Monday, August 24, 2009

Pam Key of Naked Emperor News, Video Freedom Fighter - Interview Archived from Monday Night's "Awakening"

If you were awake and aware, during 2008's general election season, you likely remember two videos which were devastating to the Obama campaign. Did I just write that? Chalk it up to wishful thinking. But if all Americans were free from the dissociative state of Obama Supporter Syndrome and had seen and heard them on YouTube, his campaign would have crumbled. I know, a very big "if."

Hearken to the Autumn of 2008, if you will, and pull up close to your PC. Here are those videos, from Naked Emperor News (NEN):

Well, no, they are not there, anymore. Just as YouTube quickly bent to petty copyright contentions by Obama-supporting corporations concerning the The Mouth Peace's "Burning Down the House" expose' of the mortgage meltdown, they eventually quashed these, too. Now, here are versions of these videos, republished by NEN, on July 24, of this year:

Constitution in the way of redistribution .... Bankrupting coal industry & blowing up energy costs

Since then, NEN has continued to show up Obama and Pelosi as the anti-American practitioners of Marxist strategy and tactics that they are. NEN's Pam Key deserves recognition -- and every American should give themselves the privilege of heeding what she reveals about the insurrection of global Marxofascists who are sabotaging our economy and our sovereignties.

conscription, Obama style .... Pelosi: disruption OK if Piven-style .... promise breaking in high style

NEN is also utilizing and as its principle video portals, partly in case YouTube does something "fishy" again and Pam invites visitors to stop, look, and listen at NEN's own Web site:

Obama's Johnson vs. Inspector Walpin .... Born-alive infants must die. .... Did I say die? I meant live!

And hey, Pam, what about that video you did, that showed the connections between the bogus Alaskan ethics litigators against Sarah Palin and Obama's inner circle?

Listen in, as Pam tells her story of fighting the Obamunists and their scrubbers -- also hear more about other assaults upon First Amendment rights, by the Soros/Obama/Pelosi regime. Feel free to call in, to ask questions: 646-727-2652.

Obamacare - Caring for Complete Government Control

the deathlord, caught lying about his Marxist healthcare takeover

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