Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cliff Kincaid at National Press Club Today, Exposing Ayers' & Dohrn's 'Social Justice'

More, on the illustriously revolting revolutionary couple, including the communisty organizing business partner of Barack Obama, in the corruption of Chicago's inner city school children. (Like they were not disadvantaged enough.) What could these two have done, to be any more celebrated by America's "progressive" elite? Blown up more policemen, maybe?

by James Simpson

How did long-time Obama friend Bill Ayers, a self-described "
little ‘c' communist," and domestic terrorist, become a "distinguished professor" at the University of Illinois? What exactly does he teach? What is his relationship with Hugo Chavez? How did his wife, Bernardine Dohrn, gain a tenured position at Northwestern University?

Billie & Bernie ... murdered San Francisco officer, Brian McDonnell ... Billie & Bernie
last picture, from Los Angeles Times

These questions and more will be answered at a
"Communism in the Classroom" press conference this coming Thursday, August 20, 12:30pm, at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

Conference chairman, Cliff Kincaid, long-time editor of Accuracy in Media and President of America's Survival ( will be joined by a distinguished panel of speakers:
  • Paul Kengor is the executive director of the Center for Vision & Values and professor of political science at Grove City College. Known for his best-selling books, God and Ronald Reagan, God and George W. Bush, and The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism, Kengor frequently appears as a political commentator on national radio and television. Mr. Kengor will be discussing his report: "Anti-Anti Communism and the Academy."

Cliff will also discuss the information obtained with inexplicably great difficulty from the University of Illinois regarding Bill Ayers classroom syllabus and his activities as "distinguished professor."

Much of the information to be presented at this forum on Bill Ayers' teaching activities has never been made public before. The conference is open to the press and public and will be held in the First Amendment Lounge at the National Press Club, 529 14th St. NW, 13th Floor - Washington, DCC 20045.


Anonymous said...

Cliff is good!!! - on old Ed-- Today is the last day for the Plains Radio Network

I have decide to shut Plains Radio down. I am just so tired of fighting and now I want to go fishing. I have issued ticket to have the web site, the chat room and the radio server shut down. This forum will remain open but unmanned till 11/04/09 and then it will be shut down. There is several reason for this. Some of the people I trusted set up another chat room and start to telling lies about Plains Radio. I have been threw this 2 times before and all I got was a 2.4 billion dollar law suit. I don't need another.

I feel that Orly used Plains Radio to go after Berg. She said that Liberi could not help Berg because she was a criminal. Yet Orly hired this Charles Lincoln who has as bad of criminal record as Liberi. What is the difference Orly, between Berg have Liberi and you having Lincoln. Orly, you used Plains radio Network for your own personal gain.

We worked hard to get Steve Pidgeon to agree to help Orly pro bono - I sent Orly a email and her reply was "the only thing I want for him is 1/2 of the $10,000 that you rasied for him". That folks was a slap in the face.

Anonymous said...

And then when we were in philly and that judge said that he had order Orly to remove all of Liberi personal information from her website and she did not , and in fact started a new web site on August 4th with Liberi personal information on it. Orly told me and that judge that she did not give a dam about the rule of law.

My first attorny told me that I need to get away from Orly because she was going to screw it up for all of us. My 2nd attorney told me the same thing and now the 3rd perosn who helping us told us the same thing. Dr Orly is a loose cannon and she fires from the hip. She is so inexperenced that whe will never win that case in CA. She think she knows it all and can do it by herself. Many of you have seen her fails because a law student would not do what she does.
So all of you who have your hope on Orly Taitz, get ready to get them droped againg. Orly is out for Orly only.
Right now, no one on our side has a snowball in hale chance of removing Obama. We have a bunch of idiot out there that filing these case without a prayer to win - WAKE UP AND SMEEL THE COFFFEE - good bye all and good luck
State: Texas
Ed Hale
Aug 20, 2009 - 2:25AM --- the rest of how this will play out is here on this blog.All going according to the script.

Anonymous said...

Ed Hale
Aug 21, 2009 - 5:50PM this site is NOT OWN BY REPUBLICANS
this site is not own by republican, democrats or anyone else. This site is own by Americans and anyone who post here is welcome - I am tired of reading about this conservitive site - I am a democrat and you dam well don't own any part of it. So if you don't like - go and find another place. This a American Site as apple pie is. This site is to exhange ideas from all sides. Stop with the name calling of OBOTs. They are Americans just like you and they have their right to thier opinion just like you, but you republicans would take away thier rights becasue they don't agree with you. That an't right. All is welcome here
State: Texas
Gee,Ed invented the worf "obot" and has used it more than anyone on earth until today.

Anonymous said...

Plains Radio Stock for Donation with Hummingbirds name attached
Pylgram Aug 21, 2009 - 5:49PM I want to know about the donation for stock in plains radio that was advertised when Plains Radio shut down.

Who got my money and where did it go. Is there actually stock to be distributed for the donations people made because of the advertisement on the main page with trying to log in with Hummingbirds name attached.

State: Oklahoma

Anonymous said...

