anti-Obamacare poster which used one of the gone-viral "Joker" graphics.

When I said to Officer Cheeks, "This used to be America!" his response was: "It ain't no more, OK?"

After this, D.D.O. goes on to suggest that, if it happens to be a racial thing for this officer and others, then African-Americans would do well to investigate "Mr. Abortion" and the movement behind him, which targets inner-city black people. He invites us to do a Web search on these words:

margaret sanger black children eugenics

Of course, it is the Marxofascist usurpers who are trying to foment racial animus in America. Those who believe in the principles of the Declaration and the Constitution embrace the truth that we all are the ones our Creator endowed with equally inestimable, ontological value. We all, who do not violate constitutionally just law must have our Rights to Life, Liberty, Property, and our Individual Pursuits protected.

And from the most virtuous to even the worst of communist saboteurs, we are all inestimably beloved. That love cost our Creator a great deal and we are not to scoff at it. But what we sure can mock is the false face of one put in power to destroy, not grace, our national life. And all America is being violated by those who are engaged in the warfare of removing us from our only true foundation.

What must we do, with those would take what God has joined together, and tear us asunder?

It is precisely what the Soros/Obama/Pelosi "transnational progressive" fascists are doing to our law enforcement and military personnel that cries out for us to spread the word about Oath Keepers, among them. Please do that.

hat tip to Hanen, Sentinel Radio Blog, Peggy
headware removed before God's throne, to petition Him, for His America and world

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