Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Update: Pertinent Articles, Ezekiel Emanuel, etc. - Obama Health Control, on 'The Awakening,' Monday, 9-11pm ET (archived)

Supplemental to those articles and videos already posted in Sentinel Radio Blog and I.O.

Update - Subjects and pages mentioned during the program
Nazi Roots and Ezekiel Emanuel's Stem, of Obama's Health Rationing Program:
Town Hall in Towson, MD, with Sen. Ben Cardin:
Which side grows from real, American roots?
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Discussion not heard over mainstream media

Guests: MommaE, James Simpson & Tallulah Starr, on:
  • Obama's "Healthcare" Strategy & Tactics - effectively administrative euthanasia, through the rationing of medical services?
  • Phil Berg v. Orly Taitz update
  • James Simpson will be attending a Town Hall Meeting tonight and bringing us the latest news during the second hour
  • This is Your Life, Barack Obama, Part 3 - Barry, what are you doing to America? Agent provocateur? Marxist Messiah? Soros Sycophant? Fascist New World Order puppet? Here to reign, or just to destroy?

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Mark McGrew could not make it, tonight. Wash your teeth with hydrogen peroxide after you brush, Mark. ;-)

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