Saturday, November 7, 2009

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Received via email:

This morning I sent you an e-mail on tonight's vote on health care reform. The article has been juiced up and is now a Featured Article on Big thanks to Mike Flynn and Andrew Breitbart.

Dave Janda

Debate on PelosiCare: Crunch Time Tonight in DC by Dr. David Janda

It is crunch time tonight in Congress. Speaker Pelosi is moving towards a full floor vote on the Obama/Pelosi Health Care Plan up for a vote. At the time of publishing, votes are expected around 8 or 9pm EST. I received a call early this morning that...
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Erica said...

These graphics might interest readers. It is possible to remove Obama via a quo warranto proceeding if the case is filed in a D.C. District Court, because that's where he holds office. The quo warranto simply asks the question, "By what authority does this person hold office". See for legal info on NBC status, and for quo warranto (do keyword search of site). The graphics below synthesize the two competing terms about citizenship and presidential eligibility.

Graphic Defining "Natural Born Citizen"

Graphic Defining "Citizen" vs "Natural Born Citizen"

Niaz said...

May be these are points we need to have take care off!
- J.
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