Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanks for Your Continued Viewing

After another hurdle of time and commitments is met, in the next day or three, posting should become more regular again.

I should also have an announcement or two that should be of interest, some time this December.

As always, I hope you are finding the Investigating Obama Sidebar of continual use, and prior articles still helpful. Keep reaching those ensnared by the Marxstream media. Keep awakening the sheeple caught in their "Matrix" and causing them to understand their sovereign status, rights, and responsibilities in this special nation.

Sovereignty & Freedom to the End of Days,
Arlen Williams

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Trish said...

Arlen,this needs coverage even if it goes by the wayside like the eligbility lawsuits -- Title: EPISODE242 - AIB RADIO SPECIAL CALL MARQUE AND REPRISAL FILED
Time: 12/08/2009 09:00 PM EST Listen to 11-27 show to get up to speed. And they do a show here-- Listen to 11-28 show.You ahould know about Rod and those folks as it is monetioned in the open thread.If you missed Greg Evensen on,here's link to the Thursday Dec.3rd SQ show.Disregard Steve if you desire,but Greg is upright to the core :