Sunday, August 9, 2009

Simpson: America versus the Nazis - Soros Backed 'Healthcare for America Now'

Posted yesterday in his blog, Truth & Consequences - There is no Right and Left, only Right and Wrong emphasis, I.O's

America Versus the Nazis
by James Simpson

Since grandmothers, WW II veterans and average Americans like you and me are now being branded Nazis for expressing our opposition to the monstrousity Obamacare, Obama has rallied his army of REAL Nazi thugs to protest our protest. Chief among the "spontaneous" counterprotesting groups is "Healthcare for America Now" (HCAN). Why does that acronym sound so much like ACORN? Well because it IS ACORN, and a million other highly organized radical leftist organizations just like it. Ben Johnson at FrontPage Magazine has laid it all out in the following article: "Soros Care."

If you care at all about this issue, or for that matter, the future of this country, it would behoove you to know just how the thugs operate when Americans stand up for themselves. This is a REAL fight, right now. And it is about power, theirs versus America's. Make sure you understand that! They are coming out of hiding, which means they think they will win. We can't allow them to. If the thugs win on this, they can win on anything. And they will.

See "Soros Care," by Ben Johnson in FrontPageMag
good work by FrontPageMag, considering they have been apologists for Obama, concerning
his clear failure/inability to demonstrate compliance with constitutional, natural born Citizen standards

Also, see last week's I.O. on the health control insurgency, by the Global Marxofascist Insurrection.

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Guesswhat said...

Yes, the Obama thugs are coming out
trying to silence the American people because they oppose HIS healthcare Bill. I hope the people
who voted for him see the "real" Obama hiding behind the Marxist mask!! Why would a true American
support Obama's Healthcare Bill
when they know what it will do to their "elderly mothers, fathers, grandparents, disabled citizens and
babies"?? How can you believe in
"RATIONING" medical care?? This
"IMPOSTER" in the WH is a disgrace
to our country!! We can see that
the Congressmen are no "American
Patriots", they are only in office
for their WEALTH, and forgot the American people!!