Thursday, August 6, 2009

Update: Cars.Gov, Big Brother, and The Beast Crouching at Your Door

Edit, 8/6 - On the Monday 8/3 Beck broadcast, he and Judge Andrew Napolitano acceded that the usurpatory stipulations in the site were for auto dealers, not consumers.  However, it was pointed out that:

1. by this, the privacy rights of all whose information is stored upon these computers was violated

2. while the White House said they would change the language (predictable by their behavior pattern, as my comment to this I.O. article suggested - click to see) they made no disclaim of ownership of the computers of those who had already agreed, nor was there any mention of whether or not they would access these, nor any mention of their use of the personal information stored upon those computers, in the future

This is one more element of the Obama "administration's" history of very odd usurpations of rights and of their violating common sences of propriety and conscience.  The feelers of the beast continue to probe and probe.

Edit, 8/2 - I.O. suggests you do not use unless/until there is an appropriate clarification, or correction, or retraction, by either Glenn Beck or by the Obama regime.

Original post, 8/1 -

Want to give your "cash for clunkers" car to

Want to invite Big Brother into your computer and your life?

Where will the next hydra head pop up?

How long will you be able to buy and sell, without evidence of your allegiance to the Global State?

This is a global insurrection to crush free and self-sufficient America, the chief national obstacle in its way.
It will not be America again, until Obama and those with and behind him are removed from office and power.
They must be cleaned out as thoroughly as possible, though the spirits which motivate them will never stop until the end, when they shall be defeated by God, Himself.
It must happen according to the Declaration/Constitution/Law, but it must be done.


Arlen Williams said...

I'll put in the first comment.

This may be "full speed ahead," or like the original and like the Nevada "get in their faces," and like the attempts to turn police against "right wing extremists," it may be testing the waters.

We will see....

If it is not merely a test of Americans' response, I believe it will be seen in history as one of the beginning steps of awakening and awareness in the War to Turn Back Global Tyranny (yes, to postpone The Beast, etc.).

Gort said...

This is part of the making manifest all that is hidden phase.Which is why the MSM is now covering these things.Of course,that is a mockery of God,which does reveal the truth to us.It is part of their religion to balnce good and evil deeds in a twisted belief in the Yin-Yang and masonic "as above,so below",and telling people the truth before the kill.First it is esoteric and revelealed in code and telegraphed in signs and symbols,and later---when it is too late to thwart the planned action---it is revealed exoterically.When a crisis takes place,all bets are off,which is how draconian laws are put in place.All those laws were put in place for over 30 years throughout the nations.A global crisis will put the police atate and chipped IDs into place very quickly.Maybe not injections right away,but bracelets to buy,sell,work,or even enter public buildings or schools.

Arlen Williams said...

Gort, when the battle is with or against the very movement you describe, to control all, please do not be afraid to join with those opposing that old tyranny -- and to encourage others in faithfulness and in all confidence to do the same. Is that not the kind of investment that is accounted as righteousness? So we must be careful not to proclaim in our human ignorance, "The end is near." and otherwise put our talents on the shelf or bury them in the yard.

We have a large scale struggle before us, while God is jealous for all of His Harvest to come and as He so empowers us, for His chosen results.