Monday, December 14, 2009

U.S. Senate Republicans Outed: Their Mere 'No' Votes are 'Yes' Votes for Obamacare

Investigating Senate Republicans along with Obama;
Call your GOP Senators and let them know their cover is blown

The Republican U.S. Senators have it in their power to use legitimate parliamentarian means of preventing the Soros-Obama-Pelosi-Reid healthcare takeover bill. That is the astute and well reasoned revelation of Erick Erickson, of the political blog,

His article is linked here and called: "Fight."

Tonight's "Awakening" guest, J.B. Williams, of the newly formed electoral action operation, "FreedomForce.US" underscores this with his 12/13 op-ed piece, "Open Call to Congressional Republicans."

Mr. Erickson posits:

The Senate, unlike the House of Representatives, has parliamentary rules and procedures that give the minority the ability to stall legislation. In fact, unlike the House, the minority have the ability to virtually paralyze the Senate. Doing so is not something we would want or expect for every bad bill that comes through Congress, but the proposed healthcare legislation is probably the worst piece of legislation ever considered by the United States Congress. It is the most intrusive, most damaging, most costly, most dangerous bill to the economic and personal freedom and liberty of individual Americans that Congress has ever considered. If there is any bill that deserves being stopped by shutting down the Senate, it is this one.

There are a whole series of parliamentary maneuvers that could be used by Republican senators to stop this bill. There is a hard backstop to the current process (Christmas). The Republicans’ goal should be to prevent Reid from passing the bill before that time. If he goes past Christmas and is forced to adjourn or recess, the momentum will shift in favor of those opposing the bill.

How could this be done?

Read how it can be done, in the remainder of his piece.

There is now no cover, no political fig leaves for Sen. Mitch McConnell, nor for any GOP Senator. It does not even take the entire Republican caucus to raise parliamentarian objections, to call for quorum, etc. and to stand in front of the totalitarian armada of Anti-American tanks deceitfully called "healthcare reform."

It just takes any with authentic patriotism, courage, and responsibility to the People and Constitution of the United States of America.

h/t: James Simpson, Carmen Reynolds


Arlen Williams said...

Feel free to discuss here or if you happen to be a FReeper, here:


Dittos Rush! said...

Love your blog and hello from a fellow conservative! Keep pressing on!

Arlen Williams said...

Hello, DR. Glad you appreciate.

I hope people are calling their GOP senators, letting them no they have no cover and putting them on notice.

Texas said...

Off Topic Rant ...

If ever Orly Taitz showed herself for the saboteur and attention whore that she is, this does it:

So Orly’s original letter to A.G. Holder was March 1, 2009. The three-month time period for Holder’s response would have been up June 1, 2009. Now here we are 6 months past June 1st and she thinks now is the time for her to take action on this? I call BS on this one.

Orly knows her time in the spotlight is fading fast. She sees Leo Donofrio and Steve Pidgeon getting favorable coverage of their lawsuit on behalf of the auto dealers and she just can’t stand not being in the limelight.

She’s an attention whore. The timing of this request affirms that. Her travelling freak show will garner negative attention and do a great deal of damage to the credibility of the quo warranto issue. And I would venture a guess that that is her goal.

Arlen Williams said...

Interesting, Texas.
Whatever the tainted Orly Taitz motive is and whomever her sponsor, we know who is the "author of confusion."

tenntom said...

I contacted both my Senators and told them if it passed, they would be voted out along with the dems..because there had to be some procedure to stop this disaster