Thursday, August 6, 2009

Obama on Socialist Sotomayor's Confirmation: 'justice, equality, and opportunity'

Barack Obama just labeled the confirmation of confessed socialist, Sonia Sotomayor as Justice to the Supreme Court, as an advancement of "...justice, equality, and opportunity...."

To the Marxist this means:
  • "social justice" -- advancement toward the dictatorship of the "proletariat," in order to "right wrongs," which never really happens, as central planners instead "act in the interest of" the perpetually poor and abused masses
  • egalitarianism -- the thievery of "redistribution of wealth," according to the fallacious "fairness" excuse and the overall tyranny of the usurpation of God-given, personal rights
  • "opportunity" as dispensed by central government's rationing of provisions, according to the "bright" or "illumined"* plans of self-considered "elites" -- a usurpation of the true role of Providence, i.e., God.
"When will we ever learn? When will we e-e-e-ver learn...."

*illumined -- a word which, by the use of those involved, begins to reveal a mixture of Marxism, New Age occultism, and old-style central financial manipulation -- and a joint assault upon America, upon all the people of the world, and upon God Himself; from a root word in common with hero of Marx, Alinsky, etc., Lucifer.


Gort said...

Yes.And the Hearings were all for show.The rubberstamping was noted here weeks ago in the open thread.We no longer have a representative republic.The last thing Bsrry needs to accomplish before delcaring martial law is the Nat.Health Care abomination.He's done all that is needed in less than year.The Hate Crimes laws was an important one that was fought against,but the beast prevailed.Time to prepare as we contimue the fight,because overall the bulk of humanity will never learn.This is a good article,especially bringing in the importance of Illuminism.Marxism is a tool being used by the Bloodline Illuminists,and the minions carrying out their plans in the open are not in the top echelon of the hierarchy[with a some exceptions where it is well known that some of those players are known to be Illuminati Bloodline elitists.].If they were brought down we could reach them as well,but the denial by the masses prevents that from ever becoming a reality.The educating and battling is imperative to awaken as many people as possible.It's not being defeatist,it's understanding the dire reality of what is taking place,and seeing people falling for the same traps set for them each and every time.Arlen,this was a short,but very good article.Arlen,this one was right on track.Keep up the good work.

Arlen Williams said...

Gort, everyone must validate their claims. Those who believe that this is chiefly 'bloodline' based are not exempt. De debbil don't need children of any particular parents, to coax along his earthly kids.

But, feel free to name whatever Rothschild, Rockefeller, etc. that you believe should be most researched.

Then, my suggestion is to do the research and either publish or otherwise point to whatever researchable citations exist.