Monday, August 31, 2009

Please See I.O. Sidebar for Poll: What if Obama Really Dips, this Fall

What do you think will happen this fall, if as Obama's approval rating dips to 45% or under?
  1. BHO stages a false-flag terrorist attack; declares Martial Law
  2. BHO uses Avian Swine Flu somehow; nearly declares Martial Law
  3. BHO tries to shut down pro-America radio a/o Internet
  4. BHO smiles as Czars gradually usurp more power
  5. BHO becomes more mistake-prone; starts to lose it
  6. BHO merely suffers through, like Carter
  7. BHO finds a way to become more popular
Or, if none of those is satisfactory, feel free to comment to this posting. Or, did you select one and wish to elaborate? I'll be looking in, thanks.


JeanWPTUSA said...

There was not a choice for multiple answers on your poll.

chillguy33 said...

2 may be the strongest potential for Obama to increase central, illegal (unconstitutional) control of America. Never let a GREAT crisis go to waste, and the Swine Flu crisis has been under Obama construction for many months. But Obama must act quickly, since his ownership of Journalism will soon follow the polls. Obama is an angry black-power communist affirmative action president appointed by Journalism, which sets him apart from Carter. Obama cannot miss a chance for racial revenge against his tormentor - which is America, free and strong.

Obama has been taught to strike quickly, like a terrorist, by his teacher Alinsky, and probably Frank Marshall Davis. In Obama's mind, the end of free markets and capitalism justifies any means.

Arlen Williams said...

Right, Jean. In the case of multiple answers, please choose the one highest up the scale.

Arlen Williams said...

Comments to consider, chillguy.

Holly said...

My hope is by this time Obama will be in jail, waiting for trial.

Still a Patriot said...

Hi Arlen -

I'm thinking 1 or 2, but hoping for 5. We need more people to wake up!


Anonymous said...

I predict #1 on at least 2 or 3 occasions.

infinite said...

1-5 sound likely; more importantly
barry will continue to support the mutilation of the emotional peace and sexual integrity of the whole usa by
being silent about the common practice of sexually assaulting new baby boys or young boys and then penis amputating them. horrors. this is the torture/terror base of the whole usa. see for men who are restoring many foreskin functions and saying it is the best thing they have ever done. women agree. see for more elaboration of this mass problem of the usa. we can initiate healing this for everyone today. spread the word.

Arlen Williams said...

Well, infinite, that doesn't quite strike me as an effort to subjugate the people of America to Marxofascism, but thanks for sharing.

ranman said...

I'm afraid that he would resort to #4. He would attempt to gain more control before he jumped into martial law.

Although one option is to stage a terrorist threat and thwart it to increase popularity.

Anonymous said...

You forgot the most likely out come and the one that democracs have been laying the ground work for,with their cries of Racism!

Judge Carter Disqualifies BHO.

BHO Declares: " It is Racism!".

They are trying to Disqualify me because I am Black!

BHO sates:"the Racist/Birthers and right wing extremest are trying to Violently overthow the federal government"
He declares Martial Law

Jeema said...

Many of us have wondered why BHO is clearly anti-American on every single issue except the war in Afganistan. The answer is that he doesn't want 100k battle hardened troops who will defend the Constitution in the US. He doesn't want them here because his plan includes violence, weapon collection, and martial law. His idiot electoral moves are irrelevant because there will be no election. Prepare to fight and die.