Sunday, August 16, 2009

Obama's Pelosi Attempts Censorship of Congressional Speech

Did you know this happened? I didn't and I'm supposed to be following all this

Congressional resisters and opposers must now look over their shoulders, for censorship of their Special Orders sessions and their government paid communiques to constituents, called "franking."

U.S. Representative, John Carter of Texas has taken the lead, to tell Americans of one of the latest abrogations of the Constitution on the part of the Soros/Obama/Pelosi regime. Keep in mind that they tried to ram through their Cloward-Piven health control sabatoge, before Congress and the People even had the opportunity to scrutinize their Healthkill Bill. I.O. quotes Rep. Carter's news release, dated July 27, 2009.
Carter Calls for Special Orders on Capitol Grounds if Democrats Again Censor Floor Speeches

(WASHINGTON, DC) – House Republicans will deliver speeches defending freedom of speech even if Democrat leaders attempt another "gag" scheme, says Republican Conference Secretary John Carter, who has scheduled a news conference for that purpose this evening on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol.

"We will not allow House Democrats another attempt to silence the voice of political opposition," says Carter, whose scheduled speeches criticizing transparency in the House two weeks ago were blocked after Democrats voted to shut down the House rather than allow Republicans to speak during Special Orders. Special Orders speeches are broadcast live nationwide on CSPAN.

Tonight, Carter and other House Members are scheduled to debate this past week’s attempt to censor criticism of Democrats’ controversial health care reform package by Members of Congress. Democrat leaders have ordered a stop to distribution of a flow-chart graph of the plan, and ordered Carter to change his reference to the plan from a "government-run health care plan," to a "public option health care plan", to be consistent with Democrat propaganda.

"This is about far more than just House rules," says Carter, a former Texas judge. "If we allow Congress to be politically censored then freedom of speech for the public and the press will soon be undermined as well. This is a fight to preserve the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights, the Rule of Law, and freedom itself against those who would regulate it all away if we let them."

House Republican Conference Secretary John Carter and fellow House Members

Following House Adjournment if Special Orders are cancelled, time estimate 8pm The House Triangle, U.S. Capitol Grounds Defending Freedom of Speech in the House
See the explanation by Rep. Carter, given to Fox News' Megyn Kelly.

Apparently, members of the House were allowed their Special Orders session, shown below. There, they further expounded upon this assault of the First Amendment rights of some of the most important speakers this nation has, members of Congress. Upon what rights will Speaker Pelosi -- or someone else -- put the hammer down again? (That is, in addition to the onslaught since 1973, upon America's most fundamental, most trampled upon, Right to Life.)

The Marxofascist insurgency tests the waters again, to see what control and intimidation they might get away with, and to measure what reaction they provoke. I.O. will lay out this behavior in a subsequent post. Perhaps it began with the Obama presidential campaign's caucus thuggery and their manipulation of government and law enforcement personnel, in Missouri.

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Jason Mann said...

Below is a Q posed by an attendee at Grand Junction CO. yesterday in the Pres. Town Hall meeting.

The truth is there are real people out there who want to shut You up.

But in his defence, he never read the bii posed by congress, and he gets all of his info from political pundents, and Pres. stump speeches.

In fact I agree with Obama's opening speech on what he says the reform should be.

But truth be told. Its not in this health care bill.

Q: You touched on this. I would like you to expand a little more. This problem with misinformation in our country, it seems to me that it’s not only just hurting health care reform, health insurance reform, it’s dividing our country. (Applause.) Is it not maybe time — I think we all know where it’s coming from. Is it not time that something can be done — okay, I got to watch what I’m saying, but –

Christopher Logan said...

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chillguy33 said...

This is a great post; much appreciated and will link soon.

Anonymous said...

They were threatened with martial law if they didn't vote for the bailout last year,and nothing was done about it.Amazing.

Anonymous said...

Or the Secret Meeting Martial Law by the US Government last year