Monday, November 9, 2009

Walter Hudson & Allan Erickson Guest Host "The Awakening"

Walter Hudson & Allan Erickson:

America's Founding Principles vs. Today's USA

Sentinel Radio, 11/9/2009, 9-11pm ET,,, 6-8pm PT
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Walter Hudson, who broke the Lord Monckton story and Allan Erickson, blogger and contributor to, are our guest-hosts, once again, tonight.

America has moved from "Common Sense," as Thomas Paine described, to... what?

9-11 & now, Fort Hood... Abortion Holocaust... Proposed Sovereignty giveaways... Redistribution (read, "thievery") of American weatlh... Obamunism...

Surely, this was not what was intended for America. Then, what was intended for our nation?

Liberty demands definition. What are our universal principles, so we may re-establish them, rather than the arbitrary and ephemeral judgments, inflicted upon us by whomever gains power?

Can America return to a truer, dynamic, spiritual core that provided our Founding Fathers the direction and motivation which brought our nation into existence?

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Arlen Williams will be returning to The Awakening, after tonight,
...and back in action, in Investigating Obama.

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