Monday, March 22, 2010

What Did You Do Today?

If you have been a reader of Investigating Obama and are wondering why articles have not been posted here, so far this year, I am writing this to you.

The central task of this blog was outlined in its first posting, in September, 2008: "Investigating Obama." The questions it posed have been adequately answered, both here and elsewhere.

It remains to be seen, whether this Sovereign Citizen will continue to post regularly on this site, or if I will move on to other pursuits. In any case, I would not choose to ignore the sacrifice of those who gave their last, full measure of devotion, for the sake of one clear beacon of God-responsible freedom in this world. In any case, I hope I also serve well enough and ask you to do the same.

In the mean time, the I.O. Sidebar is here for you, if, from day to day, you wish to monitor Barack Obama and the anti-American network he fronts.

Thank you for your attention. God save America.

Arlen Williams
Investigating Obama
h/t to Dave S. for the poster; you may click it to enlarge

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