Saturday, August 29, 2009

Glenn Beck's Week of Video Clips, on Obama's Marxofascist Insurrection

is very thankful for and pleased, while not quite satisfied, with the work of Glenn Beck and his associates, this week. He dubbed his week of special expose' "The New Republic: America's Future.". In case you missed elements of these episodes, or wish to re-listen, here you may find their segments, just emailed in. Would you like to email them out, this critical information which should help us save authentic America?

h/t: Mr. Beck, Staff & Volunteers -- and his Mom, who knit things well


ranman said...

I missed the first two days of the week, now I can catch up, thanks. Excellent shows.

Keep up the good work guys! We can make a difference.

Arlen Williams said...

Glad this proved helpful.
Keep spreading the word!

carolyn said...

It is difficult to know what is really happening without being there.

Could you present issues more completely with various sides presented rather than just sound bite and clips taken out of context?

I am retired with health care via Medicare (a succesful gov. program) but I know a large number of who can not afford insurance.
It seems we should have affordable insurance for all in order to have a strong, healthy nation.

What do you propose to solve this problem? Please invite solution people. I have not seen a proposal from the Republicans yet. I do not think statu quo is acceptable.

Thank you,