BS Ed, YOU are the biggest offender of calling people who disagree with you "Obots". YOU have been just as hateful to anyone who has disagreed with you that for you to try to pretend it's wrong is silly.
The so called Patriots of this site are the ones who banned, threatened and killed posts of people who disaagree with you even when they were respectful when they did it.
You all brought this on yourselves and you all started calling ANYONE who disagree with you names.
This is all backfiring on you and the behavior of Ed Hale AND his fans are all getting to understand what it's like to be hated.
Better get some thick skin, because it's ALL coming back to you now.
You did it yourself with the hatred of a man who won the presidency fair and square. To accuse him of not being a natural born citizen has caused a split in this country.
You all are UNAmerican and have NO LOVE for this country to be as hateful to Americans with different views.
Don't try to play nice now Ed. You are the ring leader. It probably would NEVER occur to you to apologize for YOUR part in this hatefest.
You reap what you sow and believe me, the "patriots" at Plains Radio are the ones who STARTED this hatefest.
NOW, those you call "Obots" are fighting back and what goes around..comes around.
You can apologize or you can go to Hale being hateful and being losers. The ball is in your court. Patriotic Liberty
Aug 21, 2009 - 8:47PM

Anonymous said...

Republicans? Really Ed? who made the donations to your site? the Obots or the " nasty republicans?"

Originally Posted by Ed Hale
this site is not own by republican, democrats or anyone else. This site is own by Americans and anyone who post here is welcome - I am tired of reading about this conservitive site - I am a democrat and you dam well don't own any part of it. So if you don't like - go and find another place. This a American Site as apple pie is. This site is to exhange ideas from all sides. Stop with the name calling of OBOTs. They are Americans just like you and they have their right to thier opinion just like you, but you republicans would take away thier rights becasue they don't agree with you. That an't right. All is welcome here PixiefromDixie
Aug 21, 2009 - 9:33PM

Anonymous said...

Except for the fair and square part,that Patriot Liberty is correct.But it has nothing to do with the two party system that is a game in DC.That's where almost everyone is fooled by the conspirators and have conquered and divided them.

Anonymous said...

Ed Hale’s Pants - On Fire EXPOSED PART III Things haven’t been going especially well for Ed Hale now that word has gotten out about the whole ‘Bugs the Bigfoot killer’ story. Judging from the bump in traffic we’ve seen since posting the story, the whole bigfoot community knows, quite a few other sites in the political sphere, such as Daily Kos, No Quarter, and Daily Paul, as well as other wingnut tracking sites like the Regulator.

Ed started the show tonight by attacking Joe Thunder and Lan. Apparently there was something said by Joe Thunder and Ed thought Joe owed him an apology. He mentioned a post he authored on his forum, but it was gone before we could grab a copy.

As some of you may remember last night NEONzx made a comment that included some screenshots of Ed Hale’s chatroom when Ed said he was quitting and selling Plains Radio Network. It was confirmed to us today that Ed made the offer to sell to several potential buyers and the buyer we talked to declined.
Ed confirmed this in his own special way by saying that Plains was now under the ownership of his Wife Caren.

Then Ed went balls deep into MommaE about her stealing his copyrighted documents calling her a liar and a ****** (PS - Ed, you can’t copyright US Government documents *******)
Ed says that he numbered all the docs personally and that’s how he knows for sure they were his. He dedicated a whole page to explaining it as only he can.
MommaE was sick and wrapping up a show at the time so she was unavailable for comment.

Anonymous said...

It seems there are also some breakaway factions within Ed’s camp that are fed up with his lies and tall tales. After a private chat last night with one of Ed’s hardcore insiders who is also a chatroom moderator, we learned that several of the bigger players in the group are “starting a straight group,” because they have “been upset with the fringe aspect of this for a while.” There may be some internal struggle, potentially related to Ed’s $5000 windfall following his tearful, impassioned plea for money the other night, because today, the moderator that told us of the split in the group told Ed that we were ‘modifying’ chats to make them look bad. On tonight’s show, Ed informed the audience that the money was now being turned over to attorney Steve Pidgeon, to use as he sees fit in his legal battles, as opposed to hiring a P.I. as Ed promised when soliciting the money. Of course Ed will turn over all of the mysterious info his research squad uncovered when they realized that Obama’s mother used D. as her middle initial (simultaneously proving what we already knew, that he really was, you know, an Obama, instead of a Davis or an, umm, X… I guess.) So if Steve wants to go after the secret birth certificate (which has now devolved into an entry in a log at a port), he can use some of that money, or whatever.

In the major anticlimax of the night, Ed addressed the Bugs story, said it was all true, and the government came and took the bigfeet bones away awhile back (swearing him to secrecy, which he naturally broke.) From the looks of it in chat room at least, most of the Edtards believed him 100% and were ready to just carry on the fight. Says alot about the kind of idiots we’re dealing with here.

Here’s the clip:
Download Fessin’ Up

Anonymous said...

I don’t think Ed liked our post.
Here’s our gmail chat transcript from a few moments ago:

Sent at 11:37 PM on Monday
Ed: see you scumbucket cannot een tell teh truth. go away you ******* magget. YOu got nothing now. I t is a old story and nice try you son of a *****
me: what’s not true?
every bit of it is true Ed.
**op’s name** is a traitor
I have the log
nobody edited anything
Sent at 11:42 PM on Monday
me: **op’s name** also was at Lans right after your show sucking up
Ed: like you said Joe owen me a apology - that is not what I said and to the doc they were not relase to the public when she stole - they were release to the public at 8:05 and she state she had them at 2:30 now you lying son of a ***** - if you contact me againI will reprot you to gmail
me: reprot me?
what the hell is that?
Ed did not receive your chat.
Ed is offline and can’t receive messages right now.
State: ok
Aug 22, 2009 - 12:57PM