Saturday, August 8, 2009

Obama Looses His Cool, Shows His Inner Thug

"...I'm the president..."

If you are of the bourgeoisie -- if you pursue the ownership of property and wish to pass increased wealth on to your children, in the Biblical way -- and if you believe in economic freedom, then a small man blames the mess that he (and Henry Paulson, et. al.) are making of American economics, upon you.

Witness this, from the little man in the White House, a place which had promised "twice the force" bearing down upon town hall meetings. You see the results, one article below. This man wants you to stop talking and get out of the way of the "fundamental change" of America that his global, Marxist/fascist network requires:

Slavery to the state -- something new in the world?

h/t: Illinois Review


Gort said...

Americans are slowburners.His job is to build up the steam pressure as fast as possible so that when the pressure cooker bows it will result in chaos that will rock the world.Hence,the recent Nat.Guard Ads for internment camps jobs.The long-awaited announcement of government insolvency is being written about with estimations of a Bank Holiday in a month or so.A Swine Flu Conference is set for the end of this month going over forced vaccination plans and dealing with thousands of corpses.The vacationing government employees will ignore the demands of the people on the Nat.Health Care Bill,and wrap-up time looms on the horizon.In sum,every thing going on cue.They hope to get to those underground bunkers before being tarred and feathered.

Anonymous said...

Guess those millions of FEMA coffins are more than just for dissidents,but for swine-bird-human flu victims as well.Don't expect Beck or any other shill to cover this until it is too late.Beck just joined Orly's facebook as her friend.No surprise to me.